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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/30 0:14

Thursday, November 25, 2011
"Autumn big festival - Niname festival" was held in Kanda Myojin.

Parish representative, town assembly relations, the person concerned including veneration group are kai shiteno for all members
Solemn Shinto ritual was performed saiko of.
After Shinto ritual, it is muki keteno to "Kanda Festival" of transference next May at place to Myojin Hall
The first "festival Committee" was held.

Shinto priest of Kanda Myojin does sansusumi to front shrine.
The parishioner person concerned goes ahead through parish representative to main shrine successively at the start.

Shinto ritual by the Niname festival (niinamenomatsuri) goes solemnly.

We move venue to Myojin Hall, and "festival Committee" is held.
From greetings that were full of heat of Otorii Akira Kanda Jinguji for Kanda Festival of the next year
The proceedings go solemnly steadily.

Kanda Myojin who confirms the proceedings while seeing document, the person concerned of Kanda Festival.


2011 Kanda Festival schedule

Thursday, May 12 portable shrine ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top miniature shrine ceremony for moving a deity to a new site
Friday, May 13 parishioner miniature shrine divine spirit case
Saturday, May 14 God good luck festival
Sunday, May 15 parishioner miniature shrine Miyairi worship
Monday, May 16 Myojin bonfire noh dedication
Tuesday, May 17 annual festival
Wednesday, May 18 Omotesenke head master of a school oblatory tea expression


◎News of lecture

Visit the origin, Shinto shrine of Japan
We meet gods of Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin

Kanda Myojin who cultivated old, ardent faith as guardian deity of Edo.
We learn the deep history and culture from lecture of Shinto priest,
We do special worship that ho* performs of shrine maiden's dance and gagaku.
We convey the history and Edo culture of Kanda Myojin afterwards
Do you not meet gods while taking a walk through museum and the precincts?

◆koshiseisuisagahiko (Kanda Shrine Shinto priest)
◆Date and time Saturday, December 11 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
◆Meeting Myojin Hall lobby (the Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin) precincts)
       Than nearest station JR Chuo Line, Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi a 5-minute walk
◆Entrance fee member 3,675 yen public 4,305 yen
◆50 capacity (first-come-first-served basis. As soon as it becomes capacity the deadline)

[application, inquiry]
[telephone application]
Asahi Culture Center morning sun JTB, interchange culture private supplementary school
 Project business headquarters TEL03-3344-2041
[window application] the fourth floor of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building reception desk
Asahi Culture Center morning sun JTB, interchange culture private supplementary school
 Post-office box 22 in 2-1-6, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Sumitomo Building
 TEL03-3344-2014 (the project business headquarters)
[special cooperation]
Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin)
Forest forum of NPO corporation 1,000 years



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/28 11:12

In the eastern part of Chiyoda-ku, clothing wholesale district of Iwamotocho, Higashikanda
Two times of great bazaars are holding in year.

We are holding in area of northeastern side where Showa-dori intersects Yasukuni Dori.
Clothing from the start to shoes, daily necessities.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

That there is article which is cheaper than wholesale price.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

There was shop of tableware plenty, too.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

Open a store along Yasukuni Dori; and as for the cakes of import.

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

This bazaar that got the wonderful first place in time of TV Tokyo adomachikku heaven "Iwamotocho."
Winter camp is opened late next week this week.
It closes shop at 6:00 p.m.!

For more details → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/24 23:36

We looked for colored leaves which we could see in big city, downtown area Kanda of Tokyo.
"Flavor of Momiji Kanda" looked good, but title is like nanka fair sex professional storyteller.

At first it is Kinka Park of Sarugakucho.

Contrast with modern construction of backward Meiji University liberty tower is good.
With colored leaves and turning yellow join, and health is clean moderately, too.

As for the next, Ochanomizu is scenery from Hijiribashi.

Colored leaves of Yushima temple of Confucius get into eyes when we look at north direction from sleeve of Hijiribashi.
Beauty doubles when we look in conjunction with plaster wall of temple of Confucius along Aioi Hill.

Next is Saint View from the Bridge, too, but the west along the Kanda River.

Autumn colors of embankment of the right Kanda River are beautiful when we look at the west, the Suidobashi area from Hijiribashi.
It is sunlight that it was fine well for wonderful scenery that blue sky and colored leaves are reflected in the surface of the water of the Kanda River.

But view of colored leaves from Hijiribashi which, in fact, we introduced here is Bunkyo-ku both.
It becomes splendid making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden of scenery that we saw from Chiyoda-ku.
Let's speak word thanks.
Thank you for Momiji, the beautiful view of Bunkyo-ku.

By the way, next will introduce ginkgo row of trees of Shiroyama Street.

It is scenery that watched Jimbocho intersection from pedestrian bridge in front of Suidobashi Station.
As for some ginkgo rows of trees along main street of the downtown area, colored leaves are rather late
We see, and gradation from green to yellow dies out, and there is.
It knows from here to building group of Otemachi.

