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Chiyoda's people


It is person in history of Chiyoda-ku

We introduce a person with a deep connection to Chiyoda.
Used to live in Chiyoda, tracing the footprints of living people,
we would be happy if this can be a clue for you to know about Chiyoda.


Monthly Chiyoda Person

Person from monthly Chiyoda back number is this

Monthly Chiyoda Person

The 21st

The stationmaster at JR East Yurakucho Station
Isao Oshima

Yurakucho where it is located next to Tokyo Station, and there are many shopping, art, culture facilities. Therefore we asked Stationmaster Oshima of Yurakucho Station about characteristic of Yurakucho Station and charm of town of Yurakucho this time.

Self-introduction of Stationmaster Oshima

Birth is Tochigi. We spent time in Tochigi to high school and came out to Tokyo since 19 years old as university was Tokyo. We found a job to Japanese National Railways in March, 1981. The first job title called assignment point person in charge of transportation in Japanese National Railways at Akabane Station and was in charge of home. Work of home decreased by the modernization after having become JR, and station where there was home charge employee decreased. Work of home charge employee sends signal to conductor with red flag, and conductor closes door. In addition, we broadcasted at the time of arrival, the departure of train and searched lost article of customer.
We passed promotion exam and became person in charge of business and were transferred to Oji Station afterwards. We performed approach "that even one piece of ticket provided" as public relations charge at Oji Station. It was the time of the Japanese National Railways rebuilding, and just this time was the time when you must have the nations recognize. Therefore even ticket of one piece of inquiry provided order by bicycle on the telephone. Japanese National Railways changed that we sent even one piece of ticket, we think that we emphasized place trading.
At the time of start of JR East, it was the second Akabane Station duty accidentally. We were transferred to Tokyo metropolitan area service headquarters transportation section and served work of transport command afterwards for five years. We were transferred to general affairs department work section and worked afterwards for approximately ten years. We move in the spot by around two years after having been transferred to Shinjuku district instruction center in February, 2003 and continue up to the present day. We took up our new post at Yurakucho Station on June 21 of last year. Former work was Stationmaster Gotanda.

About work of stationmaster

Because security is first as railway business, employee wrestles about ensuring safety in service in solidarity. Work of stationmaster is overall management, but it is personnel training that I keep in mind in particular. Because there are many young employees, feeling to want to lengthen employee is strong. We lay emphasis on personnel training. See an employee doing the best, and how I stretch out this employee; of oneself think whether work.

Characteristic of Yurakucho Station

Yurakucho Station is doorway of Ginza and there are many customers, but guides to relax congestion of Tokyo Station as there is less congestion of window than Tokyo Station saying "please demand ticket at Yurakucho Station and Kanda Station". We play a role that we try for congestion reducing of Tokyo Station in such a part.
Congestion does not trade with holiday on weekdays either, and the number of the getting on and off is the almost same. As for the breakdown, as for the morning and evening on weekdays, customers of business are often found. Even on weekdays, Central Exit is used customer going out toward Ginza from 11:00 to around 15:00. When it is holiday on Saturday, customers going to Ginza increase. Daily getting on and off number does not change on holiday on weekdays. It is crowded with customers going to Ginza on Saturday, holiday, but becomes quiet when, returning is early and is ranked for 18-19:00. As there is person who drinks liquor, and returns because weekdays are businessmen, congestion continues to the last train.
About foreign language correspondence, how many employees who are proficient in English conversation are fragrant, but employee faces study of English conversation with consciousness little by little as there is fewer. As the Olympics are in 2,020 years, company lays emphasis on English conversation, too. A lot of customers of foreigner come to Yurakucho Station, too. Employees studying out of feeling "that employee must reply precisely" voluntarily increase.

About town of Yurakucho

We emphasize that we say doorway of Ginza for our station. If customer gets off at Yurakucho Station and can go to Ginza, station appeals as vigor is given saying "you get off in Yurakucho, and please go out". In addition, advertising is going to develop that we have we get off at our station, and visit perform from now on as there is art museum plenty. To have you get off at Yurakucho Station, and to have you play in town. We intend to appeal like that.
We have event information of the station square each time than "around Yurakucho Station district road environment maintenance meeting" state. I participated in sprinkled water event on August 1, too. Yurakucho Station performs brochure distribution for 30 minutes of sprinkled water event and prevents you from missing chance when people gather. As it is hard to know the place of our station nobyu plaza as effect of event, we appeal by brochure distribution and have you drop in at customer, and there is an effect just to have you know existence of our station nobyu plaza.

Place most favorite in Chiyoda-ku?

We belong to Shorinji Kempo department at the age of high school student, and will the first relation with Chiyoda-ku be what we performed to watch "Shorinji Kempo meeting" of university student in Nippon Budokan? When we became member of society and it was after and was transferred to Tokyo metropolitan area service headquarters transportation section in June, 1988, duty point was Japanese National Railways headquarters building of circles. Different building is completely built now….
The Imperial Palace where we saw favorite point from Tokyo Station. We like scenery around the royal visit street most. We like feeling to calm down when we watch on foot. It was venue of relay road race meeting of Tokyo branch office before. Player ran around the Imperial Palace in winter, and I went for support every year. We come to feel nostalgic for relay road race meeting at the time now as venue changed.

Thank you

Person from monthly Chiyoda back number is this