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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/08/27 20:38

By some summer heat of eagerness softened, too.
In this August, it varies in each area of Kanda

"Enjoying the cool breeze event" was carried out.
We will introduce only a little.

Three days until from Wednesday, August 3 to 5th Friday
"Summer festival of waterasu" was held in waterasu open space of 2, Awaji-cho.
Iwami noh dances (eight Gifu Univ. snake extermination of **koredammei) of traditional arts were played.
There was scene where children touched actor.

On Thursday, August 4 5th Friday Kanda children's park of 2, Tsukasacho in venue
2, Tsukasacho enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet is held.
This Bon festival dance meet held soon after the war in Chiyoda-ku
It is one of the oldest Bon festival dance meets.

Four days on from Thursday, August 11 to 14th Sunday
"Kanda Myojin enjoying the cool breeze Festival" was held for the first time in the Kanda Myojin precincts.
Bustle of gourmet & beer fair of course
It was prosperity yellowtail that Bon festival dance of 12-14 days was danced with up to five folds of rings.

Long-established store is town assembly accumulating in northern Sudacho predominantly in Kanda.
"Enjoying the cool breeze evening enjoying the cool air party" of common usage was held on Friday, August 26.
Local people and neighborhood inhabitants and all of local companies gather in town assembly five tine road.
It became very grand street beer garden & gourmet meeting.

9 town assemblies of Kanda Station east alliance town assembly hold every "Kanda omen city" annual in the summer.
Venue is school ground of old Imagawa Junior High School.
Friday, August 26 is beer garden of adult this year.
We have children enjoy Saturday on 27th, and two of "naughtiness festival" are for show.
We enjoyed with water slider on the last weekend in summer vacation.

What planned enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance in smile plaza of 2, Iwamoto-cho in venue
Association of Daimon Street child society. It is likely to rain on Saturday, August 27, and Bon festival dance is canceled.
It completely became fair state for children.
Of trace which drank, and ate, and was idle
As for the lot lottery meet, extreme popularity was crowded very much.

Besides, is each area; Bon festival dance or child fair
Enjoying the cool breeze event to come to town of Kanda for a long time was carried out.
It was local adults fatigue state who prepared for enjoying the cool breeze event, and held!
Children brought up in area will be that there were many memories!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/08/05 19:30

We wash Kamakura Bridge bridge
Friday, August 5
Bridge washing of Kamakura Bridge that appeared in the Nihonbashi River which connected Kanda and Otemachi was carried out.

Kamakura Bridge is Great Kanto Earthquake revival plan; with construction of Sotobori Street
It was built over the Nihonbashi River in (1929) in 1929.
We were caught in Kanda Bridge and ryukankyo at the time of in the ground called so-called Kamakura riverbank fish market.
As ryukankyo was buried after the war, it is located between Kanda Bridge and new Joban Bridge now.

We washed bridge and were fired up in all the members before start.
With mop and scrubbing brush "o!"

We wash the second bridge secondary to last year.
It washed the left side since bridging last time towards Otemachi from Kanda after an interval of 86 years.
It washed the right side this year after an interval of 87 years.

We clean railing of bridge with scrubbing brush roughly.

A lot of daughters of an upper class family of yukata come in participation from company, too
We polished dirt of tile of the sidewalk with mop with smile roughly.

As you see the sidewalk becomes beautiful in a moment, too.
A lot of coverage of the media including TV seemed to come, too.

By bridge washing for one hour railing and the sidewalk of Kamakura Bridge
We became beautiful beyond recognition.
We close one Kanda by volunteer, and putting resembles Manager of town assembly of Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly and is finished.
We washed, and bridge under eagerness hot weather was all of you fatigue state.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/08/03 20:53

Summer festival of waterasu
From Wednesday, August 3 to 5th Friday from 17:00 to 21:30
Sponsorship: The 2, Kandaawajicho town assembly Awaji area management

12 stores open a store from waterasumoru in waterasu open space of 2, Awaji-cho.
Families and all of work rise have a pleasant chat at each table peacefully!

Iwami noh dance is played on the stage.
It is story that **koredammei exterminates eight Gifu Univ. snakes and helps Princess comb Inada.
Unfortunately large snake is only to one of them, but is quite good force.

Little children sit down in the front row of the stage side, too and appreciate large country-like dance.

Large country grants fortune (candy) to children!

Night of waterasu open space grows.

