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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/03/28 23:03

The eleventh waterasumarushie
It is full of visitors of a lot of causes of refreshing blue sky blessed with good weather on Friday, March 28!

On tomorrow Saturday, March 29,
We are holding waterasumarushie until from 11:00 to 16:00!
Cherry blossoms of waterasu open space begin to bloom, too.
Please enjoy local special product, shopping of excellent article for sale.


People gather in really familiar waterasumarushie in 2, Awaji-cho waterasu open space!


Mini-concert by sax quartet is held for the lunch break, too
Many people were relaxed and enjoyed shopping and music.


The south from Kyushu the north to Aomori. One article of feelings assembles in full force.


Booths of special product which is more than on 20 29th form a line!


W of the Awaji area management of sponsor goes around venue with smile, too.


Similarly O of NPO corporation agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support center of sponsor has a hectic time in general information booth!

Please enjoy shopping on 29th while enjoying cherry tree of Awaji Park of open space tomorrow.

In addition, on Wednesday, April 2
In 3, Nishikicho platform square (Wood deck)
As "the 38th Chiyoda blue sky city" is held,
In this Marchais in fun!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/03/10 22:17

Of the Nihonbashi River, the Kanda River, the Sumida River
It surrounds earthquake disaster revival bridge

Now when it is three years from the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11,
Think about disaster prevention of big city from waterside of the downtown area, earthquake disaster revival bridge
Observe from the ship top, with earthquake disaster reconstruction contracts after the Great Kanto Earthquake
River circulation Cruise who hears commentary about city disaster prevention
It was held on Sunday, March 9
. (sponsorship: Kanda Riverside project)

Starting point Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage (the Nihonbashi River, the Chiyoda-ku Government building back)
Cruise of two flights of the morning, the afternoon was performed, and participant was 80 people in total.

Course leaves Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage and goes north, and appear to the Kanda River
We appear from Yanagibashi to the Sumida River toward the east and go up river
We observe the Skytree from the ship top and make a U-turn and go down river,
Appear to the Nihonbashi River after coming in the Kamejima River; and of starting point
It became 2-hour sea voyage to return to Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage.

Dragoman is Okada of sponsor "Kanda Riverside project".
Ship was the chic person-maru of Asakusabashi "Miuraya".

We came out from the Nihonbashi River to the Kanda River.
We chase oyster bird and pass through Suidobashi.

Mysterious experience to watch the backside of bridge girder of Ochanomizu bridge from the ship top.
Ochanomizu bridge is ramen gel bar structure. We are completed in 1931.

Train of subway, Marunouchi Line runs at the top than own glance.
Commentary is Mr. Takashi Ito of Nihon Univ. department of science and engineering specially appointed professor.
It was spots in story of content that was considerably enthusiastic, and was technical.

Shohei Bridge is completed in 1923.
The sidewalk and road are bridges of beautiful brick that three separate arched bridges were united.
The Kanda River and harmony with brick of old forever bridge Station become beautiful scenery.

We go up the Sumida River and observe the Skytree close.
It is mustard or does not see scene of the Skytree to look at in ship to go over Kiyosu bridge.

The way home to the Nihonbashi River became from the Kamejima River which surrounded Shinkawa, Chuo-ku (soul bank Island).
Experience that ship went ahead through the water within a hairbreadth of bridge girder was not able to be daily life.

There is Joban bridge during restoration construction when we go ahead through the Nihonbashi River.
It is the 1877 completion, stone arched bridge by Tokyo only traditional method of construction.
We were able to have a glimpse of sectional structure of bridge which there was in construction average.
It is going to be completed in next March.

You sail up the Nihonbashi River, and pass through Nihonbashi, Joban bridge, Kamakura Bridge, Kanda bridge
We came back to Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage that was starting point.

From the water, the ship top name, water system, structure of earthquake disaster revival bridge, the completion year
We guide and explain person concerned with bridge of various times and episode of town and have
It was full 2-hour Cruise who was able to think about city disaster prevention again.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/03/01 18:36

 Library concierge and Jimbocho tour 2014 spring that rotates
Jimbocho town story

It was held on Saturday, March 1.

