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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/26 17:25

In Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin (2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku)
There is wooden construction architecture "house of Kanda" that concentrated the best.
We usually release the inside on 8 days to arrive of calendar with a limitation of a small number of people and are used for event of the sum.

Of Mr. late Endo storehouse of Kamakura-cho where parish representative of Kanda Myojin was served for a long time and was played an active part in area
We removed and rebuilt former house, and are Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property.

◎Exhibition of "house of Kanda" entrance New Year holidays decoration
January 1 New Year's Day - 3rd from 11:00 to 16:00 (there is sake offered for from 12:00 to 14:00)

Kadomatsu that seasonal pattern is excellent is put in gate, front yard, mansion and the excellent appearance named ream.
It is Kanda Myojin that cinnabar red roof is seen on the right side.

There is the entrance hall in point of the pavement having been continued since the gate. One-storied house part seen on the right side is tea-ceremony room.

We match with the entrance in year of one year, and various display is performed.
For example, old-fashioned hina decoration is beautiful in the Girl's Festival of March.
In addition, warrior decoration and carp streamer are gorgeous in the Boy's Festival of May. nadonado.

Decoration of the entrance of New Year holidays of the New Year is pretty.
Toy and doll associated with for New Year holidays of various parts of Japan looking good on Japanese wooden building are displayed.
The staff of "house of Kanda" is devoted in preparation for display now.

If we finish New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship to Kanda Myojin for New Year holidays,
We have you drop in at Miyamoto Park "house of Kanda" of the neighbor by all means, and please see decoration for entrance New Year holidays.

◎Exhibition of "house of Kanda" entrance New Year holidays decoration
January 1 New Year's Day - 3rd from 11:00 to 16:00 (there is sake offered for from 12:00 to 14:00)

※In "the house of Kanda," NPO corporation "house of Kanda" is doing operational management.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/25 20:52

It has been a long time no see. It is kon* of dyer.
Concerning work, we do not have time to take a walk through Kanda and Chiyoda-ku neighborhood for approximately this half a year,
It is blog up after a long absence.

As there was time after a long absence late last week, of meeting and Surugadai with rice cake of Kanda
We did Nicolai temple aimlessly.

The afternoon of Saturday, December 18
When it is the end of the year in each town assembly around Kanda, a lot of meetings with rice cake are opened.
In "such urban truth" Person thought to be, thinks that it is a lot, too,
Quite prosperous.
Town assembly, 1, Kajicho neighboring in Kandakonnyacho Minamicho meeting where I belong to of the Showa era,
Jointly with two orders eyes, we held on December 4. (but I was absence)
Rice cake making meeting of east Matsushita town assembly where there was old 1,000 cherry tree elementary school on Saturday on 18th.

In the old 1,000 cherry tree elementary school, school building is demolished now,
Originally venerable place where there was Xuanwu hall of Shusaku Chiba.

When I arrived, the rice cake making was over.
We arrived with this mortar.

We picked quarrel promptly, and made rice cake became rice cake and was behaved.

And youth group of Kanda where there is good at festival.
Fish, simmered giblets of dried fish which we baked with takoyaki and clay charcoal stove as well as rice cake,
And of course liquor was served abundantly, too.
Including new face who entered face or apartment of old friend newly,
Both conversation and liquor advanced friendly.

When, in east Matsushita town assembly, we are completely entertained,
We went to the Surugadai area for walk aimlessly.
As winter solstice was Saturday when was, too,
Book of nihasukari dusk was about to fall at about 4:00.

There is Nicolai temple when we go down intersection of Hijiribashi to the Ogawamachi area.
We have Christmas of last year cause from the person concerned of the Greek Orthodox Church,
Participated in worship of birthday celebration for a saint, but Christmas season of this year.

To attend worship especially even if it is not original flock,
Why don't person having pious feeling participate by all means more or less?
When we purchase candle as charity and enter chapel, we can experience solemn atmosphere.

Inquiry to Nicolai temple
4-1-3, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3295-6879
By the way, when we go down slope of Surugadai and come out of Suruga Her Excellency intersection on "lily of the valley street"
There are well-known store of Russian food, "roshia bower".

There was long-established store of Russian food called "balalaika" before on the same side of "book spring" of bookstore, but has disappeared with redevelopment now.
It does not mean that we receive the next,
"roshia bower" succeeds to Russian food culture of Jimbocho now.
In addition, there is Russian restaurant called "monkey fan" on Surugadai side across Yasukuni Dori, will existence of Nicolai temple be related to there being many Russian restaurants for some reason in Jimbocho neighborhood?

