Kitanomaru-koen Park [as of 11/29]

Ginkgo reflected in "maple garden" and pond in garden is spot of recommendation.

Imperial Palace East Garden [as of 11/15]

Famous place feeling the center that does not swallow up Tokyo, main enclosure open space. Contrast of Marunouchi skyscrapers and colored leaves.


According to royal visit [as of 11/15]

Superb view spot of ginkgo row of trees where new Tokyo Station sandwiched between circle building and the Shin Marunouchi Building is beautiful.

Hibiya Park [as of 11/15]

Much Hibiya Park of colored leaves spot. Fountain open space, fountain of crane, neck bet ginkgo, cloud form pond.

The Diet building [as of 11/15]

Spot where the central Diet building of politics and contrast of ginkgo row of trees are symbolic.


Yasukuni Shrine [as of 12/4]
Superb view spot where ginkgo row of trees of approach to a shrine and torii, Masujiro Omura image are symbolic.

Outer moat park [as of 11/19]
Vehicle of JR running in colored leaves. Colored leaves reflected in moat are beautiful.

Shimizudani Park [as of 11/19]
Shimizudani Park that can enjoy Hotel New Otani and contrast of maple of colored leaves.


[colored leaves are in full bloom

On December 4, colored leaves in ward were in full bloom. Little-known spot spot is the second flower bed of Hibiya Park. We can take a walk through promenade of red-yellow.

[staff coverage memo]

As of December 4, 2017
Ward is inner, and colored leaves are in full bloom.