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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/07/30 14:50

We say "Kandahigashimatsushitacho" to the south side of Iwamotocho intersection
There are old tradition and individual town of the history which prospered from the Edo era.
Even if that ladle has pond early in the Edo era, and pond becomes extinct
"Ladle is area called pond" through the Edo era.

1,000 former cherry tree elementary schools are good old towns for local people.

Fireman's standard of Edomachi fire fighter was displayed in this east Matsushitacho!

1,000 cherry tree elementary school ruins and neighboring areas were redeveloped, and two high-rise houses were built, and they rose.
The depths private "CHIZAKURA TOWER"
This side is ward-operated east Matsushita house "komorebi 1,000 cherry tree".

Honoring monument which there was in the front gate of 1,000 former cherry tree elementary schools revives in site.
Well which we could use at the time of urgent disaster prevention was installed.

"Naofumi Take right" monument
It was once famous on this ground so as to be said to be one of Edo three large dojo studios
Polestar cutting down with one stroke of the sword style, Shusaku Chiba "Xuanwu hall" dojo studio. And next to Xuanwu hall
There was "harukaikejuku" where Confucianism person, Ichido Tojou told Confucianism and poetry sentence

Sign which ancient map of east Matsushitacho of bumburyodo appeared in became clean.
When look at map of this Edo era; with the present age become easy to compare.

In plot of office of Good of 1F of private CHIZAKURA TOWER
Fireman's standard of "yo group" which was proud of the number of the greatest numbers of workers in town fireman of the Edo era was displayed.

Guide of "Class yo, fireman's standard" is worked as in the lower right of fireman's standard.

It is fireman's standard of group Edomachi fire fighter
Color is 48 sets in shodo of town magistrate in Edo, Echizennokami Ooka in 1719 in 1719
In the next year, 16 sets of firefighting associations in the north and south are established and play an active part until the Meiji Restoration as town fireman
We change the name to Ichibe fire defense organization in 1872, and civil defense unit is organized in 1939 in 1939
Taking the opportunity of what was abolished in the fire defense organization by volunteer of former Ichibe fire defense organization
Tradition, culture (lumber-carriers' work song, fireman's standard, acrobatic performances on a ladder, manners and customs) of town fireman
We form Edo firefighting memory society in the same year to tell in history and are active until today.
The origin of fireman's standard is said to be the about 15th century, commander's standard of samurai general in battlefield
We said harvest fireman's standard flag as flag mark of town fireman,
It became fireman's standard of current form afterwards.
Fireman's standard of Class Edo firefighting memory society first ward first (Genichi program group)
It is ornamental streamers of a fireman's standard stand in the lower part in *shi (the head) with design of character of field of Kanda
We are in love from ornamental streamers of a fireman's standard (48), truth pole, Kae a type of radical.
Extravagance was forbidden, and fireman's standards of Edomachi fire fighter were unified in white and black two kinds.

Photograph of acrobatic performances on a ladder is displayed, too
We attached bloom to paper lantern with a bow-shaped handle of Class yo.

It was introduction of showpiece which had thick fragrance of Edo downtown area of Kandahigashimatsushitacho.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/07/24 13:02

Sunday, July 22
In 3, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda platform square meeting room, it is hosted by machimirai Chiyoda
The 18th Chiyoda town development support exhibition examination committee
But, it was held.

For group (group) working on town development in Chiyoda-ku
Seven examination committees examine whether you issue activity grant by exhibition.
General section (a total of 4 million yen, 1 group grant a maximum of 500,000 yen)
Section (we support 50,000 yen by documents examination) which has never met
Building section (we support a maximum of 5 million yen by the 100,000 yen furtherance /2 next examination passage by the primary examination passage)

18 groups are entries in each section in this public examination committee.
General section is 15 groups. Section is 2 groups for the first time. Building section was 1 group.

At 9:00 a.m., the 18th public examination committee began.
In front of seven examination committees and other groups, a large number of visitors that each group sits in a row in front
We do presentation to emphasize each town development activity.

"Kanda professional wrestling" that waits in last year, and won sapo award is entry of the third year.
We are doing activity with children as spirit through professional wrestling in local Kanda.
(each group can receive grant of up to three times of grants if they go along examination committee)

Activity to make what we felt in Chiyoda-ku Chee's (map) together
It is the second "Chee's" to appeal using pretty icon.