We do summer festival in waterasu open space on Friday on 5th on Thursday on 4th.
Please go out! The details are this ↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/07/30 18:09

Saturday, July 30 shindemmeishinsaimusho hall
The eighth God Confucianism and Buddhism joint lecture holding
This theme
"Let's spend autumn of crop of ... life demanding authority of iaio of heart"

Religious corporation Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin)
I sentence society (Yushima temple of Confucius)
Hajime Nakamura east Institute (east academy)

Opportunity when God Confucianism and Buddhism combination lecture was held
It was indiscriminate casualties case that occurred in Akihabara eight years ago.
Three local corporations were plans of and "we demand society where we went to of heart".
120 visitors of a lot of venues came today.

It is greeting of beginning of Kanda Myojin, Nobufumi Otorii chief priest on behalf of sponsor.

Lecturer of Shinto is Mr. Osamu Miyata. 68 years old.
We acquire qualification of Shinto priest during NHK (announcer) holding the post
It is served as chief priest now in 32 Shinto shrines in Chiba.
Title theme right out saying "let's spend autumn of crop of the life"
Live in the inside now, it was talked about keeping itself alive.

Lecturer of Confucianism is Mitsuyoshi Okazaki. 80 years old.
Former Bungeishunju. Number, Bungeishunju's chief editor, editing director general.
All-Japan federation of Chinese poetry's managing director director, federation of Kanagawa Chinese poetry's chairperson.
For "new homo ludens" (jobless person)
Keyword of the advanced age, longevity era may be "play".

Lecturer of Buddhism is to**yoshi. 83 years old.
Former Rissho University's president. Rissho University's emeritus professor. Lecturer at east academy.
"Wisdom to survive old age"
Person received mission and was born. Of Tetsuo Yamaori say,
It was told that kan memasuo thought about way of life for forest house period at old age.

Yoshihiko Shimizu of Akira Kanda divinity chief priest,
As generalization, story of lecturer of today's God Confucianism and Buddhism Mikata is compiled
The prospects to the future were talked about.

Finally from organiser zendensen*shi of Hajime Nakamura east research institute's director
Speak thanks for successful meeting of today's lecture; and without delay
The eighth God Confucianism and Buddhism combination lecture became the end.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/07/21 19:35

Kanda culture lecture (all seven scheme Yuichiro Ando principals of a private school) that reached the 19th year
The third "Myojin private supplementary school" scheme was performed.
Annual theme this year "the world of the beauty and artisan of Edo"

This guest lecturer Japanese book, ukiyoe print, ancient map of the Edo era of Jimbocho in specialty
It is Mr. Koketsu kuri of the secondhand bookstore "owner Publishing" founded in 1882 to handle fourth generation.
It was talked today under the theme of "the world of ukiyoe print culture - Kuniyoshi Utagawa of Edo".

shindemmeishinsaimusho hall of venue is extreme popularity of crowdedness thanks state.
About Koketsu kurisanha, owner Publishing and Kanda secondhand bookstore street.
About publication of Edo. About ghost picture. We talk sequentially.

What is projected on screen of upper photograph
Work of Hiroshige Utagawa, famous place Edo 100 view "pine cord Kuo bank of a river of the Asakusa River result" 1856.
The left side is shosuri, and the right side becomes gosuri.
Work of shosuri seems to be worth being more more than 10 times than thing of gosuri.

About ghost picture for Masakado Taira of Kanda Myojin enshrined deity
While Masakado, waterfall demon princess, excellent gate and others assume drawn real work or Japanese book document
It was talked about ukiyoe print of precious ghost picture.

Mr. Koketsu answered question among a large number of people after lecture.
In addition, can show very expensive real work without regret
It was wonderful time when we took work in view photograph at everybody point-blank range.

Class three pieces "old Imperial Palace of Soma" which is enlarged on table,
In popular pattern considerable in extremely expensive stuff for foreigner
It is famous work to be able to tell to be one work of masterpiece of Kuniyoshi Utagawa.
Besides, we show work and ghost picture of much kokuho and have
We had you comment.

Scheme (September) fourth in this term of Myojin private supplementary school, the fifth scheme (October), the sixth scheme (November)
In this, we follow.
It is this in detail Myojin private supplementary school ↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/07/14 20:13

It is hosted by Kanda Station west exit mall promotion association on Thursday, July 14
Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture doroumatsuri
It is held after an interval of two years. Until tomorrow 15th Friday

Kanda Station west exit mall that leads to Sotobori Street in front of the JR Kanda Station west exit
Person who always goes to station. It is mall full of people going down from station.
Biennial held "picture doroumatsuri" came over to Kanda this year.

