What is Tourism Association?


We raise charm of Chiyoda-ku, and general Chiyoda City Tourism Association promotes interchange with domestic and foreign people by utilizing resources such as Chiyoda-ku and neighboring local nature, sceneries, culture, the history, industry, technique, and planning promotion of tourist industry and, for the purpose of having, and contributing to activation of maintenance development of area culture and regional economy, is active.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association chairperson Tetsuro Kosaka

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Lists such as officers

Post Job title Full name
Chairperson Hibiya Matsumoto tower chairperson of the board Tetsuro Kosaka
Honorary chairperson Mayor Chiyoda Masami Ishikawa
Vice-chairperson Association of Chiyoda-ku commerce and industry society's advisor Shinzo Yonekura
Vice-chairperson Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch's chairperson Hideki Maekawa
Vice-chairperson The Chiyoda-ku vice-head of a ward Masanori Yamaguchi
Vice-chairperson Chiyoda-ku mall alliance society's chairperson 髙san*
Executive managing director Chiyoda City Tourism Association Hideto Suzuki
Post Job title Full name
Director Hotel New Otani general affairs's section manager Yoshiyuki Hasegawa
  Press and Information Office working under Hill-Top Hotel's general manager Yasuhiro Minematsu
JTB corporate sales Tokyo center branch business first section manager Masayuki Agata
  Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry's executive director Tetsushi Tomita
  Association of Kanda dishes restaurant business association society's vice-chairperson 髙kyosoichiro
  kojichoryoinkumigorengokaifukukaicho Isamu Kogo
  Association of Chiyoda-ku Japan and China friendship's director Keizo Tanabe
  Shogakukan Inc. publication station Edo culture history official approval business general manager Mihoko Shono
  Sanseido Co., Ltd. Bookstore's president general manager Makoto Ono
  Incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society (national theater) general affairs's manager of Planning Tetsuo Shinoda
  The educational foundation Meiji University arts and sciences, social cooperation manager Ryoichi Kikuchi
  Tokyo International Forum board member (public information, business promotion charge) public information manager Kenichi Hirono
  Religious corporation Yasukuni Shrine right chief priest Akira Saka husband
  Religious corporation Hie-jinja Shrine right chief priest Masayuki Otsuka
  Religious corporation Kanda Shrine chief priest Nobufumi Otorii
  General corporate judicial person Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho district town development meeting secretary general Atsuhiko Kaneshiro
  Maple shop's representative director Kiyonori Taguma
  Akihabara town management's manager of General Affairs Department Atsushi Koyama
  Association of forever bridge district town assembly society's chairperson Koichi Matsunaga
  Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch's vice-chairperson Yoko Otsu
  The representative director of Hotel Tokyo UHM at garden Aya Kinoshita
  Idemitsu Museum of Arts General Administration Division Chizuko Fukuoka
  Kanda curry street activation Committee public information public relations director Funaki straight child
Inspector Nakajima accounting firm certified public accountant, licensed tax accountant Toshiyasu Nakajima
  Chiyoda-ku accounts manager Yoshinori Kawai
Secretary general Chiyoda City Tourism Association Yasuo Yoshida

Main Activities

<information dispatch>
Administration of homepage

・We send tourist attractions, event information, town blog, information of member company.
・Information by Facebook, Twitter sends in addition, too.
Making of sightseeing map brochure flyer
・We make town walk map which featured local tourist attractions.
・We make flyer to introduce the highlight such as events to.
・For foreign tourist, we make map corresponding to foreign language.

Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda

・Mainly on plover ke deep water city park, we start "cherry tree festival of Chiyoda" that approximately 1 million people come in the end of March.
・We carry out light up of going to see cherry blossoms at night with LED light in consideration for environment, administration of tourist information center, sale of cherry tree goods.
Evening of enjoying the cool breeze
・In moat of plover ke deep water, we start light rouo "evening of enjoying the cool breeze" to be able to float oni at the boat top.
Photograph contest
・We carry out "sightseeing photograph contest of Chiyoda" to raise photographs of seasonal scenery, special event.
Company sight-seeing tour, town walk
・We carry out "company sight-seeing tour" to observe the facility of member company.
・We carry out "Edo-jo Castle walk" to take a walk through around Imperial Palace with volunteer guide in spring and autumn.
・We carry out "building city walk" to observe landmark architecture with specialist in building in autumn.
・We carry out "Kanda River, Nihonbashi River Cruise" going sight-seeing by ship around the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River several times a year.
Personnel training to contribute to sightseeing
・We support upbringing of sightseeing volunteer group moving into action in Chiyoda-ku.
・We invite specialist in sightseeing and carry out "sightseeing in city seminar".
・We carry out "sightseeing lecture" to publicize business of Tourism Association.
Support of local event
・We support event that local group hosts in public information.

<membership benefit>
・We publish bulletin regularly and send to share information about activity of association.
・We provide opportunity of business matching, interchange about sightseeing.
・We show around publication to booklet of association making with precedence.


Address 1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku
TEL 03-3556-0391