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Famous spot of colored leaves Hibiya Park


2008.11..22 shooting in front of
the fountain pond of crane

The second flower bed 2008. 11.17 shooting

We photograph ginkgo 2008. 11.17 for neck


Military drill facility of the army Imperial Guard Division was put in Hibiya Park after mansion, the Meiji era of Nabeshima feudal clan and Choshu feudal clan began in the Edo era. It was designed as first Japanese Western ceremony Park by Dr. Seiroku Honda said to be "father of park" and was opened afterwards in (1903) in 1903.

It becomes position of antiaircraft gun in wartime, and we are requisitioned after the war by the U.S. forces, and dance of occupation army leaves many historic spots testifying in the history when opened.

 Basic information of Hibiya Park → This

 Interview of President Kosaka of "face" of Hibiya Park Matsumoto tower → This

Colored leaves are exquisiteness ginkgo row of trees around the tennis court, maple of fountain pond of crane.

 Turning yellow of big ginkgo tree popular name neck bet ginkgo in front of the Hibiya Matsumoto tower is wonderful and attracts attention recently as power spot.

We let you feel autumn when zelkova around the second flower bed deepens.



Location Hibiyakouen, Chiyoda-ku
Access It is immediate on foot from Hibiya Station A10, Exit A14, Kasumigaseki Station Exit B2

Hibiya Park MAP