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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/09/10 10:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/09 13:37

↓It is blog telling blog entry of "leader" on September 4.

・・・ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
For this scenery person from kenoku enoaru,
Do you not feel any lacking something?

Of Jimbocho intersection guryune array street Store Association
Arcade was removed the other day.


Part covered in arcade is positive so far,
It is feeling that is shameful to this,
Is finished sequentially, and repairing is excellent color; turn up.


Renewal completion is December.
We place high average, shrub and flower blooms and bears fruit and,
We thought ecology to know the CO2 displacement volume
We are reborn as symbol lord of Tokyo.

Detailed contents including renewal event,
Free paper of October 1 issuance
It appears in "walk Jimbocho sixth issue".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/06 16:14

It was performed on success in life firmness street which reached at Kanda Station
Kanda art festival "adult fair."

Blue sky bar using public space called road.
Design of "adult fair" which became annual with video

↓For program that is basic Fra 

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/04 19:03

Scenery is different when we go up usual exit.
It is subway "Jimbocho Station" Exit A5.
Do you know?

It shows the sky and scenery.
Even if arcade disappears, it is thing.

Arcade disappeared, and past feeling of pressure disappeared.
Oh, there will be opinion in various ways, but should get wet if it rains ...; leave.

You said, did you know Jimbocho "guryuneare street" ...?
It seems to be what as "it is green" in German.
There was green belt of turf in border of the sidewalk and road if we said soo.

What will happen after this?
Interesting. German "guryuneare street" is the name.
Will it be possible arcade, to be new?
What will happen to green street? ?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/01 11:17

Crowd of enjoying the cool breeze summer festival of one Jimmachi meeting on the night of 29th was great.
Children eat the last weekend happily in summer vacation and drink, and play a game.
If, as for the adults, ... ma is more various.
Though it is the southern part of Jimbocho 2 and joint town assembly of Hitotsubashi, include major publishing company or travel agency, too
Booth of branch is lively, and annual audience mobilization is not odd as it is grand again.

It is Shohei Domu building of Sotokanda on Saturday for 30 days
"Shohei music festival" was held with title of "... this summer last present ...".
Venue was full of customer of music fan by the eleventh, participation of 14 groups in this year.
From brass band of primary schoolchild to senior chorus, age has nothing to do with music.

Being hit by thunder and heavy rain for the opening of a meeting at 12:00 on Saturday on 30th, and the staff having become very pale
It was "Edo Eco Kanda omen city 08 summer" when it was hosted by Kanda Station east alliance town assembly.
Tent of eating and drinking and game equalled zura in school grounds in former Imagawa
We have become refuge hut of heavy rain.
But, scorching sunshine as we think whether it is return of midsummer for approximately 30 minutes is enough for moisture and is heat doubling.
Children are very busy in kaekko of toy.
It is toy which brings unnecessary toy from house, and exchanges with point, and is new and ecological system changing.
We did and accumulated point, and kaekko looked happy when we sat down and we were crazy about and played.

Thunderhead which bathed in setting sun which does not finish falling is very pure when we look up at the sky in evening of Kanda.
The lingering summer heat will continue still more. Because we say Mild climates follow the equinox.

Is it over in the summer soon?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/31 9:40

What will bookstore street of Jimbocho remember?
We can find any book if we go to Jimbocho.
We said the first edition of famous writer and handwritten manuscript
Valuable book of national treasure grade is sold.
Is it such a place?

Interesting place of Jimbocho,
While there is "treasure book “ a lot of of such national treasure grade
We said collection of magazine and idol photographs
It is place that is strong in secondhand book of the field of subculture.

Interest in collection of my idol photographs degree,
"We are interested in collection of photographs
As for renowned talent as for knowing"
And even if "there is favorite talent
We are not interested so as to buy collection of photographs expressly, and to gather"
Such a level.

Therefore, for writing of this time this column in duties? Out of necessity? ?
We visited store specializing in collections of idol photographs for the first time.


Shop which resists collection of idol photographs,
With "ARATAMA bookstore" of lily of the valley street
Existence that "Toki shop bookstore" is representative.

At first we are overwhelmed in kind of collection of photographs and many numbers when we enter shop.
Of course am I general man, too? We do this and are within the common sense? In this
We intend to know talent name,
When survey the shop; "was there such a talent?"
Talents who almost mutter unintentionally are often found.

Visitor who comes to store specializing in collections of such photographs
There will be many interested people to be what kind of person.
Naturally it is 100% man.
There continue being many young men in their twenties,
There are unexpectedly many people having high age group thought to be 50s.
There seem to be many men who do not lose passion to idol even if we repeat age.

Characteristic of visitor of store specializing in collections of photographs,
Behavior after having picked up book being clearly different.
When it is common bookstore, at first see title,
Reading two or three pages of table of contents and the beginning when we become interested
It will be general action.

Therefore eyes come to have much horizontal movement necessarily.
In contrast, visitor of store specializing in collections of photographs
Probably because everybody looks to lick every page 1 equally,
Eyes move aside and are busy when it works lengthwise.
So that it is thought that there may be hole among them
As for the person staring at collection of photographs.
Possibly "treasure book" for the person
We might locate.

In Jimbocho, cultured; historically "treasure book" of national treasure grade
With eyes full of research feeling to look for,
Only some ardent fans understand the value at all
Is it bloodshot eye in search of "collection of treasure idol photographs?" Eyes such as this.
These two hot eyes fly every day. 

Tortoiseshell cat of Jimbocho

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/29 21:17

Town, Jimbocho of book.
The one of current main street Yasukuni Dori south. Jimbocho Sakura Street.

