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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/28 0:27

Morning Kanda Myojin of Tuesday, March 27 great lucky day
Temperature continues to fall without cold gentle rain stopping low.
Front area of a Shinto shrine full of worshipers from morning is very usually quiet this morning!

Freshness increases by this shower and sees cherry tree of the precincts beautifully more gorgeously.
We want you to be until "Kanda Haru Myojin Festival" of the weekend in sakurahana** somehow.


10:00 a.m.
Purification is held in main hall.

It is Shinto ritual of purification of "robe of an angel" attire new making!

First "Kanda Festival" that it is performed of saiko by azalea in 4 years
Not being exaggeration even if we say popular one of Kanda Festival
Miyairi scenery of robe of an angel doll festival car of Matsue Kanda town assembly.
Even as for Kanda Festival that miniature shrine of 100 is heroic one after another, and thing doing with shrine is famous
Miyairi of the only doll festival car stands out and is popular great "robe of an angel doll festival car".

Doll float which was made in 1938 by hand of Kanda, shrine Osamu.
Attire of the robe of an angel doll was had made newly after an interval of 75 years at Nantes this time.

Attire of old ability "robe of an angel" doll
Kanda Myojin museum seems to have displayed plan at the time of Kanda Festival (undecided)
As for the padded silk garment of this side, dressing called "lower wall of godown" is considered to be doll.
Back cinnabar red clothes called "long silk" (choken) is so.

In Miyairi of Matsue Kanda town assembly on May 12
Robe of an angel in gorgeous attire which was new along with miniature shrine
We can see such a scene circling on festival car!

We cannot overlook!
Miyairi worship of Matsue Kanda town assembly "robe of an angel doll festival car."


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/24 0:05

 Cherry blossom coming out disorder The air is full of spring

Is saved by heart, and is isolated; season of cherry blossom full bloom
As for the Sakura Festival of Chiyoda, popularity is great upsurge plover deep water!

It is very close to deep water, Yasukuni Shrine Kudan, plover of popular spot
Let's introduce row of cherry blossom trees of Jimbocho.

In front of terrace park tower of town "J city" of Jimbocho redevelopment
Young row of cherry blossom trees facing the Shiroyama Street seems to be good and is in full blossom.


Scenery to face Jimbocho intersection from the next bachelor Hall side is this.
As it is younger tree, both the volume and forms seem to be unified somehow!


Feeling that does not come when it faces the bachelor Hall area from Jimbocho intersection side.
Beautiful taste with unity is only good snugly
Person passing away looks at way leisurely and becomes wonderful space when we take photograph.

Direction of right-front Kyoritsu Women's University turns pink, too.


Four young weeping cherry trees are in full glory in front of the front entrance of Kyoritsu Women's University.
Flowering of cherry tree was too early and became in full blossom this year in graduation ceremony not entrance ceremony.

It is young row of cherry blossom trees of Jimbocho growing up still more,
It will be that we are if tree grows year by year, and this row of cherry blossom trees attracts person's attention?
In the next spring, what kind of; will turn up, and look forward to.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/18 0:49

With waterasu (ruins such as 2, Awaji-cho redevelopment, the former Awaji small)
Completion is imminent SORA city (former Hitachi headquarters building trace, the Ochanomizu station square).
Modern high-rise scenery and space that here thinks whether it is Kanda.

From Awaji Hill along the Kanda River of one south
Slope of east side slope of Hongo plateau Surugadai is "ghost slope".
If it becomes such a bright super modern scenery
Ghost can appear, too, and twice and ghost already do not seem, too!

waterasu 2, Kandaawajicho


SORA city 4, Kandasurugadai


Left this side SORA city right depths waterasu was connected by pedestrian bridge.
The front is Kanda post office!

With the north corner of two waterasu of site
This skeleton pedestrian bridge that it was built over "ghost Hill" that we tied the south corner of SORA city.
Both buildings open this spring
It is a pleasure how Ochanomizu Station and flow of people around Awajicho change.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/12 11:44

We participated in press tour of Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid it "living to make" Tokyo exhibition that we held in arts Chiyoda 3331 now.