At "roshia bower," we provide "marrow course" as special of this time.
Other than course dishes in free drink of Stolichnaya and zubrowka
It is "roshia bower" Nara that vodka is served without limit.
Person concerned with Greek Orthodox Church seems to turn up, too.

by kotogotominaokukon*

roshia bower
1-13, Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business hours
From Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:30    From 17:30 to 22:00
Soil from 11:30 to 14:30    From 17:30 to 21:00
Day from 11:30 to 14:30    From 17:00 to 21:00

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/23 20:59

In the Great Kanto Earthquake generated on September 1, 1923 let alone town of Kanda
Tokyo downtown area suffered terrible damage called full-scale destruction.

The cause, city planning of the name of earthquake disaster revival were reconsidered.
Building named one-panel structure was built a lot in process of this revival, too.
Frontage flattens and is building where so-called signboard stands.
It is built with concrete, and big store where decoration is vivid is founded a lot
A lot of buildings of copper sheet tension such as almost lower photograph were made.

But, as for the Early Showa Period Billboard Architecture of the copper sheet tension, most are destroyed by fire at the time of the Great War.
Most of left one-panel structure are made after the earthquake disaster now
Fortunately, we can see a lot with rare thing which was not burnt by air raid in Kanda.

Copper sheet tension one-panel structure of this photograph is two tenement houses at 1, Sudacho.
They go, and some right building will be strange basically though it should be the same structure.
By little seems to adjust the outside and the inside with doomo handicraft.
Neighboring person seems to witness such a state, too, and appearance seems to change a little.

Shutter hangar is remade in new copper sheet and is shiny.
In addition, decoration such as the upper Chinese gable is outstanding wonderfully.
Seemed to stick at a glance new copper sheet on the second-floor window, but fake kamo.
New decoration was stuck on top of the front.

As you see, in corner of top roof, is like tower for Taho-nyorai such as knob of a bridge post
Mysterious decoration is attached.

Who will live here?
Will store of nanigashika open newly?

Will it be sometimes watchman in future? We go to this and want to ascertain real identity.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/18 0:00

From Akihabara Station elevated; when walk in the Okachimachi area, go to Kuramae bridge street to go.
"Hana Masa of meat" of underpass is familiar for person of Kanda.
What opened in the opposite underpass on December 10

2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN nikegoyonzeroakiokaaruchizan

It is five minutes on foot from Akihabara Station. . . (not Kanda)
It is Nantes three minutes on foot from Suehirocho intersection. . . (besides not Chiyoda-ku)
But adjacent proximity is close together with adjacent 5, Sotokanda (Sakaemachi). . . (? Introduce)

Pure white.

Atmosphere to let you expect nanika as for the view from main entrance of underpass

Big pillar and ceiling remind pure white atmosphere of different dimension space.
Somehow in spaceship is.
Or it is like shrine. (not Kanda)

32 stores (we include cafe 4 store) of individual assortment of goods enter this opening with the first.
(not Chiyoda-ku)

The left "nichi*honhanfu" of bag and accessories accessory of canvas material
"Japanese department store" which handles product of the sum that the right was particular about Japan

This address at halfway point of town, Akihabara and Okachimachi of individual only one
More Ueno, Taito-ku 5-9-23 details are this → Please in Web.

There is arts Chiyoda 3331 which artists who are young in Suehirocho gather for (they redecorated old training average)
It may become good way station where connection of person and person, town and town develops into.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/11 0:51

Partly because a lot of Chinese foreign students including the Taisho era lodged once around Kanda
Demand for Chinese food increased, and, in Jimbocho, one of Chinatown seemed to be buttock.
That Chou Enlai did study for university admission in technical school of Jimbocho, too.
There is the monument "learning from Chou Enlai here" in all love parks of Jimbocho 2.

It is reason that is "town of book" as the beginning in secondhand bookstore speaking of Jimbocho
There is considerably much restaurant business, too and is the site of a hard-fought battle.
Anyway it is cheap and is good, and large serving is popular.
Speaking of fierce battle ramen, diner, bar, Western food restaurant
However, competition of curry which Japanese loves
even if we say anything is great fierce battle.

Chinese well-known store "new world Chinese restaurant" is at Jimbocho intersection.
As for the person to know as Chinese back menu approximately ten years ago curry of existence of knowing
We were widely known by TV broadcast of the media and came to appear in corner of menu small.
Recently it becomes really famous and is introduced to panel of store, and popularity seems to be high.

Well, we proceeded to on-the-spot survey.


How about? Oh, is there not this from bubble?