This 16 participants who gathered in Chiyoda library.
Part 1 learned the history that developed as the history and the change of town of Jimbocho, bookstore town!


Part 2 is finally town walk.
Start that we are divided into two groups is in front of Chiyoda-ku Government building.


It is monument and sign of "feudal clan book record trace" in front of Kudanshita intersection, hall of the Showa era.
Place almost the origin about University of Tokyo origin.


When we go ahead through Yasukuni Dori and cross "cutting board bridge" (we do cutting board), we enter Jimbocho.
One-panel structure style that building of "Yaguchi Bookstore" "Koga Bookstore" built in 1928 is typical.


It becomes of the place name of Jimbocho origin when we turn right at the Yaguchi Bookstore
We appear in ex-table Jimbocho where mansion of direct feudatory of a shogun, Nagaharu Jinbo was, current "cherry tree street".
Opposite brick building, past "mutually deposit premium company" now "Japanese Thai association building."
When the ground of "Yamagataya paper shop" ahead has mansion of the Jinbos in the past.


From Sakura Street to Yasukuni Dori. Solid building in front "Issei temple bookstore."
We moved to local Jimbocho in 1911 from Nagaoka, Niigata.
We pass through bystreet and advance to lily of the valley street.


"Tempura, bee firewood" liked "Tokyo temple" on lily of the valley street by writer and "Sanseido"
There is "study temple" built in 1922 building in the front of Sanseido.


Return "owner Publishing" "Leo makarazuya" is observed from lily of the valley street to Yasukuni Dori.
"The information desk of book and town" where goal of Jimbocho-cho walk leaves taste of 11 former tenement houses

It became town walk of approximately one hour that rotated by guidance of library concierge.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/02/22 2:37

 March 3 "the Girl's Festival"
It is festival of girl displaying hina doll!

Let's introduce the Doll's Festival of "Amano-ya".

It is "Amano-ya" to continue business in old-fashioned house by 3, Myojin, Jinden way Otorii
Because we tell to be founded in 1846 in 1846, it is long-established store having the history of approximately 170 years here.

Amazake, natto, fermented food using popular beikoji including miso were left alone in Tokyo
Even what we make up in underground room (muro) is famous.


What enter tea house of sky Noya, and is displayed immediately on the left shelf
Work of "having a Court post young bird silk garment look" Yoshimitsu Hirayasu.


Photograph is past thing
Such a poster is posted on store soon.
I see, "amazake" of Doll's Festival common usage (paper cup) is served every year on March 3!

Because amazake behavior is only the day on March 3, please be careful.


Chiyoda-ku is great bustle by "Sakura Festival" in a month
It will be this in the present season. It is so "plum".
Japanese apricot with red blossoms of teahouse store of sky Noya bloomed neatly.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/02/13 23:52

It is place like a 10-minute walk on foot from intersection of Jimbocho
When last in Hitotsubashi appearing in the Nihonbashi River; is the Hirakawa gate of former Edo-jo Castle in the front of Mainichi Shimbun.

Let's take a walk through Imperial Palace East Garden (former Edo-jo Castle) Umebayashi Hill!

What is suitable to enter on foot from Kanda the former Edo-jo Castle "Hirakawa gate"
In square castle gate and castle gate that there is number as for pair of wooden bridge staying only in here.


What we consider that we enter a kindergarten from the Hirakawa gate and walk on way and obtain
Slope which leads to main enclosure Tenshukaku Castle Ruins. Purpose of this winter walk here "Umebayashi Hill"
It is one of the famous spots of enjoying ume blossoms of the downtown area.


People devoted to shooting to strolling person, camera one hand always come.


Are white plum blossoms coming out for six minutes?
Though it is modest, we have pretty taste and bloom.


Is Japanese apricot with red blossoms coming out for three minutes?
Cold seems to be severe, and peak of enjoying ume blossoms seems to take time a little more this weekend.


When we stretch out some feet and take a walk through outworks of a castle garden, we are seen by such an atmospheric scenery.

It is full of green and can observe many wild birds in oasis Imperial Palace East Garden of the downtown area growing thick.
I'm ashamed to say, we do not know to the name of bird as it is not expert
As we hear figure and call to be given of wild bird on route of promenade well, we are glad!