In this Sakura Street, the 25th one Kanou cool air summer festival was held.
We completely blockade big one block road.
Parking lot of Times becomes live venue.

Variation of booth is characteristic.
Jimbocho with many ethnic foods.
As for plural booths of Indian dishes.

"Bondi" who is famous for European curry is branch in steak restaurant and booth of system.

It is Shogakukan in Iwanami Shoten and yu*kaku, Shueisha.
Publishing company on behalf of Japan gives booth, too.
Booth of Jimbocho Branch of JTB can stand in line every year.

Gem that fragrance is felt as for "the Cha-soba" of 30 yen of Iwanami Shoten well.

In the looks of the sky that torrential rain is worried about
Sakura Street was filled with people.

In drum and the brass band of local Kanda Hitotsubashi junior high school
We attach flower to event.

Road is not thing dividing town
It is municipal facilities connecting town.

And local bond and power to support this event oo.
It was event to be reminded of such a thing by.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/29 11:49

"Rainfall eagerly longed for" says that it sometimes rains
It becomes indeed depressed for a few days when we follow.

However, rain brightens color body comb, the leaf with green.
Place where such a rain matched was in Jimbocho.


"All Jimbocho love parks" in the neighbor of Jimbocho 2 chome elderly person center.
There is monument "learning from Chou Enlai here" there, western-style fountain and art object gaa of water
Anion will appear, or feeling feels at ease when here.

There are trash box divided properly, designated smoking space, restroom
Person or salesman working outside use very much.
It is full of people reading person, book to empty lunch into on day when it was fine.


Jitney which circulates through the ward led by welfare institution in front of elderly person center
"Pinwheel" (kaza) travels.
We play an active part as foot of elderly person and person with a physical disability
In fact, that anyone is available, and can get off anywhere; is superior, and is thing.


Small green park among high trees.

To swing for one standing still alone, far-off memory seems to waver.

Gentle time goes by here.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/28 17:41

Recently "marine snows" of JERO
Is composer bringing about many blockbusters; music producer
Of course Ryudo Uzaki that it is played an active part as artist.

Uzaki is alumnus of Meiji University in Kandasurugadai.
After we graduate, and dozens of years passed, too
Splendor of town of Ochanomizu, Jimbocho
It is said that we came to feel heartily.
It is Uzaki almost great master now in the world of music.
Through music, we want to repay Ochanomizu, Jimbocho's kindness.
In late years such thought seemed to increase.

With music friend sharing the same thought
We held the first Ochanomizu JAZZ festival in this January.
And the second is performed rapidly on this October 26.
(as for the second details → this)
Today, Uzaki with guidance of the second JAZZ festival
We visited the Chiyoda head of a ward for explanation for design for the third.
Uzaki talked as follows.
After "the first JAZZ festival, may we end this at intramural presentation?
Such thought increased. Feeling of thanks for town which stood for many years, and sprouted.
When we want to put it back to town.
Meet everybody of secondhand bookstore street and sports shop street, musical instruments store street,
On 1st or 2nd, can you not fill up town of Ochanomizu in music?
Does atmosphere such as New Orleans not have? We are thinking so."
As for Mayor Ishikawa "book, music, all of sports shake heart is person, and give healing.
Area where fragrance of culture is high in Ochanomizu, Jimbocho in Chiyoda-ku.
We think that it is difficult for schedule very much this year
For next, we said, we want to cooperate as ward.
Well, it is this time of the next year, street corner of Ochanomizu, Jimbocho
What kind of music will be played?
(Staff I.K)

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/26 15:16

There is bridge such as pedestrian bridge on forever bridge and the approximately middle JR guard side of Izumi Bridge.
Naming mokoryamata "Kanda contact bridge"
See forward; eruha Izumi Bridge (Showa-dori)
We step over the Kanda River and connect 2, Sudacho (the photograph right side) and 1, Sakumacho (the photograph left side).
We see main shrine of willow forest Inari Shrine the right hand ahead.

Edo firefighting memory society to inherit tradition of town fireman of Edo in southern coast of the Kanda River
Fireman's standard of one ward of first "Class yo" which makes Uchikanda post.

Fireman's standard of five wards of second "kakumi" which makes northern coast, Sotokanda of the Kanda River post.

We played an active part in firefighting succeeded in now from the Edo era
We do ... to attach "fireman's standard" which is symbol of group of fire fighter to bridge pile.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/08/24 3:03

Shall we go to eat “ tuna? "
We got on such an invitation and went to Suidobashi Station neighborhood, Misakicho.


It is one piece of flyer with discount ticket to be reliable on this street where restaurants form a line.
Though it appears to plain map, we are not found for some reason.
"This flyer, one year do not pass"
Well……Today's fellow was good person who has no sense of direction of wealth.

Shop of tuna was changed to ramen restaurant called "solar tomato noodles" what.
My stomach completely shifts to tomato from tuna!
Tokyo has only 5-6 store yet despite chain store,
Much-talked-about shop which is taken away by much media. 


Bright red ramen which put sources which we made with chicken gallasoup and fully-ripened tomato together.
Such as pasta which noodles kneaded soybean milk into do not narrow.
We seem to work on various ecology and use eco-chopsticks.

Popular cheese ramen and vongole ramen. 

       Tomato cheese           Tomato vongole

It is healthy, and heart somewhat warms for smile of the staff.
When there are many women, there are many omoi breath and novelty being still point or male customers.

Around Misakicho is like ramen battleground somehow or other.