What ordered "cutlet curry."
There are *kotsu curry, braised pork belly curry and three kinds of curry.

Soup and mini-salad come with set. It is shade in appearance, one of force.

Jean! Look at whole view.

This is the frightful volume. We were scared. Back away.
As plate is deep, rice, curry and cutlet and all are huge.
What ordered one of normal that was not large serving at all, and appeared
More than 1.5 cutlet curry which are huge in all.

Okay, it is iza!
Is it fight in this? We challenged to this, but eating up does not become. . . Complete defeat. We withdrew dejectedly. 1,300 yen

One with oneself, please challenge gluttony after readiness.
Next Jimbocho two orders eyes intersection side Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Please try curry of beautiful house in "new world Chinese restaurant".

It was delicious. . . There are none strictly.
Cutlet was tender, too and was good.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/12/09 23:01

It is familiar with blog of this Chiyoda City Tourism Association
We introduce Map (foundation of a periodical preparations) of "we will walk from 3331".

"Arts Chiyoda 3331" that completely adapts itself to area, and continues carrying out an active activity
We rebuild old training junior high school as base of art of Chiyoda-ku and become comfortable space.

Place is 6, Sotokanda. It is approximately three minutes one dishonest measures on foot from intersection of Suehirocho.
It becomes "Kanda Gokencho" when we say by town assembly name of Chiyoda-ku.

It is training park facing the terrace of entrance. In the center of gentle space where lawn was spread all over on the entire surface
Huge Kusu lays dosshiri and root. There is front entrance on terrace which went up stairs.

There are a few more private exhibitions of Katsuhiko Hibino in session of "why does person describe painting?".
Monday, December 13 is the last day.

Studio of insideout hosting "we will walk from 3331" is the depth of 1F.
Japanese map is drawn on wall surface of tiling.
We transmit and receive art information of Japan. Free can observe.

Foundation of a periodical preparations labeled as "map to make with person of town" is this.
When open lightly; lengthwise map.
The south is community-based map that the north climbed over administrative border to Shinobazunoike from the Kanda River.
Please go out to inside out by way of visit with art Chiyoda 3331.

★We take activity of town walk of inside out to be made with conventional map in this.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/30 0:14

Thursday, November 25, 2011
"Autumn big festival - Niname festival" was held in Kanda Myojin.

Parish representative, town assembly relations, the person concerned including veneration group are kai shiteno for all members
Solemn Shinto ritual was performed saiko of.
After Shinto ritual, it is muki keteno to "Kanda Festival" of transference next May at place to Myojin Hall
The first "festival Committee" was held.

Shinto priest of Kanda Myojin does sansusumi to front shrine.
The parishioner person concerned goes ahead through parish representative to main shrine successively at the start.

Shinto ritual by the Niname festival (niinamenomatsuri) goes solemnly.

We move venue to Myojin Hall, and "festival Committee" is held.
From greetings that were full of heat of Otorii Akira Kanda Jinguji for Kanda Festival of the next year
The proceedings go solemnly steadily.

Kanda Myojin who confirms the proceedings while seeing document, the person concerned of Kanda Festival.


2011 Kanda Festival schedule

Thursday, May 12 portable shrine ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top miniature shrine ceremony for moving a deity to a new site
Friday, May 13 parishioner miniature shrine divine spirit case
Saturday, May 14 God good luck festival
Sunday, May 15 parishioner miniature shrine Miyairi worship
Monday, May 16 Myojin bonfire noh dedication
Tuesday, May 17 annual festival
Wednesday, May 18 Omotesenke head master of a school oblatory tea expression


◎News of lecture

Visit the origin, Shinto shrine of Japan
We meet gods of Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin

Kanda Myojin who cultivated old, ardent faith as guardian deity of Edo.
We learn the deep history and culture from lecture of Shinto priest,
We do special worship that ho* performs of shrine maiden's dance and gagaku.
We convey the history and Edo culture of Kanda Myojin afterwards
Do you not meet gods while taking a walk through museum and the precincts?

◆koshiseisuisagahiko (Kanda Shrine Shinto priest)
◆Date and time Saturday, December 11 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
◆Meeting Myojin Hall lobby (the Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin) precincts)
       Than nearest station JR Chuo Line, Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi a 5-minute walk
◆Entrance fee member 3,675 yen public 4,305 yen
◆50 capacity (first-come-first-served basis. As soon as it becomes capacity the deadline)

[application, inquiry]
[telephone application]
Asahi Culture Center morning sun JTB, interchange culture private supplementary school
 Project business headquarters TEL03-3344-2041
[window application] the fourth floor of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building reception desk
Asahi Culture Center morning sun JTB, interchange culture private supplementary school
 Post-office box 22 in 2-1-6, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Sumitomo Building
 TEL03-3344-2014 (the project business headquarters)
[special cooperation]
Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin)
Forest forum of NPO corporation 1,000 years



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/28 11:12

In the eastern part of Chiyoda-ku, clothing wholesale district of Iwamotocho, Higashikanda
Two times of great bazaars are holding in year.