Picture dorouto where Akita Yuzawa-shi is gorgeous at west exit mall
Star Festival decoration is displayed beautifully, and light which is more mysterious, and burns when positive declines is impressive.

Some about 4:00 when opening ceremony was practiced were caught in the rain
Picture dorouto Star Festival decoration of several big things and small things 20
As you see we create luxurious sceneries.

Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda rushes to ceremony, too and is informed of celebration.
The cutting of the New Year's rice cake of famous sake of Akita by all concerned was carried out, too.

Annual Satake drum comes up this year every time.
He/she showed heroic performance in front of deep Satake Inari Shrine of relation.

And one of popularity appoints important formlessness folk cultural assets every time
"Nishimonai Bon festival dance" to be said to be fantastic Bon festival dance (there is not doing jump boom)
It is komori suhikosa cowl and sedge hat with specific design and face
Dance of slow rhythm brings on very mysterious atmosphere.

We will hold on Friday, July 15 tomorrow.
Display of picture dorouto Star Festival decoration until from 13:00 to 21:00
Nishimonai Bon festival dance is ... at 17:30
Satake drum becomes ... at 19:00.
Special product direct sale society of Akita Yuzawa-shi is open, too.
Please go out.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/07/13 11:22

The 158th Kanda society [downtown area talk 23]
Town which Chou Enlai Chinese foreign student loved
We talk about center of friendship, Jimbocho Chinatown in the daytime
Tuesday, July 12 18:30 - Meiji University liberty tower lecture room

We did Kandajinboucho including Chou Enlai once,
It was center of Japan and China friendship that Chinese foreign students gathered.
Chinese restaurant links the eaves to offer taste of hometown to such foreign students,
The trace still breathes.
Ahead of the Chou Enlai visit to Japan 100th anniversary that we had in the next year and the Japan and China diplomatic normalization 45th anniversary,
Still invite to guest toward the following Chinese restaurant in Jimbocho
It became lecture to read the history of Jimbocho Chinatown.

Three guests were introduced on the lecture opening of a meeting.
From the left
Host Yukio Nishimura (NPO Kanda society's director, University of Tokyo's professor)
Guest Takashi Torii (Manager of Meiji University's professor, regional alliances promotion center)
menotokenkyoshi (new world Chinese restaurant, *toorushutendaihyotoriteiyaku)
Koichi Wada (Hanyang tower representative director, total chef de cuisine)

[guest profile] Honorific title abbreviation
Takashi Torii (we let you take and are and cook)
Meiji University department of commercial science's professor, graduate school, culture design graduate course charge. Manager of regional alliances promotion center.
Chuo University law department graduation. We can put research field in political science, area study, multiracial nation
Study of politics, economic system. As main book, article,
"Generation and characteristic (cocompilation, Institute of Developing Economies, 2002) of the Asian middle class."

menotokenkyo (Liquidambar formosana health)
It was born in Tokyo for 1,947 years. After Tokai University department of engineering management industry subject graduation,
We train ourselves as cook over famous restaurant and inherit new world Chinese restaurant of business in 1974.
Envoy to the Tang Dynasty 1300 was held in memory in Nara National Museum in 2010
Support "great envoy to the Tang Dynasty exhibition", through food culture of Chinese food,
We plan interchange as soft power.

Koichi Wada (wada, Koichi)
Founding 1911 (Meiji 44) Hanyang tower representative director total chef de cuisine. The fourth generation.
"Humped-head goldfish" which it was shop where Chou Enlai and Sun Yat-sen went to, and was favorite of hometown of Chou Enlai on menu
A certain relationship thing including "Sun Yat-sen rice porridge" which Sun Yat-sen liked is left.
As for the parents, work, father are chefs de cuisine in Hanyang tower for the second generation.
We support well-established Chinese restaurant of breeding Jimbocho on seeing the back and make an effort. Former high school boy who plays baseball.

Approximately 80 people arrive to venue.
Story of Mikata was attended eagerly.

Various documents, old photograph, ancient map are posted, and it is talked by guest
Reason why it was managed, and Chinese foreign students gathered for around Jimbocho of town of Jimbocho
Life of Chinese foreign student, connection with secondhand bookstore street development
Participants listened to profundity of the local history.

