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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/08/29 21:55

Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property designation to be built in Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin
Concert of koto was held in "house of Kanda".
Two people of "TsuguKaji" playing an active part globally are Ami Yamamoto and Kaji ka field Asei.
We seem to have performance in Canada in next month.

Ami Yamamoto

Kaji ka field Asei

We handle koto of 13 strings, 17 strings, 25 strings with song and the talk at will and can speak two.
Melody of the sum that koto plays is old-fashioned, and Japanese-style room of good-quality wooden building looks good well.

It was 20 capacity and luxurious, luxurious TsuguKaji koto concert.

Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property "house of Kanda" → This
Ami Yamamoto, Kaji ka field sub-life TsuguKaji → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/08/14 21:22

Of "Jimbocho dishonest measures walk" of foregoing paragraph have a series of.

We enter Sanseido shop at Sanseido Jimbocho Exit (back entrance) and open to 1F - 6F
We take a walk through the world of new book book, and it is good to measure improvement of intellect.

Furthermore, as for the person who wants to continue dishonest measures walk, there is such a course, too.
"Jimbocho dishonest measures walk sequel to"

Let's turn right if we face with Sanseido back entrance.
It is male of another new book bibliopolism of lily of the valley street in the view left.
Owl shop of Tokyo temple bookstore gets into eyes.
The front entrance "lily of the valley street."

Suruga Her Excellency intersection is seen in point of "lily of the valley street" when we turn eyes to the left.
Signboard of the left "book" is Tokyo temple bookstore owl shop.
Summer intense heat is severe, and person does not walk very much
Numerousness of shopper of the lunch break and the weekend is overwhelming mall.

Let's turn left at the alley of one point across lily of the valley street.
The neighbor of shop of pink wall of corner is the "hishikui" (
odori) head office.
Showa-like shop where is familiar soup curry and lunch of popular price.
Night is bar.

Luckily? Person never walks.
We describe contrast that summer sunlight divides way of bystreet into two.
On both sides of this way, we are thought to have been house once
Wooden building links the eaves. ・* * But,
It becomes bar and snack and bar.
It is rare bystreet.

On there, the right side "Jimbocho Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright" of Yoshimoto.
There is movie theater "Jimbocho theater" which Kanda can say alone underground.
From image that building became high in suddenly
It is point that alley seemed to become smaller.

Of the left bookstore equal to exit of dishonest measures walk
We stop foot without feeling have a cute open bookshelf of wall surface to introduce book to.
Main street "goes along Meiji Univ.".
Leave alley; and the left side is Suruga Her Excellency intersection. There is Meiji University over there.

If go ahead through Suruga Her Excellency intersection Yasukuni Dori near at hand to the left; Jimbocho Bookstore street.
It becomes Ogawamachi "sports shop street" if we go ahead through ho to the right.

If we turn at bystreet a little and walk back street if tired from walk of main street
New discovery of the town is ...
It was "Jimbocho dishonest measures walk sequel to".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/08/11 22:38

When go up subway "Jimbocho Station" Exit A7 to ground; Shiroyama Street.
We look back toward the back ... a little under my nose though it is Jimbocho intersection.

Let's go for Jimbocho dishonest measures walk!

Unique atmosphere is in back street put on Yasukuni Dori and lily of the valley street.

"saboru" forms a line on the right side of alley two.
Without being able to finish holding down that we read book which we bought in bookstore street after returning to house
There are many people absorbed in reading in such a cafe.
Lunch of cafe is popular, too.

Cafe to tell sushi bar and jazz earlier of "saboru."
Way is hooked and turns right here.

Western food restaurant and Chinese shops form a line in the next alley peacefully.
There is rare Japanese book bibliopegist now.
The left side is wall surface of the back of building, but is ... slightly earlier
There is cafe "old Seto" where picture of Maako Kido was drawn on to fill the wall surface.