The last is Miyamoto Park next to 2, Sotokanda Kanda Myojin

There is "house of Kanda" of solid wooden building in this park.
We feel quiet flavor that colored leaves and scenery only for house of tree do not think of to be the downtown area.

We can take in season when we leave some means of transportation to downtown area, Kanda of big city
Eyes can capture beautiful scenery.

We will extend to Showa-dori direction from now on from the Kanda Station south exit
Ginkgo row of trees according to hardware becomes splendid beauty.
We can fully enjoy autumn colors on Saturday when there are few cars on Sunday.
Let's enjoy autumn colors of downtown area downtown area.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/19 23:36

Akihabara department store got close to in area for a long time of 60 years closes; and four years.
It is each place Station building to have opened newly today at 10:00 a.m. on November 19, and familiar atre runs

atre 1, Akihabara

I feel higher in some whole than former Akihabara department store when we look from Chuo-dori.

atre president and Chiyoda-ku certain manager are greetings of celebration in opening
JR officer, the stationmaster at Akihabara, manager, representatives of shop line up at 10:00 a.m. and cut the tape.
Visitor awaiting opening contains doh with a rush in shop.

There was communication wicket with JR in 3F.
We feel like having been 4F before, but are not sure.
We are, and mere passage that is nanka homicide scenery will be ... mere passage.
When it is this floor, we will be connected to platform of Yamanote Line. Probably.
Will we go along passage this time to confirm?

Well, we decided to go to cafe of 4F, and to have morning coffee.
It is like first visitor having just finished opening.
When sit down on bench sheet from the right wall, and look back a little; ...

The other side of wall was platform of Sobu Line.
Train enters platform incessantly.

Well, we took photograph from objection to return. End becomes Chuo-dori.

A lot of restaurants of side dish person or curry person say, and fragrance drifts in 1F.
In upper floor, Sanseido Bookstore, famous shop including UNIQLO link the eaves.
Please refer to HP of atre for detailed things such as tenant or shop of atre 1, Akihabara.

There was ... opening congratulations in hope of becoming station building loved in area.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/19 18:47

atre 1 opened to boil Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit today on November 19.

Of various now topics such as lunch, side dish, sweets, glasses, clothes, supermarket, bookstore
Stores are on the first to the third floor. CAFE enters the fourth floor, too.

Shopping facility which can buy daily life of station direct connection type unexpectedly in Chiyoda-ku
As there is few, company return that person lives is glad opening.

Sale period varies according to stores, but there is nice open sale product!
Nice delicious sampling! As for the sampling! We can enjoy.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/14 12:30

Arts Chiyoda 3331 in Sotokanda.
The evaluation seemed to colonize as new base of modern art, too.

Katsuhiko Hibino private exhibition that is held with 3331 now "why does person describe painting?"
On October 30, it was going to be performed as opening event
Crane painting of Hibino.
It was called off because of typhoon and was performed on November 14!

Katsuhiko Hibino crane painting

Is it WHY do people draw pictures? Hibino who came in white pinch-hitters whom this was written to.

Katsuhiko Hibino crane painting

We set lifeline and describe painting until from 11:00 to 16:00.

Katsuhiko Hibino crane painting

As of past 13:00 in this way.

According to Twitter of director of unification at arts Chiyoda 3331 Masato Nakamura
And "Hibino paints crane event that is edge of dot festival,
Farmhouse direct sale city of Akita, day after tomorrow morning glory project,
The situation that birthday of chairperson of town assembly is performed at the same time,
It is 3331-like scenery." dasodesu.

It is surrounded for such a feeling in training park before 3331 by a variety of turnout.

Hibino continued pane tyg in such a 3331-like scenery.

We added video quickly.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/05 15:44

2010/11/03 13:00 ...
[from Insideout/3331 city walk tour] But, it was held.

Name of base of art art that repaired old training junior high school with 3331, and was completed.
Formally "arts Chiyoda 3331"

"We closed one Kanda", and 3331 referred with o number.
Insideout is name of group moving into action in 1F lounge of art 3331.

In commemoration of map enjoying 3331 neighborhood exhaustively, foundation of a periodical of IO [TEN]
It is holding of "city walk tour" that we are fully prepared.

Contact (charge: inside out project)


At first it is group photo with figure cheerful before departure.
This group is Kanda Shrine (Myojin) course. (in one group Yushima Tenjin course)

It is over art 3331 and appears in Chuo-dori from Suehirocho intersection and disappears in the near future
We observe "household appliances tile" buried in the sidewalk.
Dishonest measures that seem to be Akihabara of "gachapon Hall" or "railroad maid cafe" or "stall discounter" when it curves to the right.
There is Akihabara bureau there and can stock information.
There is crepe person which does not lose in Harajuku in the neighbor either.
Furthermore, there be railroad diorama of surprising scale on the second floor of railroad model shop close to Shinobazu Street.

