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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/03/30 23:43

In every spring, it is contributed to area by "Hiroshige famous place Edo 100 view" free of charge display in season of cherry blossoms
We are resident in Jimbocho and try for the first time from collection of Mochizuki this spring

Kiso Highway 69th fifty-three stages of the Tokaido 

But, we display free and are released once again.

Until from Sunday, April 3 to 17th Sunday venue "Kudan lifelong learning building."
It is valuable opportunity to be able to enjoy Kiso Highway and trip to Tokaido with ukiyoe print.

"Kudan lifelong learning building" of venue is in front of subway "Kudanshita" Exit 6.
Kudan, plover, please drop in even in occasion of cherry blossom viewing walk to deep water, Yasukuni Shrine.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/03/29 22:48

"Traditional attire - temporary exhibition of full court dress, ceremonial dress - religious service, courtesy" Kanda Myojin shrine office basement 1F
"Kanda Festival, pole Edo era edition" Kanda Myojin museum 2, 3F

In today (Tuesday, March 29) Kanda Myojin
shingakudenshunkohotsugeshiki was held new shrine office.

Official worship of veneration person concerned

There are new shrine office and Kagura on the right side when we pass through the Shinto gate from approach to a shrine.
Go; and the left is shrine office. The right is Kagura.
All members who finished purification are started on 30th tomorrow
We observe "full court dress, traditional attire - temporary exhibition of ceremonial dress - religious service, courtesy" of shrine office basement.
It becomes shrine office, Kagura completion commemorative museum size temporary exhibition.

Display venue of 1F under the ground can rarely see
A lot of Japanese old culture including precious full court dress, ceremonial dress, noh costume, No-mask and illustrated map are displayed.

◎In addition, "Kanda Festival, pole Edo era edition" is held at the same time at museum of the conventional main shrine left.
 Illustrated map and picture scroll reminding of Kanda Festival of the Edo era, heads (mosquito sila) of festival car doll are displayed again here.
 It is good opportunity to think about Kanda Festival of the Edo era.

"Traditional attire - temporary exhibition of full court dress, ceremonial dress - religious service, courtesy" Kanda Myojin shrine office basement 1F
"Kanda Festival, pole Edo era edition" Kanda Myojin museum 2, 3F
Period It is held after holding every day only on festival day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until Sunday, June 19 for from Wednesday, March 30 to Tuesday, April 5
Rate: 300 yen for adults student, 200 yen for children (we can see with two display)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/03/24 22:28

Kanda Festival of this year (2011) was called off.
In parishioner district convention on March 17
We saw the collection of opinion taking into consideration the situation of diversity accompanied with this Great East Japan Earthquake in direction of festival cancellation.
Final decision is voted for in representative society after "spring big festival" on April 4, festival Committee,
Decision of cancellation does not change.

God bustle event is called off, but Osamu Iwao does Shinto ritual and is done saiko.

"horen, miniature shrine ceremony for moving a deity to a new site" to move three divine spirits on Thursday, May 12 in vehicle is cancellation.
Parishioner miniature shrine spirit of a dead person case on Friday, May 13 is cancellation, too.

God good luck festival on Saturday, May 14 is cancellation, too.

And "parishioner miniature shrine Miyairi" whom excitement of Kanda Festival on Sunday, May 15 reached at the climax was called off.

As for the following events, it is done saiko.
Monday, May 16 light noh play in which the protagonist is a god Akira Kanda Kanja special scene (pay)
Shinto ritual that is the most important in one year of annual festival Kanda Myojin on Tuesday, May 17
Dedication oblatory tea type of Omotesenke oblatory tea-type on Wednesday, May 18
The world of Wednesday, May 18 Japan myth, the talk
※Museum (the Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays opening) temporary exhibition Kanda Festival "pole" Edo era edition

◎Photograph: Kanda Myojin possession (than 2011, fantastic Kanda Festival formula guidebook)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/03/19 0:42

Northeast Kanto great earthquake disaster occurs at 14:46 on March 11
Today (March 18) when one week passed.
Acceptance of disaster support supplies was carried out in Akihabara UDX open space.
This receives request of Natori-shi, Miyagi and holds flea market at this place
Group played a key role and was performed only for five hours until from 10:00 to 15:00.

Any people regardless of age or sex with paper bag and corrugated cardboard comes in sequence to accept.

If was limited time, but each small good will gathers; ...

All these supplies gather.
Everybody who visited the staff, this place, thank you.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/02/26 22:30

"Chiyoda City Tourism Association" of this site administration
Platform square of 3, Kandanishikicho of building of the name is on the fourth floor.

Well, there is small witty restaurant of delicious meat system on foot to 30 seconds.
Yellow signboard of "STEW&COFFEE" is mark. It is "chat".
Master is famous for festival enthusiast in hometown, Manager of vice-town assembly of 2, Nishikicho.

Go down stairs in one semiin the basement of large new building tap-tap; and in shop.
Originally it is famous big inn in area as "large new inn",
Master is performing the stocking and cooking of discerning meat of restaurant carefully now.