Picture in shop of "old Seto" goes to the exit left side of this way for guidance.
We are hooked and turn to the left, and let's go into the next alley this time.

This alley is right dishonest measures. It seems that way is warped strangely
You say that it is old-fashioned, or do you say to both sides of way that you were left behind in the times?
There are "rad Rio" and "milonga" of mysterious atmosphere.

Building per stab is "the Sanseido Bookstore Jimbocho head office".
Sanseido of feeling that was slightly usually different seeing from this direction.

Dead end per stab of dishonest measures thought "only with back entrance" of Sanseido
We say "Jimbocho entrance" formally. dattesoo is written.
But, in Yasukuni Dori, is entrance of lily of the valley street Jimbocho when we think?

Back street put on Yasukuni Dori and lily of the valley street is vacant than main street
It should be easy to walk. Because car does not go, we are safe.
But because atmosphere of back alley of Kanda remains even if we say anything
It is the best to be able to take a fun walk unsteadily.

It was Jimbocho dishonest measures walk. . . To be continued!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/08/08 14:02

Store specializing in Russian food is in lily of the valley street.

Speaking of Russian food borscht, pot firing stew pirozhki Russian tea
Though it was a lot, quite familiar thing has not said to specialty store! As for the person saying this
May you come? Therefore we tasted in "roshia bower".

Here "roshia bower" seems to have store in the koredo Muromachi era.
At first salmon and sour cream, vegetables are contained in hors d'oeuvres.

And is it classic? Pot firing! korehanakani cream stew enters. The circumference of pot of piecrust
There is shop, too, but we knead dough every morning here and seem to use.
We had you tore off and dip.

This is also borscht not to be able to miss to roshia dishes. Originally this is like Ukrainian dishes.
It becomes soup of beautiful red color by vegetables called beetroot.

saradanimo, beetroot same as borscht enter, and accent that is red to potato salad is very beautiful.

Main was meat of sheep.

And finally, Russian tea and dessert to hear well.
With Russian tea, we put jam in the tea and drink.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/08/01 0:02

Our town blog introduced last month in 7/22; "let's walk multi-town street"; is no zokuhemmato up.
We entered bystreet at the multi-town main street a little this time
Let's introduce "public cooking post town" (shukuba).

San-X of production sale of stationery, character goods is at intersection of multi-town 2.
We introduced that sauce panda made a big hit in foregoing paragraph.
zutto was sauce panda for a long time, but roof signboard of building becomes "rirakkuma" now, too.
We never noticed when you changed.

As for the green construction machine seen at end of multi-town main street, improvement of Kanda Station is under construction.

There is the "public cooking post town" in the right alley which went ahead through some intersections mentioned above to Kanda Station.
"Echigo shop Tofu" of copper boarded place one-panel structure that mark to bend from multi-town street was foregoing paragraph, but introduced.
But it is to watch out because "only the back" of Echigo-ya remains to signboard of the shop front.

"Post town" where wants here.
As it is alley which only neighborhood inhabitants go along, it is little-known spot.
To people of Kanda local cheap, delicious liquor and dishes with popularity of course
Office workers who came are proud of popularity to become regular customer more and more once.

Well, at first we quench throat with green soybeans, pickles, vinegared food.

Sampler which is fresh when we order sashimi in this, and is fresh and young, and is considerably delicious is as you see.
What time when it is not drinker and is fun can spend with richness assures a lot of menus performed writing in Indian ink of by rolled paper.

Well, you get drunk comfortably, and put delicious dish in stomach heartily
We passed through "feast samaaa ...!" and noren and left for home.
We introduced "post town" where was popular among both local people of 2, Kandatacho and office workers.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/07/25 23:11

Even if Kandatsukasamachi performs sounding out that how is of map, one order loves, and there is only 2.
Because 1, Tsukasacho has become 1, Uchikanda by address indication change that was in the middle of the Showa era.
Tsukasacho, everybody read with "tsukasacho", and say, but is right; "tsukasamachi."
In the case of early name of a street change of the Showa era, Miyaji of Kanda Myojin at the time named.
We will learn.