From place of Kanda former Edo-jo Castle "Imperial Palace East Garden" at position of only several minutes
Winter promenade is fun. . . However, please go out with warm appearance!

Imperial Palace East Garden →

"Winter promenade" Simon and Garfunkel →


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/02/04 0:24

February 3 today concerning "Setsubun"
Tomorrow February 4 "Risshun." And,
It is "Hatsuuma" concerning day of go of early February.

"Bean-scattering ceremony" event was held grandly in Kanda Myojin.

By the guidance of lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman of 2:00 p.m. Kanda Myojin comings and goings
Pious people who wrapped the body in hakama and old ceremonial dress enter the precincts one after another and do sansusumi to main shrine.


Pretty actress and big entertainer participated in stage costume.


At first Shinto priest, parish representative, guests enter main shrine
Solemn Shinto ritual is held.


Of course familiar "Onikobe" be installed in the precincts on Kanda enshrined deity good luck feast day
Photograph was taken a large number of everybodies backed by Onikobe.


After Setsubun festival Shinto ritual was performed *ko of,
Ornamental scented ball was pulled by Mayor Chiyoda, central heads of a ward.
(and Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda goes from the right the second ornamental scented ball. In the neighbor Mayor of Yata center)


And the bean-scattering ceremony finally began.
They sprinkle, and both hand and guard become shift to prevent accident and confusion.
For Setsubun festival of this year dressed in old ceremonial dress, hakama of participation sprinkle; hand is approximately 450 Nantes.
We sprinkled rise bean on Hoo the second floor after each received purification in main shrine.

"... inner as for the fortune. ... outside as for the ogre. ... inner as for the fortune. ~ outside as for the ogre!"
So that a lot of fortune comes over to all of you this year for one year!




Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/01/18 20:28

The thirteenth Kandaogawamachi snowman fair

We are holding for from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sunday for from Saturday, January 18 to 19th! 

We announce the grand prix, prize-winning work in commendation ceremony from 12:30 on Sunday on 19th tomorrow!
The event details are Chiyoda City Tourism Association site this↓

"yukkii" of image character of event snowman comes up, too

24 snowmen assemble in full force in Kandaogawamachi (Yasukuni Dori)!
We vote, and the grand prix decides favorite in polling place installed in brook open space.

"Red cowl" which is wonderful snowman is prettiness perfect score!


Symbol of wisdom to stare at 2020 OLYMPIC to have at Ogawamachi intersection six years later
The molding beauty and balance of "owl" snowman are beautiful.


Brook open space transforms itself into "little child open space" where there is play with snow.
Snow sled slide and Kamakura are long popularity that can stand in line of waiting in extreme popularity.

As 18th was warm blessed with good weather today, it was not hard in waiting time of line either!
There are other a lot of playthings which children can enjoy in brook open space.
As a lot of stands of eating and drinking open a store, adults, please enjoy, too!

One which was more quite popular with children "treasure hunt game"
Get set! Go! participant by 30 starts at a time, and slip, and fall down; treasure hunt.
Families got close to snow to fill the smile and played.
We change "treasure" which many participants found for prize for participation of souvenir.
It was day when "brook open space" of shotoshinshinden was surrounded by smile and cheers.

It will be held in from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sunday, January 19 tomorrow
Please go out to "Kandaogawamachi snowman fair"!

We announce the grand prix, prize-winning work in commendation ceremony from 12:30 on Sunday on 19th tomorrow!

The event details are Chiyoda City Tourism Association site this↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/01/11 23:31

From Saturday, January 11 to 12th Sunday 11:00 - Bellesalle Akihabara 1F & B1
Akiba enthusiast! Festival 2014 now being held
We do it on 12th tomorrow! For more details, it is this →

Such as electricity, animation, hobby, idol, gourmet
It is event to collect charm of Akihabara in cathedral, and to be able to enjoy from child to adult.