Guest of today's lecture and directors of NPO Kanda society
From the left (honorific title abbreviation)
Yukio Nishimura NPO Kanda society's director University of Tokyo's professor
Director of Hajime Takayama NPO Kanda society Takayama Head Office
Manager of Takashi Torii Meiji University's professor, Meiji University regional alliances promotion center
Koichi Wada Hanyang tower representative director total chef de cuisine
Director of Kinji Kubo NPO Kanda society Kubo mechanic
Yasuhiko Hotta NPO Kanda society vice-director Yabu soba

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/07/03 16:33

Saturday, July 2 Chiyoda-ku government office 1F inhabitant of a ward hall
The 16th Chiyoda town development support exhibition examination committee
machimirai Chiyoda sponsorship
Chiyoda town development support to issue grant to town development activity of citizen level

13 groups are entries in general section where grant of a maximum of 500,000 yen is issued to.
It is 1 group in theme section. It is 1 group for the first time in section.
It is entry of 2 groups in building section established newly.
17 above-mentioned groups in total faced public examination committee.

Pretty group which explains activity contents hard
"Kojimachi work, it is heated club cheering party"

"PCN Akihabara Assemblage" which presents hot presentation that was full of Akihabara love
Seven examination committees placing themselves in the front row watch eagerly, and they listen attentively.

Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda can come for greetings secondary to the last year and observes examination committee eagerly.

"Kanda professional wrestling" of professional wrestling local as for developing presentation of a lot of spirit

Presentation of person concerned with Ebihara store of Sudacho said to be building section ancestor, one-panel structure
"Meeting making use of Ebihara store"

By primary examination presentation of all 17 groups of examination committee and visit visitor
It was near at hand, and it was right performed by exhibition, and questions and answers were carried out.

Seven examination committees vote by the second examination of general section each.
Grant of grant to group which got four votes or more of the majority was decided.

It was decided, and examination committee announced grant for the amount of furtherance application.

◎Furtherance amount of money decision
[general section]
Unit: Ten thousand Japanese yen () is the amount of application
Dream laboratory 0(23)
Jimbocho community club 50(50)
Kanda living expeditionary party 22(22)
Club cheering party 20(20) where breeds in Kojimachi Elementary School work
Sophia Information For Visitors 32(48)
Figure of Jimbocho future meeting stack working group 0(50)
PCN Akihabara Assemblage 35(35)
Class Kanda 0(50)
Meeting 33(33) to be gurinneibafuddo Chiyoda
Writer street gallery cafe 30(30)
Kanda professional wrestling 50(50)
Graffiti project 22(22) to spread in the world
Jimbocho film festival executive committee 50(50)

[theme section]
Meeting 40(50) which is amused by Uchikanda

[section having never met] Flat 50,000 yen
okutopashi 5(5)

[building section] There is the second examination in November
Chiyoda cat building lab 10(10)
Meeting 10(10) making use of Ebihara store

There is middle activity briefing session in general section, theme section in November.
There is the second examination in building section in November.
14 groups where is issued grant to via examination committee
We start town planning activity in one-year Chiyoda-ku in the future.
Please carry out a good activity with effort!

The Chiyoda town development support business details are this↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/06/30 17:55

June 30 is the end of the first half of one year and day to be this year today.
It is done saiko in Shinto shrine of various parts of Japan
"kaetsudaiharaishikishinji" (nagoshinooharae)
11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and two times of ceremonies were held solemnly in Kanda Myojin.

Ring of Japanese nutmeg is installed in front of main shrine, and attendant equals Shinto priest, and ceremony begins.

Rain design is not sweet, and time of 11:00 a.m. changes ceremonial hall to main shrine; and saiko.
Attendant counted the number of people of 400 each with time of the morning, the afternoon.

Shinto ritual goes by Shinto priest solemnly.
It is Shinto ritual to expel crime and impurity that we repeated without knowing without knowing in the first half of this age.

It begins to turn around from counter-clockwise direction and is past ring of Japanese nutmeg because of the guidance of Shinto priest three laps.
We pray for perfect state of health and life extension longevity, my wife prosperity by evading ring of Japanese nutmeg.

Attendants of approximately 400 evades ring of Japanese nutmeg following Shinto priest, too and prays.
You go around the precincts very much, and passing does ring of Japanese nutmeg of Kanda Myojin, and perform to the front first gate
Distance to walk as we come back becomes exaggerated response.
Shinto ritual was held, and "kaetsudaiharaishiki" was finished without delay again in main shrine.