At corner bending from bystreet of 2, Kandatsukasamachi to alley
There is "sushi dining dragon" of this cozy calm atmosphere.
One and Capa have a small table of four cliffs in nine seats of counters, but are popular if delicious.

      In no time! It was delicious. Thank you for the delicious meal.

This grasps extra special and is lunch. We appreciate a little before eating. Grasp; 9 kan and two warship rolls and omelet.
We provide seafood which we were able to take in the sea near the shore at reasonable price.

      And miso soup is with. Please see force and beauty before four.

      In this "was delicious. Feast samadeshitaaa ~."
      Lines of the beginning are over this and are withdrawal with lunch.

      General and family and alliance of shop
      He/she sees off with this smile.

Sushi dining dragon has a lot → This
2-17, Kandatsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku harmony hall building 1F 03-5217-1511


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/07/19 23:49

Does "multi-town main street" know?
Multi-town reads "tacho". Therefore "tachoodori."

When say where is; ...
Being in front of when go out the west exit of JR Kanda Station "Kanda Station west exit mall."
He/she knows.
We appear to Yasukuni Dori per stab across the other side and Kanda Police street to the right.
This is the very exaggerated name, but is "multi-town main street".
Oh, we call "multi-town street" commonly as I am rude to main street.

On last year (H22) April 24 with multi-town main street sidewalk widening undergrounding maintenance completion ceremony
shindenaokashijohatsusagakorejihii*jomakushikiten was held noisily. (the following photograph)

Tape cutting in restoration completion memory ceremony of last April.
Chairperson ground Motomachi, Manager of neighborhood town assembly, the Kanda chief constable are participation in Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda at the start.
"Multi-town street" which the sky was large and was felt soon as electric wire above the head was made the underground literally, and became refreshing.
The rear is Yasukuni Dori. (way where this side side spreads out to the Kanda Station west exit)

"Echigo shop Tofu" is on the left side when we cross Kanda Police street from the Kanda Station west exit.
This shop is old shop from the Kanda market era, too.
One-panel structure of so-called copper sheet tension that building was built after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
It is small, but, in one ken of frontage, there is depth with odd number plenty.
Newly made fresh soybean milk that all of works leaves cup and takes in morning is famous.

When advance to point; multi-town two orders eyes intersection.
It is landmark-like building, one of the shops "salt honor greengrocery" of this town Yaoya.
In apartment as you see big as for this in old shop from the Kanda market era
We were surrounded, but kept business.
Unfortunately we have closed a shop on July 15. Disappointed.
Uncle, woman were good and did our best. Please take a rest slowly.

Furthermore, when advance to the Yasukuni Dori area; 3-story wooden house of dignified presence this on the left side.
It is Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property designated "the Matsumotos house" (we build after the Great Kanto Earthquake)
We successively held important duty of market as one of influential Toiya for the Kanda market era.

There is slightly earlier "Sakae-ya milk hall" of the Matsumotos house that you are watching.
Two this is copper sheet tension one-panel structures of tenement house.
It is dining room where color is dark, and nostalgic flavor that is not stylish of the Showa era drifts visually.
However, there is fan that it is exquisite as for "the Chinese noodles" saying in ramen, old days of menu, and there is much popularity highly.
In addition, even if get even if "cold Chinese noodles" of the summertime equal taste of a certain well-known store of Jimbocho; gen wareteiteosusumezansu.

How about? . . Appetizing thing of this hiyachu. . . Delicious.