At entrance, large miniature shrine of familiar hometown, Hatagomachi town assembly is displayed by Kanda Festival.
Masuda of Akiba guide who there is receptionist in the front, and likes Akihabara
We distribute document and brochure flyer and take care of venue guide single-handed.
In addition, of "Akihabara quiz walk rally" hosted by Masuda (there is prize in three kinds of courses)
It becomes reception desk, departure & goal point.


There is PR corner of the Self-Defense Forces, too, and the samazana equipment and clothing, document are put.


There are such a huge railroad layouts, and both child and adult are delighted!

There are work and experience-based section where we will make robot battle and plastic model of Gundam!


Neighborhood, "mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge" which opened last year are branches immediately
We sold original "forever bridge dorayaki" and book concerned.
Pattern of dorayaki was able to look good with forever bridge and Lieutenant Colonel Hirose bronze statue and Yamanote Line.


While child is taught adult by the staff at experience-based corner of Kendama and yoyo, too
Scene which was idle with smile innocently was impressive.


Costume play war nurse who is pretty in the neighbor of Self-Defense Forces booth
We sold outdoor product affiliated with armed forces.

Anyway it is event that is full of charm of various Akihabara!
We will do it on Sunday, January 12 tomorrow.
Akiba enthusiast! The festival 2014 details are this →


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/01/11 23:01

 It became annual as event for New Year holidays of - New Year at 10:00 on Saturday, January 11
Kanda Myojin daikoku Festival "purification ceremony patience meeting during cold" was held.

Any people regardless of age or sex of 45 including 12 new adults participated.

All of participation stands in line in front of main shrine and gathers for purification ceremony during cold on schedule at 10:00 a.m.
Receive purification from Shinto priest as Shinto ritual, is yomi* by great purification words in all the members.
We performed great rotation of the Shinto shrine precincts at a run and went to purification ceremony ground before lion rock.


Do warm-up called "bird ship" while advocating haraishi
We enter purification ceremony place where by 4-5 people provided big icicle for together with the spirit.
Experienced person of purification ceremony takes cold water in big movement dynamically.


Because it is very rare event in Tokyo
A large number of coverage media comes over, and camera and video keep taking heroic Shinto ritual.
In addition, as for the general visitors increasing year by year, there are none other idea for shooting most people.


Three circumferences bathe in cold water from walking twice and expel mental and physical impurity, and "purification ceremony during cold" is finished.
We go with everybody smile, but know even if we see with long distance
A lot of one shaking with cold is founded.
Purification ceremony Shinto ritual, everybody in cold first in this season really thank you.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/01/01 13:18

When it is past 11:00 p.m. when curtain of 2013 is going to be closed
People go to Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin" one after another!

We reach the former Year of the Horse in 2014
Design of Kanda Myojin New Year New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship "wait blog Kanda"
We tell as the first report in the New Year.

View of Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin" 2014 (2014) New Year New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine 

Shinto gate door is shut at 23:45 of the last day of the year on December 31; and all of general worship
Figure which forms a line from the Shinto gate, and forms a line becomes annual.
We sink in Otorii from approach to a shrine, and the line improves in Myojinshita intersection direction in Yushima slope.
Line of Yushima slope is twisted to Myojinshita medium-grade articles in occasion
We seem to have gone to Kuramae bridge street in peak of congestion.


2014 New Year's Day 0:00 a.m.
Drumbeat resounds, and Shinto gate door is opened with getting out sound of Kanda musical accompaniment.
Standing in line entrance of the inside where song voice of lumber-carriers' work song of comings and goings head fireman echoed through the precincts began.
The police, fire chief nearest in the center.
And of historical service veneration group of Kanda Myojin
Everybody of "scheme-proof" "shrine key scheme" acts as the top and leads worshiper to in front of main shrine.

Tone of Kanda musical accompaniment that all of Kanda musical accompaniment preservation society to echo in the precincts plays
We include feeling still more for New Year holidays and put up.


It is revealed that there are very many a young people when we begin line of worship.
Because it is late-night worship, it is what which there is evidently
It is * tteiriyodeshita in ji and line everybody in a good manner in long time to prayer!


A Happy New Year.
I hope that it is splendid one year for all of you.

Thank you I would like Chiyoda City Tourism Association "town blog" in this year.