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Famous spot of colored leaves Imperial Palace East Garden


Outworks of a castle garden 2008. 11.22 shooting

Outworks of a castle grove of miscellaneous trees 2008.12.8 shooting


 A lot of evergreens do not seem to feel autumn to stone wall of moat of the Imperial Palace. However, we will set foot in the outworks of a castle of Imperial Palace East Garden. Colored leaves of outworks of a castle grove of miscellaneous trees are splendid so as to forget to be in the downtown area.

Two grove of miscellaneous trees was developed land for to make grove of miscellaneous trees lost in the suburbs of city by religious awakening of the Emperor Showa in the Imperial Palace. Shrub and Japanese beauty-berry, ilex, Japanese storax are planted in grove of miscellaneous trees in maple, Rhus succedanea mainly on co-Japanese oak, sawtooth oak, and it is in oasis of wild birds including Japanese white-eye and Japanese great tit.


Location 1-1, Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku
Access From Otemachi Station step lower station Exit C13 is a 3-minute walk to Ote-mon Gate

Imperial Palace East Garden MAP