In the shop, six and counter are a little less than ten seats seat at a table, and is capacity around 35 people?
I see kitchen very well when we sit on counter. (he is not master)

"Japanese style hamburger steak lunch" which ordered when did soon in the very front. Parttimer progressed with smile.
Delicious. . . Adding is delicious, too.

Lunch is several kinds of hamburger steaks and stew. It is meat system.
Today's "Japanese style hamburger steak lunch" gained salad and coffee and was 1,000 yen.
(... that another help or rice was written free)
Please try once.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/02/26 16:01

Akihabara vehicle-free promenade which was restarted.
It is Akihabara town management to serve the stagehand.
We worked on living environment, beautiful sight maintenance mainly until now,
We began activity in sightseeing pulling in customers business, industry creation business in earnest.

At first to bring up leading figure of sightseeing of Akihabara
What was held "sightseeing in Akiba concierge seminar."

How do you mainly offer information to foreign tourist on the site?
How we should receive is contents learning basic "ki".
Firstly the present situation of sightseeing to surround Akihabara and future directionality
And we lecture about change of town of recent Akihabara.

Sightseeing in akiba concierge seminar

Furthermore, we stop at charisma guide of the Akihabara information desk, Masuda bookmark,
Knowledge and seminar of sightseeing in Akiba concierge continue.

Sightseeing in akiba concierge seminar

After lecture of a little less than two hours Masuda to guide to town of Akihabara.

Sightseeing in akiba concierge seminar

It is said that Masuda guided that Monta Mino
It is taken up that we say maid guide
In fact, we had thick knowledge including the history, geography, cityscape with us
It is guide of the orthodox school.

Sightseeing in akiba concierge seminar

Furthermore, shop information that Akihabara bureau has strength of Masuda.
Frequent research is surprise thing.

Sightseeing in akiba concierge seminar

In one (daily life conversation degree) where this seminar can speak English, Korean, Chinese
In after this April, tourist information center akiba info on the second floor of UDX building of Akihabara
Because it is actually performed targeting at people with intention that we want to perform of guidebook
The second seminar is carried out on Wednesday, March 9.
The deadline is Wednesday, March 2.
Inquiry is Akihabara town management
Telephone: To family name of an armorer (myochin), Hijikata of 03-6383-3033

※Because this seminar reached capacity, we closed.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/02/19 22:17

We are holding in Jimbocho district until Friday, March 25
[contact rally]
Jimbocho district area community activation business

In the following flyer distributed in Jimbocho district in kyoryokutenho (196) of mention
It is stamp one by eating and drinking, shopping of 500 yen.
In addition, for seven local designated "contact events" published in flyer
We get two stamps when we participate.
It is Chiyoda-ku Jimbocho branch office when we collect ten stamps in total
We get premium (radio time signal, LED flashlight, body fat calculator, ball-point pen set, detergent set, flowerpot).
(excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Local cooperation store this ↓ (the flyer back side)

With lottery ticket to get at the time of premium exchange at branch office more
Guam, overseas travel and iPad of Seoul, portable DVD player, local gift certificate hit
There is double chance!
Lottery is started at 1:00 p.m. in Nishikanda Park on Sunday, March 27.
Let's collect stamps in contact rally of Jimbocho district area.
We will participate in local contact event.

※As for the details, please see flyer distributed in area.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/02/05 23:28

Gee, popularity is cheers and shutter sound to red ogre, blue ogre anything.
sorehamoo was lively and did Kanda Myojin Setsubun festival on Thursday, February 3.
The 14:00 appointed time.
Line from hall passes through the Shinto gate by the guidance of head fireman lumber-carriers' work song "Manazuru" and enters the precincts.
Today's participant (the bean-scattering ceremony) more than 300 Nantes.
And person who came to receive parched beans to be given fortune was the tremendous number of people.

As for the next of purification Shinto ritual in main hall, four ornamental scented balls are opened.
When representatives such as central head of a ward, police, firefighting, tax practice pull string in Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda at the start; as you see.
Parish representatives sit in a row and watch.
Tomorrow February 4 "Risshun." Spring comes over immediately to there.

Hakama, the bean-scattering ceremony by full dress of old ceremonial dress from terrace on Hoo the second floor.
Person whom person winding up receives in bottom is performed by turns. Anyway more than 300 of winding up therefore it is tough.
It was good that accident was over safely unhurt.

By the way, Mayor Ishikawa was the bean-scattering ceremony of ladder from Hie-jinja Shrine of Nagatacho.

Misaki Inari Shrine where this makes enshrining (or the foundation is with Hongo) in front of Suidobashi Station from the Kamakura era.
It is Ujigami of nine Jimbocho districts society.
Miyaji makes the bean-scattering ceremony from the second floor of shrine office. Oh? It is Mayor Ishikawa to be in the neighbor.
It is the third bean-scattering ceremony today. Yes, thank you.