Raise under the theme of upbringing and contents breeding ... in umbrella and radio and the Akihabara - next generation
The first application was everybody of "kasarajio, @ Akihabara crowded with a rush".

It is group of Yaoya to have appeared with matching cap, windbreaker, apron.
We develop Marchais which can learn called Chinese cabbage city on the stage of Akihabara where vegetable and fruit market was ever.
It was everybody of "Tokyo greengrocery commerce cooperative yatchaba Akihabara executive committee".

[building section] Kanda coffee garden reproduction project team
"Kanda coffee garden" reproduction that continues being loved in area in Kanda Station JR underpass in 60 is theme
◎We must pass held middle activity briefing session in November even if we pass today's primary examination
Grant of a maximum of 5 million yen may not be issued.

Judgment that subsidization is suitable is given by primary examination.
Of questions and answers with examination committee and group wanting to hear activity purpose deeply more
Important examination that all the visitors listen attentively to in the exchanges eagerly is carried out.

The second examination of this trace determines the amount of furtherance in each group judged that the furtherance is suitable.
We were as follows.
[general section] 14 groups a total of 3,860,000 yen
Writer street gallery cafe "school building" application 370,000 yen grant 360,000 yen
Kanda professional wrestling
application 500,000 yen grant 490,000 yen 
・It is town nishiyono kaisarusei 500,000 yen grant 480,000 yen
of wine in Kanda
** platform
application 500,000 yen grant 490,000 yen
application 460,000 yen grant 420,000 yen
Misakicho SMILE project
application 180,000 yen grant 180,000 yen
Edo nagauta music favor a large number of people
application 500,000 yen grant 160,000 yen
kasarajio, @ Akihabara
application 320,000 yen grant 320,000 yen to be crowded with a rush
yatchaba Akihabara executive committee
application 500,000 yen grant 480,000 yen
application 500,000 yen grant 00000 yen of Akihabara-cho
Now and the bygone days 1,000 copying
application 500,000 yen grant 140,000 yen
application 400,000 yen grant 00000 yen to be idle in Chiyoda
Kandanishikicho Kyn Kyn group
application 500,000 yen grant 00000 yen
Ochanomizu robot club
application 400,000 yen grant 340,000 yen

[section having never met] It is furtherance decision furtherance sum 50,000 yen by documents examination
Art exploitation of resources mechanism ARDA
Chiyoda Bon-dance Mates

[building section (first)] The first ...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/07/07 17:30

It do not be said gold and silver ... star to waver in near the eaves bamboo leaf shiningly at all; ...♬
It is the Star Festival today on July 7.
"Star Festival" was held in Kanda Myojin.
To big bamboo leaf given glory to by right and left of main hall,
A lot of strips of paper which everybody wrote wish are joined together.
To Altair and Vega to drink in one year on that day, and to be able to meet
We pray that you can grant wish that you wrote to strip of paper.

Shinto priest, mediums are sansusuminyujo for tune of gagaku in paste ceremony venue at 4:00 p.m.

Congratulatory address of Star Festival is performed *jo of by Shinto priest.
As Kanda Myojin Star Festival can attend anyone, a great number of people watch.

Dance of Toyosaka by four mediums was performed *jo of before the alter.

To big bamboo grass that strip of paper of the purified Star Festival was displayed in right and left of main hall
It was given glory by Shinto priest and hand of medium oneself.

Four people are representative from attendant of 450 and go and worship with gyokukushiho*.
All the attendants matched with representative and went and worshiped.

Attended all the members had sacred sake, and Star Festival Shinto ritual was settled without delay.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/07/05 18:34

At Kanda Station west exit mall of holding once in two years
Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture doroumatsuriga began!
It will be 2-day holding until Friday, July 6 tomorrow.

There is daimyo's mansion of Satake on this ground early in the Edo era,
Company thought to be mansion Inari stays now as "Satake Inari Shrine"
By relationship looked after by people of mall and town
It is "Kanda, Akita Yuzawa edoroumatsuri" performed once in two years.

We extend from the west exit of JR Kanda Station to straight Sotobori Street
It is picture dorougayattekimashita of Star Festival decoration and Akita Yuzawa at Kanda Station west exit mall.
It is given glory to picture dorouga of bewitching painting of beauties which is higher than 20 big things and small things at mall.