We are holding in area of northeastern side where Showa-dori intersects Yasukuni Dori.
Clothing from the start to shoes, daily necessities.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

That there is article which is cheaper than wholesale price.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

There was shop of tableware plenty, too.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

Open a store along Yasukuni Dori; and as for the cakes of import.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

This bazaar that got the wonderful first place in time of TV Tokyo adomachikku heaven "Iwamotocho."
Winter camp is opened late next week this week.
It closes shop at 6:00 p.m.!

For more details → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/24 23:36

We looked for colored leaves which we could see in big city, downtown area Kanda of Tokyo.
"Flavor of Momiji Kanda" looked good, but title is like nanka fair sex professional storyteller.

At first it is Kinka Park of Sarugakucho.

Contrast with modern construction of backward Meiji University liberty tower is good.
With colored leaves and turning yellow join, and health is clean moderately, too.

As for the next, Ochanomizu is scenery from Hijiribashi.

Colored leaves of Yushima temple of Confucius get into eyes when we look at north direction from sleeve of Hijiribashi.
Beauty doubles when we look in conjunction with plaster wall of temple of Confucius along Aioi Hill.

Next is Saint View from the Bridge, too, but the west along the Kanda River.

Autumn colors of embankment of the right Kanda River are beautiful when we look at the west, the Suidobashi area from Hijiribashi.
It is sunlight that it was fine well for wonderful scenery that blue sky and colored leaves are reflected in the surface of the water of the Kanda River.

But view of colored leaves from Hijiribashi which, in fact, we introduced here is Bunkyo-ku both.
It becomes splendid making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden of scenery that we saw from Chiyoda-ku.
Let's speak word thanks.
Thank you for Momiji, the beautiful view of Bunkyo-ku.

By the way, next will introduce ginkgo row of trees of Shiroyama Street.

It is scenery that watched Jimbocho intersection from pedestrian bridge in front of Suidobashi Station.
As for some ginkgo rows of trees along main street of the downtown area, colored leaves are rather late
We see, and gradation from green to yellow dies out, and there is.
It knows from here to building group of Otemachi.

The last is Miyamoto Park next to 2, Sotokanda Kanda Myojin

There is "house of Kanda" of solid wooden building in this park.
We feel quiet flavor that colored leaves and scenery only for house of tree do not think of to be the downtown area.

We can take in season when we leave some means of transportation to downtown area, Kanda of big city
Eyes can capture beautiful scenery.

We will extend to Showa-dori direction from now on from the Kanda Station south exit
Ginkgo row of trees according to hardware becomes splendid beauty.
We can fully enjoy autumn colors on Saturday when there are few cars on Sunday.
Let's enjoy autumn colors of downtown area downtown area.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/19 23:36

Akihabara department store got close to in area for a long time of 60 years closes; and four years.
It is each place Station building to have opened newly today at 10:00 a.m. on November 19, and familiar atre runs

atre 1, Akihabara

I feel higher in some whole than former Akihabara department store when we look from Chuo-dori.

atre president and Chiyoda-ku certain manager are greetings of celebration in opening
JR officer, the stationmaster at Akihabara, manager, representatives of shop line up at 10:00 a.m. and cut the tape.
Visitor awaiting opening contains doh with a rush in shop.

There was communication wicket with JR in 3F.
We feel like having been 4F before, but are not sure.
We are, and mere passage that is nanka homicide scenery will be ... mere passage.
When it is this floor, we will be connected to platform of Yamanote Line. Probably.
Will we go along passage this time to confirm?

Well, we decided to go to cafe of 4F, and to have morning coffee.
It is like first visitor having just finished opening.
When sit down on bench sheet from the right wall, and look back a little; ...

The other side of wall was platform of Sobu Line.
Train enters platform incessantly.

Well, we took photograph from objection to return. End becomes Chuo-dori.

A lot of restaurants of side dish person or curry person say, and fragrance drifts in 1F.
In upper floor, Sanseido Bookstore, famous shop including UNIQLO link the eaves.
Please refer to HP of atre for detailed things such as tenant or shop of atre 1, Akihabara.

There was ... opening congratulations in hope of becoming station building loved in area.