Tourism Vision

In Chiyoda-ku, "sightseeing in Chiyoda-ku vision" was devised in December, 2006, and it was raised that various people who lived through sightseeing, and worked, and gathered promoted attractive town development to be able to have pride.

Mobile by approach of "sightseeing" that can enjoy valuable time whether people who live in Chiyoda-ku, and interchange are rich;, as organization where Tourism Association carries the core on, plan reinforcement of base and to push forward concretely, and wrestle for activation of further activity.

Summary of sightseeing in Chiyoda-ku vision

■At the time of "symbiosis" that town of Chiyoda-ku creates "interchange" "healing"

It is livable and, toward city "Chiyoda-ku" which is easy to work, and is easy to interchange, pushes forward attractive town development.
Sightseeing vision shows directionality of sightseeing town development to wrestle with people of Chiyoda-ku by collaboration of product, bureaucrats, study.

Keyword of sightseeing in Chiyoda-ku


Town Chiyoda who was brought up since the Edo era by encounter "symbiosis" of a variety of history, culture, people.
Interchange of cultures. City function and harmony with environment. Cooperation with big city and district. Tradition and the highest encounter. It is town which can enjoy contrast.

■Interchange and creation
Chiyoda that many people gather from home and abroad. Technique, industry, art, culture. A variety of interchange creates new value.
We create interchange with people who excavation, wound gives attractive tourist attractions, and visit Chiyoda-ku with living people.

■Healing and health
"Healing" and "health" that interest is sublimed into. Green of the Imperial Palace, nature of city including cherry tree of Chidori-ga-fuchi.
Culture facility full of variety. We have abundant resources healing mind and body to Chiyoda.
It is town where a lot of high medical institutions can offer a variety of menus for "health" to.

■The history, culture and the future since Edo
We value the history, culture since Edo and enjoy. Encounter with charm and innovativeness, up-to-dateness of the history, culture.
We push forward the making of charm that increased new color in oldness.

■City walk
Marunouchi, Kojimachi, Kanda, Iidabashi, Akihabara. Chiyoda whom individual area is next to.
It is town appropriate for sensing city bodily on foot on foot.
We walk meal and art, technology in cut end and push forward pleasant town development.

■Industrial tourism
Global secondhand bookstore street Jimbocho. Town Ogawamachi of sporting goods. akiba (Akihabara) which became world brand now
In Chiyoda-ku which industry full of variety accumulates, local industrial activity itself is tourist attractions.
We push forward upbringing of new human resources and technical creation by sightseeing with industry as key

■City and local cooperation
Chiyoda-ku is node of the municipalities of various parts of Japan. We can show local true characteristic, individuality and, through city and local interchange, push forward municipalities cooperation that local person and person of Chiyoda-ku understand.


Sense of direction of approach of sightseeing in Chiyoda-ku vision


■Recognition, excavation of attractive resources
We create opportunity to touch advanced technology and bring up human resources carrying the next generation

■Polishing advance of attractive resources
Town development to feel networking and art of culture, art resources

■Creation of attractive resources
We create new value with modern color to resources of Edo

■City environment creation which sees the sights, and is easy to interchange
Infrastructure maintenance of sightseeing improves charm of city
・Promotion of universal design
・Ubiquitous environmental realization
・Excursion-related security by surface transportation
・Environmental maintenance and making of scenery
・Security, reliable town development

■To promote approach
In recommending this sightseeing vision; important thing
・Bond of local people
・City and local interchange
・Upbringing of leading figure of sightseeing measure
・Role of "one of Tourism Association" connecting area

We devise in Chiyoda-ku in December, 2006 (inhabitant of a ward life section: 03-5211-4185)