From Thursday, July 5 16:40 is opening ceremony in front of Institute of Kanda university of foreign languages.
Including Akiyama, director of Kanda Station west exit mall promotion association
A large number of guests attends and is publicized greetings and Akita Yuzawa.

Performance of heroic Yuzawaminami house Satake drum is shown and is opening of standing ovation.

Bon festival dance (doing cries) in west sound horse of Akita of important intangible cultural property designation is quite popular.

Bon festival dance in west sound horse is Bon festival dance of Tokushima Japan's three biggest along with Gujo dance of Awa Folk Dance, Gifu.
It is called ghost dance and is flown progressing of foot mystery gorgeously flexibly.

Picture doroude of Akita Yuzawa being beautiful, and Kanda Station west exit mall being displayed
Until Friday, July 6 tomorrow.
Sale city of perfect gem product of Akita Yuzawa, entertainment including sake tasting society of Akita famous sake are seisawasan, too!
From 13:00 to 19:00 when great lottery where luxurious present is is in
Please go to Kanda Station west exit mall♬

The details are this↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/06/30 13:33

The sky of Tokyo that the rainy season was over in is likely early in midsummer for approximately one week than average year.
On today June 30 that is half passage point of one year
"kaetsudaiharaishiki" is held in Shinto shrine of all over Japan all over the country.
Edo total local deity is "kaetsudaiharaishiki" of Kanda Myojin!

With today June 30 "kaetsudaiharai" before the Great Purification reaches summer (you do, and pay)
With December 31 "ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year great purification" before greeting the New Year
(you do and go, and pay)
It is almost held twice a year in Shinto shrine of all over Japan.

Crime and impurity that we have violated without knowing without knowing in kaetsudaiharai
It is Shinto ritual to entrust doll (people), and to evade ring of Japanese nutmeg, and to advocate congratulatory address, and to do purification ceremony purification words.
As for passing, the narration of Japanese mythical **koredammei is origin ring of Japanese nutmeg.

Sunlight of summer day of passing of the rainy season will be more than 35 degrees in temperature 33 degrees, sensible temperature today.
As for the matter of garden ground of hot weather, it was done saiko in consideration of security with a choice of the shade.
Scene where all of attendance approximately 400 matches photograph with Shinto priest, and *jo is doing great purification words.

In common usage, all Shinto priest and the attendants evade ring of Japanese nutmeg from counter-clockwise direction
Go round the Shinto shrine precincts by great rotation, but in the precincts of cultural exchange hall, Hoo
With construction being carried out in consideration of security of influence of temperature under the hot weather
Only Shinto priest held ring kugurio of Japanese nutmeg.
Attendants moves venue to main hall and becomes the matter of Great Purification main shrine.

It is shukushi*jo, gyokukushiho* by Otorii chief priest, dance of Toyosaka of medium in main shrine
nadoga was solemn and was held. Main shrine does not have limited space, too.

After the matter of kaetsudaiharaishikishaden attendants
He/she evaded ring of Japanese nutmeg each from counter-clockwise direction.
We spend summer of hot weather in good health, and let's spend half a year of the latter half happily!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/06/27 17:45

The 53rd Meiji classic society "Star Festival ancient book full house bill society"
Literary work, literary person handwriting, movie, hobby, art, industrial arts, photograph, modern documents document
Ukiyoe print, suributsu, new publication image, map, the classic family register, ancient documents, ancient book image
We can see all quality published in list on view on preliminary inspection exhibition day.

View on general preliminary inspection exhibition day (no charge for admission)
Friday, July 6 from 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday, July 7 from 10:00 to 16:00
General people can enter venue with both days
We can see all displayed precious rare ancient books for hand.

◎Photography is prohibited!

Venue of view on general preliminary inspection exhibition Tokyo ancient book hall (no charge for admission)
3-22, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku 03-3293-0161

Image in venue

Image in venue

Image in venue

On list of Meiji classic society "Star Festival ancient book full house bill society"
All the quality of approximately 2,000 points to depend on bid this time is published.

