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Unknown private collection Japan beauty, the drawn beautiful Japanese


From Saturday, March 16, 2013 to Sunday, May 26
From 10:00 to 18:00 (as for the admission until 17:30)

・The first half year: From Saturday, March 16 to Sunday, April 21
・The latter period: From Tuesday, April 23 to Sunday, May 26

Closed days Monday (opened on April 29, May 6), April 30, May 7
Place New Otani Art Museum (4-1, Kioicho)
Access "Akasaka-Mitsuke Station" D exit, approximately 4 minutes on foot
"Nagatacho Station" Exit 7, approximately 4 minutes on foot
Admission charges General 800 yen, high very much straight 500 yen, small, middle life 300 yen
Hotel guest for free, more than 20 groups are for each 100 yen discount
There is admission discount in the pre-latter period (general 1,500 yen)
Sponsorship New Otani Art Museum
Reference New Otani Art Museum
TEL: 03-3221-4111

Event contents


Unknown private collection

It is one of the important themes in the history having a long Japanese art to draw beautiful woman namely beautiful woman. Japanese painters of modern times when we played an active part in this genre explored innovative expression while succeeding to tradition in technique and form and tried various person expression.
We pay attention to "painting of beauties" which won great popularity early in the Showa era in Meiji, the Taisho era and we divide Shoen Uemura, Kiyokata Kaburaki, approximately 80 points including work of Shinsui Ito declared with three major great masters in the latter period in the first half year and do tenkan.
Please enjoy the ideal beauty entrusted manners and customs, the history, variety of woman expression that got idea in literature and the figure with in the four seasons in Japan.

○Exhibition score
Approximately 80 points
 ※Works are replaced in the pre-latter period. Please refer for the details.
(we display only wife cherry tree >> in all sessions in Gyokuyo Kurihara << morning)

○Allied enterprise
Gallery talk 4/6, 5/11 14:00 - this hotel curator

○Main exhibition writer
 Shoen Ikeda, Terukata Ikeda, Shoha Ito, Shinsui Ito, Shoen Uemura, Shinso Okamoto, Tadaoto Kainosho,
 Kiyokata Kaburaki, Tsunetomi Kitano, Gyokuyo Kurihara, Seien Shima, Yumeji Takehisa, Shimei Terashima, Daizaburo Nakamura, Shuho Yamakawa


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