Willow forest Inari Kanja that we trade place, and this is enshrined along the 2, Sudacho Kanda River.
It is part of 2, Sudacho and Ujigami of east Matsushitacho.
We won fame once as Shinto shrine of Yanagihara embankment which did well as town of old clothes as Mimori Shrine of Edo.
By the way, with Mimori, we expressed three Shinto shrines of "Kasumori" of "willow forest" of Kanda Shimbashi Nihonbashi "*mori".

Oh, it is Mayor Ishikawa here. It is the bean-scattering ceremony fourth company with smile of the whole face.
na - nka, Mayor Ishikawa seem to have "fortune" most (laugh)!

We told about state of the Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony of three Kanda.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/01/29 22:10

Of Chiyoda of the Kanda Myojin adjacency Ward Miyamoto Park
Wooden Japanese house "house of Kanda" is Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property.

"House of Kanda" having been continued since the Edo era lumber dealer of Kamakura-cho, store house of the Endos
We restore and are wonderful wooden Japanese house which we removed and rebuilt on this ground.
To Mr. late Endo storehouse who contributed to area as Kanda Myojin parish representative for a long time
Significance of existing thing is big next to deep Kanda Myojin of relation, too.


It needs reservations and can observe the inside basically on (8,18, 28th) on day when there is 8.
In addition, juggler's tricks in Japan are held as plan special event irregularly.
State of "introduction to Edo lumber-carriers' work song lecture" that lower photograph was performed for 10,11, December and January and four times.
Town black kite, so-called head fireman were lectures to say to learn lumber-carriers' work song.

By the way, this time this Kanda blog writer "@ leader" with friends of Jinden-cho walk
We observed "house of Kanda" again.

At first we observe decoration this month at the entrance for New Year holidays mainly on battledore displayed much.
Ranging from expensive battledore to battledore of toy which picture is only drawn on.

We see "elbow rest railing" of structure that was elaborate when we look up from the entrance.
We find sculpture of plover in wave.

Feelings of lumber dealer who used rare rare wood abundantly have a glimpse in each place and obtain.

Go up stairs; and to the second floor. Ceiling between 7.5-mat next makes cedar weaving like a wickerwork pattern like feathers of an arrow.
Ranma of partition with back 12-mat hall is openwork of bamboo forest.

We see company of Kanda Myojin who is adjacent when we come from the second-floor railing near at hand.

The first-floor 6-mat Japanese-style room where warm sunlight comes in through mouth of southern aspect is tea-ceremony room specification.
Bottom of a ship ceiling where structure that exerted ze;zei used Yaku cedar abundantly.
Unpainted space on the wall seen as a window of pine Fumi was elaborate surprisingly; make.

In the specialized thing and Endos including structure and structure of wooden building saying this, it is hard luck story of removing and rebuilding.
The nado NPO staff of "house of Kanda" explains exhaustively and painstakingly.
※Hina doll of the Girl's Festival is displayed in the entrance hall from about the middle of February and is going to be displayed.

◎"House of Kanda" New Year holidays decoration and the appearance → This

◎Please go for visit. The "house of Kanda" details or visit application → This



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/01/22 1:16

Not introduction of lunch, it is introduced shop this time.
As for the name "shindenichikokyu." It is sushi bar.
Place is Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly. Do you not know? Notation on map is 3, Uchikanda.
It is sushi bar for approximately three minutes to the Tokyo area along the track from the Kanda Station west exit.
The neighbor "Saito coffee."

Anyway article which displays in shop, and is posted,
It is grand mainly on Edo festival hobby in a row.
It will be unbearable place for favorite person.

At first it is face of storekeeper for an instant over lunch menu and counter.
Soba and dessert after a meal appear in ranch without exception. Then we will look around the shop.

manekimoku hangs from glass on the road side, entrance side. manekimoku where head fireman exchanged presents to the left.
manekimoku of shindenichikokyu per counter stab is dignified presence, too.

On wall of the front of counter of general, Kariya of miniature is seen in the depths. Miniature shrine is enshrined, too.
manekimoku where fireman's standard of head fireman who succeeded tradition of so-called Edomachi fire fighter near lighting was drawn on.
Eight points of trays that coating of head fireman people is vivid below are built.
It is the block calendar calendar which is distributed by New Year's greetings of head fireman well below.
It is scene which is mysterious though we are beautiful that block calendar calendar equals zura - tsu as for six.
As is expected, it was all same date.
Color woodblock print of three pieces of files distributed to participants at the time of Chiyoda-ku Edo world festival.
With book of tachibanamigikorekichi "-proof", character of to "Hu" is splendid, too.

There may be person knowing in character of soo "bo", but the master is veneration scheme from the Edo era of Kanda Myojin
It is played an active part as member of scheme of "scheme-proof" in event and area of Shinto shrine.

               Votive card of hobby is put on pillar, too.

How about? It is leader of one Hu Hisashi.
It was "shindenichikokyu" where decoration of Edo hobby was splendid.