Only on both days this as for what the public enters venue and can make a preliminary inspection of.
Liked; when have style, of association of old bookseller associations society participation of the whole country
We can order from ancient book supplier after consultation.
(please consult with the staff in venue)
Nomination supplier will act for bid in bid society on Sunday, July 8.
(around 10% of fees of successful bid price incur.)

The details are this↓
Meiji classic society 3-22, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo ancient book hall

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/06/21 12:37

Half of one year passes on June 30 in 2018.
We will show around held summer event soon!

Saturday, June 30 from 11:00 to 15:00 ...

In Kanda Myojin, we expel crime impurity of the first half of one year
"kaetsudaiharaishikishinji" is held.

Evade ring of Japanese nutmeg provided for the precincts by the guidance of Shinto priest; visiting the precincts
It is Shinto ritual to expel crime impurity of early this year when we were piled up without knowing without knowing.

◎Anyone can participate, but application (money offered to God charges) to Shinto shrine on that day is necessary

From Thursday, July 5 6th Friday evening

In Kanda Station west exit mall
There is "Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture dorou Festival".

By summer festival to be held by Kanda Station west exit mall sponsorship once in two years
In the mall, Star Festival decoration and Akita Yuzawa picture doroude of 20 do well.
There are Nishimonai Bon festival dance and Akita dialect classroom, product direct sale of Akita Yuzawa, too.

Friday, July 27 18:50 ...

We float 600 monotourouo on moat of Chidori-ga-fuchi, and there is water live, too.
"Evening of enjoying the cool breeze" recruits people of boat embarkation.

We stroll around light rouo with all wish on boat in moat, Chidori-ga-fuchi of the Imperial Palace.
In addition, in the one where is not got on on boat as attempt of the beginning of this year
We have you write wish if you will burn and drain into moat by hand of the staff.
You can enjoy fantastic faint light and water live.

Recruitment of people of boat embarkation (lottery)
80 sets (1,000 yen lower than primary schoolchild to three sets)
Of 2000 yen per person (boat fee for use one 500 yen)
Application is return card by July 4
(we specify event name, address, full name, age, call)
102-0074 1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Inquiry is 03-3556-0391
The application details are this →

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/05/23 12:32

Arts Chiyoda 3331 special plan exhibition
(venue: Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku 6-11-14 former training junior high school)

150 years ... of town which supported ... "Sanno" who crossed time
We are holding until Sunday, June 10!

The people concerned for the first day gathered on Saturday, May 19, and reception was held.
Photograph is greeting on opening Masato Nakamura of 3331 unification directors.
Kariya of backward wooden covering a roof with shingles is made in town assembly of Akasaka in the 20, Showa generation
Valuable Kariya who was used in Akasaka Hikawa festival of Akasaka Hikawa Shrine in parishioner town assembly.

As for Sanno festival, it is done saiko grandly in Hie-jinja Shrine and parishioner town assembly of Nagatacho on 8-9-10 day in June.
Japanese towel of parishioner town assembly or long lantern of Shinto shrine, scheme-proof are displayed neatly.

Hanging scroll which exists in the present Kojimachi 5 chome town assembly, and is built over sacred sake place at the time of festival.
It was called "three boats for amusement" with Kaishu Katsu, Deishu Takahashi by the late Tokugawa period
It is handwriting of Tesshu Yamaoka who is master of book.

The supervision of display is Masaya Takiguchi of researcher of the early modern times.
By gallery display commentary carried out after the reception for commentary of Takiguchi
Everybody was interesting and listened attentively by commentary in nearly falling forward state.

Work which is the latest as for Eizo Kinoshita of maintaining the Edo official approval first grade in painters in architects
We comment on "Edo-jo Castle Shinzo 16 gate of a palace stack illustrated map".
Production inside stories of illustrated map which information was huge, and was enthusiastic were spoken.

