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Kitanomaru-koen Park


Maple mountain 2017. 11.29 shooting

Big ginkgo tree 2017. 11.29 shooting in front of the Budokan

Around pond 2008. 11.19 taking picture of inside

There are approximately 2,000 deciduous trees in Kitanomaru-koen Park. Peak of turning yellow of big ginkgo tree ginkgo row of trees in front of Budokan is the end of November.

 Is "maple mountain" in the west in park the middle where here does not swallow up city? The beauty is excellent with colored leaves as we hark back to this.

In addition, zelkova, ginkgo around the pond becoming the center in garden turn yellow and are full of people enjoying autumn walk.

 There are approximately 230 maples, ginkgo approximately 100, zelkova approximately 100, winged spindle tree approximately 100 and cherry tree approximately 200 in garden, and by little differs in the height and can enjoy colored leaves from November through early December.



Location 1-1, Kitanomarukouen, Chiyoda-ku
Access From Kudanshita Station Exit 2 a 5-minute walk

Kitanomaru-koen Park MAP