"Isetan birthplace" monument is built in the soil when we walk Shinobazu Street to Shohei Bridge direction.
Pine house town viaduct of Sobu Line on Shohei Bridge is large-scale. It is so-called guard.
Yushima temple of Confucius is on the right when we go up Aioi Hill that was described in famous place Edo 100 view of Hiroshige.
It is built as "Confucius joss house" praising Confucius in the Edo era
We brought up elite later as educational institution of the Shogunate as Shohei Hill school.

It is break in "Amano shop" to boast of the history of business more than 160 years by Kanda Myojin gate founded in 1846 to.
We order amazake, chilled amazake, dumpling, kudzu starch cake each and taste atmosphere of tea house in a relaxed mood.
Atmosphere of relief that 2 shots of mother of guide and Amano-ya of dragoman are wonderful.

The Shinto gate which is bright to eyes cinnabar red when we go up diving approach to a shrine at torii of Kanda Myojin.
Kishikawa of Shinto priest is waiting impatiently when we finally enter the precincts.
We had you easily make enshrined deity, the history of Kanda Myojin, commentary of culture plain.
When look back incidentally; next to large country-like stone statue several bicycles.
Rental performed as social experiment in Chiyoda-ku was base of cycling now.

We go down Myojin steeper slope of the two and walk Myojinshita relation street to the Kuramae bridge area. It is companion town.
We return straight to "art 3331" of starting point afterward.

This time calls town walk around cause art 3331 of autumn blue sky the first blessed with good weather.
(one group went to Yushima Tenjin course)

 This map IO [TEN]. We are good very much and are easy to see.
Get this map IO [TEN] from everybody by inside out project of art 3331
When we walk town of Kanda, how about?

In homepage of Chiyoda City Tourism Association

As there are contents of city walk from Insideout/3331, please look at.

Inquiry (charge: inside out project)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/01 21:35

We will feel wind of Edo in ... "Edo Cal"

Let's feel culture of Edo from book of the Edo era.
People of the Edo era obtained information of knowledge and entertainment from "book".
It is so-called "Japanese book".

From Japanese book in secondhand bookseller of Jimbocho, we can take in such Edo culture
What select carefully, and display "Japanese book" "Edo Cal."
Please feel charm of "Japanese book" that covered all entertainment or fashion of the Edo era very much.

◎The second floor of venue Tokyo ancient book hall exhibition room
◎Session from Thursday, October 28 to November 3 Wednesday (holiday) from 10:30 to 17:30 no charge for admission

As for "the Kanda secondhand book Festival" held around Jimbocho intersection finally until November 3.

"Edo Cal" who is held the Edo era and culture of Edo being recommended to favorite person in ancient book hall 2F
We go up some Suruga Her Excellency intersections and enter the right and do in immediate Tokyo ancient book hall.

As we divide into various genres like photograph in bright space of 2F and are displayed, it is fun and is easy to see.

Book which entertainment information of general public such as Kabuki or rakugo appeared in and hit work are displayed.

In addition, there are books of fashion of guidebook and woman who put that information with what kind of shop on where.

So book interesting and book which I came to want
We rubbed "happiness" once again when we came back to Jimbocho and could obtain more cheaply.

It is until November 3.

※We had permission of venue shooting※


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/11/01 18:23

There is not thing which is uncongenial to book as rain.
Because if get wet in the rain, is not marketable; ...

That's why Jimbocho book festival of this year done the inside into typhoon.
All the outdoor events on October 30 for the first day cancel.
We let you grieve over many readers, Jimbocho fan.
31st, the following day is typhoon pass! Weather that was unsettled again without going with this.
Many telephones rang in our association, but are held on schedule.
Lily of the valley street does well very much from the morning.

Eating and drinking booth is branch from mall around Jimbocho.
Class B gourmet, ethnic food affecting good tongue of reader are full.

On the other hand, with wagon in front of children's book-centered Shogakukan, Shueisha
A lot of families with child gathered.

As for the program in front of Shogakukan, Shueisha for children a lot.
There is performance of Kendama,

And it depends on Okuda "in Guy" Hideto produce
There is child tameno JAZZ live.

On the other hand, music of JAZZ adjusting to ear of reader in Sakura Street.
Ryudo Uzaki as amateur trumpeter, Shuji Kimura of the real name
We appear as member of band JAMINNG HOT SEVEN of light music club of Meiji University.

Street is this heat.

It was Jimbocho book festival of this year when we felt affinity of printing type and music to be deep.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/31 21:02

It has been called off because of typhoon on October 30
"Kanda River aimlessly petit Cruise" hosted by Chiyoda City Tourism Association.
We say to make a round trip to the highlight of the Kanda River in approximately 30 minutes.
It was able to navigate somehow on 31st.

Person who had you go on board had YOUTUBE improve in 8 double speed.

Of course, attractive place is Hijiribashi.

And it is brick of old forever bridge station building trace.

Then it is costume play! Is this scenery from river only in Akihabara?

For Ochanomizu waterway concerning product for enthusiasts.