This display until Sunday, June 10
Not only display but also following various various allied events are carried out during session.
5/20 Okada parent talk "head fireman who moves forward with change of the times"
5/26 Kojimachi musical accompaniment musical accompaniment workshop "experience by traditional arts"
5/27 harpoon Yuka "stylish children's clothes to make with Japanese towel"
6/01 Masaya Takiguchi lecture "crosses bustle 150 years of Kojimachi main street"
The making of seasonal Japanese sweet of long-established store learning from craftsman of 6/02 long-established store
6/03 Iwao Arai talk "footprint of alternating current that memory and cultured person who dwelled in land left"
Thursday, June 03 lower Eizo-cho walk "walk of the history and culture to breathe in town" Bancho Kojimachi neighborhood
At conduct time, please confirm participation fees in site of arts Chiyoda 3331.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/05/17 15:46

Kanda Festival of Kanda Myojin is year of shade this year
There are not God good luck festival cruise and lively event including Miyairi of parishioner town assembly miniature shrine.
But "annual festival" that was the most important to age of shade Shinto ritual was carried out.

Sunday, May 13
In Otemachi, Marunouchi town assembly of parishioner of Kanda Myojin
Large miniature shrine of Masakado mound preservation society was carried on the shoulder by hand of men of business of member of preservation society company.
Atmosphere that Kanda musical accompaniment resounds in business area on Sunday, and is unusual.
It was annual miniature shrine bearer in approximate age of shade, but it is four years since then this time.
There were circumstances and was not able to carry age of shade two years ago on our shoulder.

Monday, May 14
There was oblatory tea type of Omotesenke and was dedicated to lunch before the alter.
At night, flower of the 16th Kanda Myojin bonfire noh, Myojin mysterious profundity was performed publicly.
Revival of traditional event of Kanda Myojin whom this "light noh play in which the protagonist is a god" is handed down to from the Edo era.
Special noh stage is made in front of the main hall of the Shinto shrine, and it is covered by marquee.
Light noh play in which the protagonist is a god was appreciated customer of 400 of a lot of capacity.

Tuesday, May 15 annual festival

Annual festival is placed as the most important Shinto ritual in annual event of Kanda Myojin.
2:00 p.m. of the appointed time. Lumber-carriers' work song song of head fireman people echoes by signal of drum in the precincts.
Shinto priest, parish representative including Otorii chief priest, people concerned advance to main hall.

Approximately 400 representatives of parishioner town assembly sit down in their seat in marquee in front of main hall.

shukushi*jo, Shinto ritual including sai**jo are held solemnly in main hall.
kokorishingakuho* by Taneo Wakayama company,
As for the shrine maiden's dance "dance of Myojin butterfly by medium of Kanda Myojin," it was made ho*.

Parish representatives of Kanda Myojin do gyokukushiho*, and they worship.
We do gyokukushiho* one after another, and all attendants worship, and annual festival Shinto ritual is finished without delay.

We move venue to Myojin Hall and become "feast" (there is me).
It is December completion planned cultural exchange building, topic of Kanda Festival of the next year during construction now
We swelled and closed of place Tomonari of peaceful getting close and were similar and became tentative dissolution.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2018/05/14 11:14

Saturday, May 12 annual festival ceremony
togo of Sunday, May 13 shrine miniature shrine
For two days

Princess Ota Inari Shrine annual festival was held.

In Princess Ota Inari Shrine, Surugadai is enshrined (1-2, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku)
Suruga Taito, Surugadai west, 1, Nishikicho, patron saint of 4 town assemblies in southern 2, Ogawa-machi.
Festival is held every two years.

Shrine miniature shrine performed getting out shrine of early in the morning goes round parishioner areas.
Photograph pays a courtesy visit to Meiji University in the afternoon. It is scene of strolling musician.

Shrine miniature shrine entered open space of Meiji University liberty tower.
Person sent to meet of photograph is God of monkey Tabiko where we attached prominent nose mask to.
Is just little one good because of rain by cloudy sky until about 2:00 of the afternoon, but ...

Is it about 3:00 p.m.?
When shrine miniature shrine reached Ochanomizu Station
Rain becomes strong and carries on our shoulder, and handle is dripping wet.

Is it one of common usage? It is large serving rise that we break into the Ochanomizu Station yard.
General everybody who happened to pass by use of JR accidentally is beating time with hands together!

We drop in at former precinct of a Shinto shrine where big tree of muku of the front of Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi rises
Through in front of Nicolai temple, pass through avenue of do*tsu rino cherry tree in evening
We became Miyairi safely, and kyushinyotogo where took day was finished safely.

It has become to carry unfortunate rainy miniature shrine on the shoulder from the afternoon
In addition, it is ... for festival two years later
We told about state of festival of Princess Ota Inari Shrine.