Well, in this, we commented on multi-town street, but, besides, there are various kinds.
For example, with "Hayakawa Publishing" which is famous for overseas mystery in front of Echigo shop Tofu
There are two large budget hotels of "new Grand Hotel" "puressoin" facing the street and
Company which "San-X" in front of "salt honor greengrocery" of multi-two intersection hung down, and was predominant in generation in pandas.
There is "hill bow tool shop" when in 1, Sudacho from multi-two, and there is Japanese sweet "*korejo, too".
There be "Kanda vegetable and fruit market birthplace monument" on some this side appearing to Yasukuni Dori
There are a lot of people enjoying "town walk" on the weekend.
(there is Inari when we enter bystreet and alley and there are wooden houses where business is not conducted any more and is more fun)

In noble "Edo old town" where 2, Kandatacho was established for Edo days of creation
Is established to next, the third of "Mikawacho" "Kamakura-cho" in Kanda; and until 1928 as "Kanda market"
We support food culture of Edo, Tokyo and are said to be town of origin of words of "Kanda native".
"Multi-town main street" becomes easy to walk around.
Please go for walk by all means.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/07/19 21:09

"Sudacho" where Yasukuni Dori intersects Chuo-dori intersection.
There are forever bridge Station and streetcar, the streetcar starting station in the ground once
There were Kandatacho bluish-skinned fish market, clothing street in the outskirts, and the Kanda River was the pivot of transportation by water.
Therefore inn, restaurant, variety theater existed much and were Tokyo first-rate downtown.
When subway Ginza Line "Kanda Station" started a business, it is large from wicket to Sudacho intersection metro building of man*tonari
Because mall under the ground is made, it is revealed how this intersection was important point.

We continue business that is specialized in fruit at Sudacho intersection from the times of Kanda bluish-skinned fish market
It is "man*" to continue up to the present day.

Founding with "man*" setting up shop in this Kandasudacho is 1846 (Koka 3).
In the times when we called fruit fruit in founding those days of the late Tokugawa period in the Edo era
Cool preservation technology was only a little, too and couldn't but do business of seasonal seasonal seasonal product.
It is expensive, valuable article, or cuttlefish knows fruit well when we take off season and season when we hear classical storytelling "1,000 mandarin orange".
And store of Kanda market of model of 1,000 mandarin oranges seems to be this "man*".

We become Imperial Household Agency government contractor for the first time in the fruit industry in 1910 (Meiji 43)

This introduction provides delicious product which assumed fresh and young fruit material
It is the second-floor "man* fruit parlor" in ten thousand Osamu Building.

Parfait or famous pancake which we used various fresh fruit for abundantly
Many delicious menus are pleased with by much man* fans.

        Fruit parfait                        Fruit pancake

                       Fruit sandwich

◎Detailed thing of well-established "man*" in long-established store of Kanda → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/07/15 16:51

We visited house "of Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property" Kanda today.
Much "cheeks enthusiast" is displayed in wall.
Very tasteful.

This decoration until August 15.
It seems to be displayed only during period of tray of the old calendar and is for a limited time.
Really beautiful.

It is wind-bell and frog in garden. Cool summer sound meets all of you.

What is displayed in room on the second floor during summer bamboo blind (see, and do).
Affinity with green to see from window looks very cool.

House of Kanda that we changed for the summer clothing. We can spend quiet time slowly.
Come once by all means.

We check HP on Pub. Date of family of Kanda. → The details are this.

... news ...
On Monday, July 25, Tsugaru samisen live is carried out on the second floor of this building.
The special live concert of limited 20 people. Performance is receiving high evaluation now in NY,
Masahiro Nitta of the Nitta style second generation and Yutaka Koyama of the small expulsion of criminals into the heart of a mountain third generation.

Luxurious event to be able to watch performance of super ability group young person player in Riki Osako in front.
The offer started. → The details are this.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/07/11 9:49

Picture is drawn on wall of the recent construction spot, and the local history is written and,
Comfortable shimeruyoninatteirumasu.
The construction spot in place where we entered brocade bloom street at Yasukuni Dori "raises firefly."
This is written. Of company return when became late, if have time for at the time of night walks, stop by, and please see.
We may see firefly niga making summer cool.