We are introducing continuous approach by people and artist concentrating power on revival activity in Tohoku now.

There was explanation about purpose of display than Nakamura of director.
Panel of the rear is photograph of Kanda area at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

We reflect photograph after 3.11 of Rikuzentakata-shi, Iwate and photograph before it at the same time on the front and back of screen.

The actual situation of Meiji Sanriku University tsunami. We display genre picture which terrible sight of tsunami was drawn on.

The setting situation of temporary housing is shown by plain three-dimensional document.

Chronological table when support activity in the field of art design, building was written down for 18 years by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Display of art object produced using scrap wood of stricken area.

Display booth of "yappeshi festival" held after the earthquake disaster in Ofunato, Iwate.

Traffic signboards which bent which were collected by 3.11 memorial project.

We can watch interview picture that leader revival of stricken area talks about the current situation.

Live painting to fishing boat by future artist, Ichiro Endo.

It is introduction of ADBOAD project that is active aiming at revival of fishery in Iwate.

Paint is given while many audiences watch.

Letter of FUTURE (the future) was completed.

Star is created successively. It seems to become colorful fishing boat.

During only several minutes, color was painted one side of ship in steadily.

As various workshops and events are planned during session, please go to visit.

The details are this ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/09 20:19

We seem to call town of Nihonbashi, Kanda area "Edo old town".
Festival that was exhaustively idle in Edo old town began on March 1,
We reached the last day today on March 9.

Bodily sensation! Edo old town walk - Kanda edition ...

Gather at Ochanomizu Station at 2:00 p.m.,
It is Bridge station building - Sudacho long-established store street - multi-town main street - JR Kanda Station - Imagawa Bridge - old town festival venue in sacred tree - Yushima temple of Confucius - Kanda Shrine - Shohei Bridge - former all generations of Princess Ota Inari
It was various walk tours for approximately two hours 30 minutes.

Tateyama Nishihira who was born and raised in Kanda where Kanda pictorial which was town magazine of Kanda district was made as for the guide.
Guide contents were very pleasant tours including historic thing and local back information.

Guide of Yushima temple of Confucius
We seemed to be reading all "bridge" with "chopsticks" in old days.
"Shohei has" and is hard to say.
It is easy to say "shoheibashi".

We guide around Kanda Myojin for one week

Bottom guides stairs next to hotel about complicated boundary of Chiyoda-ku and Bunkyo-ku on slope


Guide of the neighborhood of Shohei bridge

Guide of milk hall of multi-town main street


We guide with the master in front of Echigoya who is famous for bucket tofu in multi-town main street


According to Kanda hardware "vigor perfect score! We photographed group photo in turnout stand venue and became dissolution.

We drink cold thing with each stand after the dissolution and do good flavor and eat thing and. And of 6:00 start
Projection mapping "Edo old town that revives" of Edo old town festival final event
We observed this.

Mapping began after greetings of Mayor sponsor and Chiyoda.

Projection mapping "Edo old town that revives"

Mapping that depth was deep, and was fascinating was very pleasant event.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/08 1:31

Men term → Oomi brothers company → vorizu → Hill-Top Hotel

Think that is generally had always ready in anyone's home, but ...
We noticed now.
In saying that company selling is different in production if the names are different!

The left the "men term" right "mensoretamu"
My family had both.
Company where Oomi is brother as for "the men term." . . ROHTO PHARMACEUTICAL sells "mensoretamu".
Character drawn on cover is "boy of plume" and "girl nurse".

Well, remember that was in "Oomi brothers company" sante Surugadai incidentally; and ...
There was Tokyo Office "Oomi brothers company Building" on the same side of Meiji University.

Oomi brothers company was company more than 100 years of founding in 1910 in 1910.
The founder is William mereru vorizu (vorizu).
It is American.

It was not company which Japanese brothers made!

vorizu was born in 1880, and visit Japan as Christian missionary
We established Oomi brothers company in Omihachiman.
Besides, we work hard for building business and various social culture business including education-related business
We died at 84 years old in Japan in 1964 and buried bone in Japan.

In the first place company where Oomi is brother of mensoretamu company "mensoretamu"
When we had dealership in Japan, but parted with dealership once
It was "ROHTO PHARMACEUTICAL" to have acquired dealership in Japan.
ROHTO PHARMACEUTICAL has bought mensoretamu company afterwards.

Well, Oomi brothers company produced "men terms" and sold afterwards.
vorizu left many buildings as architect in Japan.
From company Building where Oomi is brother one what stone's cast on foot of several minutes
It was "Hill-Top Hotel"!

"Hill-Top Hotel" established in 1936 in 1936 is not hotel at first
It seemed to be building called "Sato new life building".

It is popular with this appearance that is refined while being simple, and being solid
Architect vorizu where we built "Hill-Top Hotel"
There was "Oomi brothers company" of founded men term Tokyo Office in neighborhood immediately.
It was story to say this.

By the way, there is work of vorizu in the whole country a lot
When is Tokyo, Aoyama Gakuin University, Orient Eiwa Jogakuin,
We seem to stay in International Christian University.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/02/27 1:09

 It is fine in great lucky day on Tuesday, February 26
In "Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin" who it is called Myojin by many people, and is got close to
With living national treasure, Otowa shop Kikugoro Onoe eldest son Kikunosuke of Kabuki world
Similarly Yoko of living national treasure, Harima-ya Kichiemon Nakamura four girls holds a wedding ceremony.

There were Kikunosuke, Yoko congratulations!

Fan more than 500 visits the Kanda Myojin precincts,
Each much media and laying upon celebration modes are rife.
Is led by lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman of Edo firefighting memory society; bridal couple and both families are sansusumi.
In whirlpool of shout and applause of celebration of "Otowa shop" "Harima-ya"
We go to main hall holding wedding ceremony.


Ceremony is finished in a little less than one hour.
We have hit riverside fish market society annual festival that this day enshrined in the precincts, and was done of "god of water Corporation"
By cooperation of riverside fish market society, Shinto shrine miniature shrine was carried up as celebration to two.
All of both families is person sent to meet in in front of main shrine.


Of energetic miniature shrine is naive in bridal couples to raise
We showed smile to all of both families and reached miniature shrine by beating time with hands.

TV station broadcasted design of this wedding ceremony live, too and was broadcasted in the whole country.
We told about wedding ceremony of Kikunosuke who carried coming Kabuki world.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/02/12 23:00

When, on February 12, say in the old calendar; January 14.
On this day of 1843 (1843) 170 years ago
His much-talked-about person is born now among Hitotsubashi door front Yasunaka feudal clan daimyo's mansions in Edo at the time.
We praise achievement in celebration of the birth of his person
"shinshima*sei*korejihizensai" ceremony was held.

The name of the person "Jo Niijima." It is the founder of Doshisha.
There is topic of TV saga "double cherry blossoms", and there are many people visiting monument this year
"shinshima*sakiseisei*koreji" built on the ground of 3, Nishikicho "bachelor Hall" monument.
On February 12, the person concerned of approximately 50 beginning attends in President Doshisha University, Eiji Hatta today
In local Kandanishikicho that became foundation of Doshisha establishment in celebration of the 170th birth
We thought about each in will of Mr. Jo Niijima!

Ceremony began with unison by hymn in all the attendances in front of "shinshima*sakiseisei*korehi"

Address greetings of President Doshisha University Eiji Hatta

Offering of flowers ceremony is finished in sei*kinenkorehizen; all members in another room to tea party

In bachelor Hall (old building: Kanda Police street gathering) entrance lobby
We are displaying hina doll of seven steps of gorgeous and refined decorations.
Be combined with appearance to have of Agency for Cultural Affairs registration cultural assets designated solid building
It becomes doll display of very good atmosphere (until March 3 going to display)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/02/05 0:46

 Sunday, February 3, 2013 14:00 ...
In Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin
The ceremony of "Setsubun festival" bean-scattering ceremony was held.

Setsubun has fallen on Sunday, and turnout of customer of worship is early, too
In spite of the opening of a meeting of 2:00 p.m. 30 minutes ago the precincts as you see
Line to wait for entrance in full sellout state at all like rush hours of worship of New Year holidays
We filled approach to a shrine and have extended to point of Otorii.


The 2:00 p.m. appointed time
Entrance began by the guidance of lumber-carriers' work song song of head fireman people of Edo firefighting memory society.


At first Shinto priest, parish representative, guests, please pay in main shrine.
Age man, woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year dressed in old ceremonial dress, pious people bean-scattering ceremony participant are 480 Nantes to hakama!


In front of parish representative who sat in a row in a row in the main shrine front
Mayor Chiyoda, the central head of a ward, the police, firefighting, the tax practice head break ornamental scented ball
It is finally beginning of bean-scattering ceremony one after another on Hoo the second floor terrace.


Of course we let general worshipers given fortune for prevention of danger and are substitute system.
By approximately 20 people go on terrace, and the bean-scattering ceremony is developed.
Only injury and accident, please really take only ... fortune home with them so that there is not.


Aura discovers different person!
Is it not Kikugoro Onoe sanchino Kikunosuke?
It looked like we enjoyed the bean-scattering ceremony with smile.

Please see the Shinto gate!
When line of person who cannot enter the precincts yet is from approach to a shrine to Otorii direction
Scene ranging endlessly comes out.
Setsubun of Kanda Myojin is great popularity! We were surprised.


Otorii Miyaji of Kanda Myojin was smile of the whole face, too, and the bean-scattering ceremony was done.

The bean-scattering ceremony of 480 people took approximately 2 hours and was over safely.
To serve without accident; as for staff, police, all of fire stations thank you.


We move from one that we finished of the bean-scattering ceremony to venue of Myojin Hall and become feast (there is me).
We had dishes which ogre in connection with Setsubun did not like.

Kanda Myojin "Setsubun festival" on weather breeder day bean-scattering ceremony type
We turned out to be the closing safely without delay.
It was Risshun on February 4, the following day and was "spring" on calendar!

Postscript (discount)
As for Chiyoda City Tourism Association T chairperson (the right) & O executive managing director (the left)
We attached clothes of old ceremonial dress to hakama and did just bean-scattering ceremony.

(silhouette of lion of top of lion rock is wonderful!)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/02/01 9:16

 Familiar scenery to show from Jimbocho intersection.
"Shueisha" "Shogakukan" "Kyoritsu Women's University" forms a line from the right.
It is restaurant district of store street of Shogakukan Building under the ground not to be known unexpectedly.

By "Kanda curry Grand Prix" of last year
Make entry with curry out of the specialty; and containing the third place wonderfully; praise
Well-known store "seven Jo" of popular western dishes restaurant is open here.


Shogakukan Building whole view (this side Jimbocho intersection)


Entrance stairs to store street in the side of building Jimbocho side under the ground
It is 5 stores there are 8 stores to signboard of store introduction, but to be open now.


We go down stairs to store street at the end of a feeling of wakuwaku


At 11:40 a.m. as for the arrival already in front of shop line approximately 15!


Be waited for a while. Okay, we enter.
Red tablecloth is bright to eyes. Pretty shop where approximately 30 people can sit at seat.
As it is popular shop, it may become goseki in some cases.

Popularity of lunch is fried food. Prawns, cutlet, minced meat, croquette, persimmon.
We can enjoy course dishes and various a la carte at night (?)


Fried prawn, crab cream croquette, mixture (with soup) of fried oysters


We can choose fried prawn, minced meat croquette (with soup) bread or rice!


When we finish meal and leave shop and look back, line state awaiting lunch entering a shop continues still more.
Should we think about "waiting time" for from 11:00 to 14:00?

Originally western dishes of line readiness are popular well-known store "seven Jo"
Shop of this Shogakukan Building store street becoming closure at the end of February
It seems to accelerate congestion in the future.

The following, poster of news of closure, move ↓


"Seven Jo" is open again in Uchikanda of new address in March!
For more details, please confirm in HP of "seven Jo".