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According to famous spot of colored leaves royal visit, Wada storehouse fountain park


According to royal visit
2008.11.22 shooting

2008.10. 27 Wada storehouse fountain parks

[according to royal visit]
  "Royal visit street" which links Uchibori Street in front of the Imperial Palace from Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Exit. Is said to be "gyokoudori" according to "Miyuki", but official name "Tokyo station line before Tokyo way 404 Imperial Palace."
Inside traffic lane of this road of width approximately 74m is usually closed to traffic. When Imperial Family event and carriage line of shinninjoboteishiki of foreign ambassador face the Tokyo Station pattern Imperial Palace, we are used.

Watch ginkgo row of trees according to royal visit against a backdrop of Tokyo Station, the circle building, Shin Marunouchi Building;, too, and watch against a backdrop of Imperial Palace Fujimi oars which there is not of high-rise building;, too, and Chiyoda let's be colored leaves spot in city representing Tokyo, Japan more.

[Wada storehouse fountain park]
 We act according to royal visit, and there is Wada storehouse fountain park where building of big fountain and restaurant is impressive. This park can enjoy autumn colors including ginkgo and zelkova, too.
Look at this backed by building street of circles;, too, and is colored leaves spot where it is splendid to look backed by the Imperial Palace.

About Wada storehouse fountain park → This


Location 3-1, Koukyogaien, Chiyoda-ku
Access It is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Exit

According to royal visit, Wada storehouse fountain park MAP