[we evade ring of Japanese nutmeg] We convert from Kanda Myojin homepage
Origin of ring of Japanese nutmeg depends on tradition of charm against plague (sominshorai) of "Bizen topographical record". It is tradition that charm against plague (sominshorai) which did good deed was able to avoid from reason, epidemic from butoshin (mutounokami) (sosammeison susanoonomikoto) saying "we can avoid when we touch ring of Japanese nutmeg to waist as a token of the plague removal if contagious disease is prevalent".

Of ring of Japanese nutmeg pass, and one passes three times while advocating ancient poem called "kaetsu () shino harai (pay) person hachitoseno life impudent growl to do of Minazuki" (with all) to write counter-clockwise direction, right circumference, counter-clockwise direction and eight u.

It be year that is good in the latter half of this year.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/06/22 19:16

[Hotel Tokyo of garden] We wait for Edo and walk
To 3, Jinden Sakimachi since the 2009 (2009) opening of business
It is Michelin Guide for 7 consecutive years ☆☆ We get evaluation [Hotel Tokyo of garden]
Event "Edo town walk" to make town walk with ancient map
We achieved 30 times by "Nezu Hongo Minazuki walk" on Saturday, June 18.
Hotel Tokyo of garden:

We have walked Chiyoda-ku area exhaustively
From point that kept distance from 5km - 10km when it became the 30th
Become town walk of form to start, and to return to hotel; that you are watching; is
It becomes Edo walk while we look at ancient map of the Edo late Tokugawa period period.

We gather at subway, Hakusan Station this time.
We observed Shiroyama Shrine of the hydrangea Festival height and took a walk.
To *joji which next of Shiroyama Shrine is "seven fire", and is famous.
Three graves of Oshichi Yaoya are left.

We sink at torii of young girl Inari in the Nezu Shrine precincts.
We took group photo with all the participants on the stage which projected into pond from young girl Inari.
Big carp and tortoise swim leisurely in big pond opening below.
We went and worshiped at Nezu Shrine and took a walk through the precincts.

When we pass "ghost stairs" which were afraid of if different from the number of the steps going up in the number of the steps going down
Rare form and slope with the name appear in front.
A lot of foreign teachers of the University of Tokyo of neighborhood live on the slope in the Meiji era
Because we came and went, "stranger Hill" and the name are pounding this slope.

"Yayoi ware ground related to excavation" monument
It is built in plot of Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, University of Tokyo campus.
The remains of Yayoi 2 are in University of Tokyo campus.
The place name of Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku becomes naming from discovery of this earthenware vessel, remains.

There is the Univ. of Tokyo "Yayoi gate" in front of Yumeji Takehisa Yayoi Museum.
Enter campus at the University of Tokyo, the Yayoi gate
We looked at Yasuda hall and Sanshiro Pond and appeared from the Red Gate to Hongo Street.
We may say Hongo plateau, and the campus is the topography full of ups and downs.

Photograph is the University of Tokyo, Yasuda hall letting you feel the history.

We leave the University of Tokyo and are enshrined near 3, Hongo intersection
We go and worship at Sakuragi Shrine. We worship Prince Michizane Sugawara.
In place where we do not come to to the back rear of Shinto shrine!
There are 11 Goddess of Mercy images in place to be surprised at in this.

For approximately 600 years years old, trunk circumference 8.5m, big Kusuki of 20m in height appear.
In the Edo era, it was the premises of ko**kieimon of old direct feudatory of a shogun in progenies of Masashige Kusunoki.

In building of Segawa's house in front of this large camphor tree
There is wooden one-storied house where Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property designated old Kimitake Furuichi lived in.
Tea-ceremony room and garden overgrown with moss maintained by the Segawas seem to be wonderful.

When turn at corner from Segawa's house; in plot among high range of people size scale apartments
Wonderful wooden Japanese building jumps into eyes.
It is the Japanese-style hotel "Chaoyang building head family".
Unfortunately demolition is decided and will disappear soon and does stripe.

You look at Tokyo Dome on the right hand, and see Konpira Shrine of Tokyo to the left
We crossed the Kanda River in Suidobashi and made a goal to "Hotel Tokyo of garden" of Misakicho.
"We waited for Edo and walk" of this time was approximately two hours 30 minutes at approximately 5.6km, time.

"Edo wait walk" of the 30th while look at Edo ancient map thank you.
"We wait for Edo and walk" on the next time, and the 31st is plan of September.
Hotel Tokyo of garden: