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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/29 20:54

Restaurant of the former Japanese apricot with red blossoms riverbank fish market of the Kanda River by Shohei Bridge who came again
This time the fourth shop from the Shohei Bridge

The CaveBar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river

It is restaurant of western dishes system. On panel of store four points of lunch menus.

When we enter in front door of CaveBar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river calm atmosphere

There are stairs dropping on the right hand immediately to B1. The left hand is cash register.
Front end is fitted with glass entirely and is spirited shiningly.

We place ourselves at counter seat of the depths on the first floor, and omelette with rice is ordered by lunch menu.

Soup and coffee are bundled with salad to melty omelette with rice softly.
850 yen

Meal is possible on terrace of 1F, too.
Be wrapped up in the sky autumn refreshing autumn, and are ship and meal that we look at waterside coming and going in the Kanda River particular?

Water is hue that is considerably dark, but, as for this, water itself is transparent with color of the bottom when we see in photograph.
In addition, we think that we do not taste discomfort even if we eat as we never do smells.

Pleasure of time for meal doubles scenery of this photograph from terrace in fresh angle.
We will experience two more remaining restaurants soon.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/15 23:26

Until Shohei Hill school is established in Yushima at the middle of the Edo era
Current Shohei Bridge appearing in the Kanda River called small (potato is rough) bridge
Slope served from sleeve of Shohei Bridge on Ochanomizu Station is Awaji slope
This slope has been ever called small slope, too.

Four restaurants which made an elaborate plans form a line on the right side going up Awaji Hill along elevated brick.
The name of "the Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river" where we were ever summoned to remains in the name of viaduct.

Spanish food L tea Theo Dell Puente

Japanese-style bar liquor bower juraku

Chinese Cafe forest Ranko

The Cave Bar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river

Four systems of restaurant hoterujuraku where is all opposite which we stood in in this way.
Well, having eaten lunch this time "Chinese Cafe forest Ranko" of the third house

There is underground floor, and window is very bright.
We do not confirm whether other three houses are similar made, but will be probably so.
Shohei Bridge is seen on the right.
In addition, boisterous dance of ninarutokokoiradeha oysterbird (Yurikamome) will be seen from now on in winter.

Well, lunch which we ate up is this ↑\ 850
Chicken nonantarano set meal. Besides, it is a lot of set meals. There were noodles and set lunch of rice, too.

Is it finished at each restaurant right here on 4th in one, week when it is messy to think about lunch?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/10 23:00

Smart and stylish "introduction to Edo Kiyari"

By head fireman learning through the grapevine (kuden) to join tradition of Edomachi fire fighter together
It is special lecture for beginners who can learn the basics of "lumber-carriers' work song".
You who admit Kanda native.
In addition, you attracted by Kanda native must come and join, too.

We open a course from October (basic guide course of four times of continuations)
■Holding October 14, November 11, December 9, January 20
■Time from 18:30 to 20:00 ※Thursday second in each month on Thursday third only in January
■House (Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property Kanda Myojin adjacency Miyamoto Park) of venue Kanda
■Entrance fee 12.000 yen (only as for the collective attendance, possible four times)
■15 capacity (the first deadline) ※We are resident in Chiyoda-ku and are given priority to person of working

■Support, cooperation Chiyoda-ku Board of Education Edo firefighting memory society fourth ward fifth group 
        Chiyoda City Tourism Association Kanda Shrine

Sponsorship: House (Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property) of NPO corporation Kanda
As for the inquiry, "house of Kanda" 2-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park is inner 
         Please to telephone 03-3255-3565

"Introduction to Edo lumber-carriers' work song lecture" participation application
By fax or email
FAX 03(3291) 7014 MAIL


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/04 8:48

It is intense heat that is far from summer end in ...,
What became noted product event of Kanda of this time
Success in life firmness street "Kanda art festival adult fair & Edo Kanda side World Exposition" of Kanda Station side.

In the Edo era, what's called road connected town and town.
It was the times given priority to car, and it has become thing such thing which divided town.
On the road large beer garden annual on the road. Adult fair.

What there is before Mayor Ishikawa who rushed to opening
Having been continued since the Azuchimomoyama era famous sake "Kanda Bridge" of well-established Toshimaya of Kanda.

Toshimaya is historical drama on NHK Saturday until the other day
Draw girl whom main characters put thought to with "true Kamakura Bridge arrest reserve to pour"
shihoga work, Naoto Takenaka played the master.

When opening is over, and book of stopping by begins to decline
Many people gathered out of nowhere.

To stand, we set up satelite shop in Kandakajicho
Satelite shop of Kanagawa Misaki city provides
Thing which made an elaborate plans including tuna steak and Yakitori of noodle shop

Father live whom boom took root in on stage affiliated with band.

And noted product of adult fair "Edo Kanda side World Exposition"
Because 18 soba soup of well-established well-known store of Kanda finishes coming in selection
Before 6:00 p.m. of opening line approximately 80.

We choose soba soup for small sake cup one cup 100 yen.

Soba is new soba of Uryu, Hokkaido product.

Bamboo steamer of limitation 250 (there was person who engaged two pieces of one)
We bring to a close after 8:00 p.m.

And it did well after on the road large beer garden hatoieba 9:00.

Success in life God of Fire whom the name of street is derived from,
We watch tranquility of event quietly
It was appearance that there seemed to be benefit in for success in life (creation of bustle) of town.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/03 16:45

Today about city promotion from viewpoint of art
In OnE drop cafe of Kandaiwamotocho with Shimizu Yoshiaki of z-pro
Ushiyama and meeting of insideout project of arts Chiyoda 3331.

Speaking of Shimizu, it has been unfolded in Iwamotocho, Higashikanda, Bakurocho, Higashinihombashi area
Key to art design, building person of composite event "CET" (central yeast Tokyo).

Place of meeting is OnE drop cafe of Kandaiwamotocho.

In fact, we always go through this neighborhood, wide one way by car straight.
We had such an impression.
Shimizu reason "town without mark"
Is such a town, but ride up by taxi expressly; and visit to reruyona
As for the rumor that people who worked of edge increase.

Is it ripple effect of movement of CET, too?
That this OnE drop cafe was car maintenance factory originally, too.
Shutter is impressive.

In addition, in this neighborhood warehouse and private house, timeworn building
Stylish art space, cafe, restaurants which did renovation seem to increase.
The neighborhood is magazine Brutus of the last month's issue, but is introduced.

By the way, immediately after meeting menu of lunch?


It became lunch meeting and forgot to take photograph of important pasta afterwards.

Then let's go to look for back number of Brutus!

Then, as for the map of CET, selection is excellent → This
() that there seems to be place unlike some current situations

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/03 11:15

Kanda art festival 2010 adult fair holds today on Friday, September 3!
Event summary is this.

The second of 2010 "Kanda success in life umaimon tour!"
Secondary to the first, this was performed only in woman, too; "bean jam of vegetable store, fish shop, butcher shop
But, visiting public houses to recommend
On Wednesday, September 1, participant gathers at Kanda west exit mall entrance and leaves iza.

At first we walk multi-town main street towards the north from the JR Kanda Station west exit.

Kanda Police street is public house circumference in Kandatsukasamachi that we go and turn left at 18 ways and walked a little, too
There was "we see" of the first house.
It is bar of this Kanda long-established store where is more than founding 100 years in as soon as "we see".
The appearance of building is tasteful by traditional copperplate architecture, too.
We were guided by bean jam and entered shop.

At first we toast with beer.
Introduce itself in participants, the recommended "finest cherry tree splinters" of bean jam
In being what glad when enjoy from the master of shop present of sake.
We feel disposition of Kanda in such a place.

In addition, we enjoy taste of bar with "Yakitori" or "Yanagawa".
We were in that acted close to as soon as "we saw" in participant,
When it is story of the one, you were always worried about this shop, but you are full, and enter very much
That it is shop which there was not.
It was impressed by the first visit on this tour very much.

After fully enjoying well-established bar, and being going to go to the next shop,
The master had you come out to seeing off to in front of shop.
Finally, take a ceremonial photograph with the master in front of shop, Say cheese.

<we see> Bar of Kanda long-established stores more than founding 100 years.
Place / 2-15-2, Kandatsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku
It is from 17:00 to 22:30 business /11 at 30 - 13:30
Regular holiday / Sundays and holidays
Inquiry /03-3294-5433

We leave as soon as "we see", and next leaves for Kanda Station east exit underpass.
"Standing barbe lake" where it came to the second house after walking from the JR Kanda Station east exit for approximately 30 seconds, to be under guard.
The shop fitted with glass was bright, and tables formed a line outside shop.

500 yen all in this shop as for drink and the food, ticket system of one coin.
When ticket which we were not able to use came to the store on the next time, it seems to be available.
We order drink at counter on the first floor we had you borrow the second floor of the shop this time
We get nervous after doing.

We toast with beer and cocktail & snacks in this shop.
From bean jam of vegetable store, fish shop, butcher shop which had you guide this time, it is various
We heard story.

It being early that time passes when absorbed in talk.
Cook party before date changes; concerning rope for the closing.
We stood and drank, and space was full of many visitors when it fell on the first floor.
There is community of Kanda in such a place.

<Kanda standing barbe lake> Is full of visitors of work return; stand, and drink; bar.
Place /JR Kanda Station east exit underpass
Business / from Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 25:00, Friday from 18:00 to 26:00, Saturday from 18:00 to 23:00
Regular holiday / Sundays and holidays
Inquiry /03-3256-0520

It was tour that had you usually tell way of enjoying Kanda who did not readily notice.

Than participant K in "shop which is hard to enter only in quite good women even if usually become mind
We could go and were fun. Taking this occasion, "see"; with "Kanda standing bar 
We want to go to visit break" We had impression to say this.

We will look forward to tour of the next year now, too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/02 16:48

Kanda art festival 2010 finally starts this year!
Event summary is this.

Top batter of art festival, annual, very popular woman limited tour "Kanda success in life umaimon tour"
This year titled "absorption in ultimate bird ~ which two true Kamakura bank of a river bird thing reserve - Kanda natives to inherit guide",
On Tuesday, August 31, women gather at Kanda west exit mall entrance.

"Bean jam of Kanda" and two "bean jam of electric guitar of Kanda" guide this evening.
Well, it is departure on trip absorbed in bird.

Party who jumps into neon sacred place for crowding father Kanda. What kind of thing is it to be absorbed in ultimate bird?

At first having come "torii" of Inari. This is absorbed in respected "bird", too. It is bean jam in this.

There are a lot of small small toriis in gap and back alley of such building and building in Kanda.
Bird was errand of God, and there seemed to be "torii" and the name from meaning called place where the bird stopped at from old days.
Therefore "bird" seems to be decorated with Edo three great festival, Kanda Festival to head of miniature shrine carried on the shoulder well.
Because it is said that Kanda Myojin owns site properly in so small Inari, it is surprising.

By the way, by the way, absorption of guide in bird, the bar first store are "Yakitori Western bower" of founding approximately 40 years.

At first, with specialty Yakitori and beer, it is toasted pigeon. The powerful charm of "Kanda umaimon tour" to heart's content.

Party who enjoys "torii" quiz with homemade problem board of bean jam while making eating a food with great relish to Yakitori.
We make a study about torii of Japan.

Present of "beer" which does not wish for such arrowhead, Western bower nooyassankara.
When we are going to say oyassanni etiquette, we do not seem to leave shop anymore.

oyassan which we leave without hearing casual hospitality and etiquette.
"The best" of Edo where is true as for this. "We are unrefined" if we let you thank. It is bean jam in this. It is all members impression.

Leave Western bower, and to Kanda west exit mall.

When we enter the back of main street aimlessly
Shop of fried craftsman of 1, Jinden of bean jam guaranty.

It is the powerful charm of this tour to be able to be taught such a well-known store which only local person knows.

And party to birth firmness street.
"Success in life God of Fire" that this is family name. Episode concerning the benefit.
We distinguished ourselves remarkably and seemed to succeed in life in old days when sumo wrestler who was ten cars went and worshiped in this.
Of sumo wrestler "take", and after all, in to "birds," this "is absorbed in bird", too.

"Kamakura bank of a river Bridd" where the bar second store is in contrast to Western bower in business for 40 years in business for 2 years.
"hinadori" seems to mean with Bridd.
It is wine and Yakitori that come out of stylish shop which we seem to totally mistake for BAR.
Very new combination. When want to experience quality of town of "Kanda" where NEW is mixed with OLD by all means, bean jam.

Party who swells by Australia quiz for some reason while enjoying fresh combination.
(that Australian customer was going to come today ... photograph left)
Can have map of bean jam handmade article that shop was written as root that walked today, and state of size satisfaction. (the photograph right)

Finally, we borrow everybody hand and are finished by Kanda one tightening in high spirits!
Father experience tour of Kanda. It was experience tour of such smart liquor and dishes which stopped just carelessly, and seemed to be included.

Main event of Kanda art festival, adult fair are Friday, September 3. Let's drink by all means in Kanda.
The details are this.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/08/24 21:50

Is it lunch in Jimbocho?
Hmm, let's be going to easily have ramen.
As some rice things want to eat, let's be going to have half Chan ramen.

Well, if say ancestor of half Chan ramen; "sabuchan" of bystreet of Shiroyama Street is established theory.
But there are many one dishonest measures of Yasukuni Dori, fans of "ikyo"
of life Theater row, too.

960,000 or more make a hit when we google with "ikyo".
Well, there being many things with much blog of ramen enthusiast.
Menu of ikyo which gets considerably high evaluation even if we look in the blog.

The site of a hard-fought battle of the kokoiraha restaurant business.
Office worker is cheap, too, and student is good, too and loves large serving.
It is not ordinary person to put noren in this ground more than 40 years.

Point of this alley is Yasukuni Dori. When cross signal; makarazu person of store specializing in bags.

This is the ramen.
Simple Tokyo ramen of soy sauce taste.
That visitor who is higher than uncle remembers old "Chinese noodles" of Showa.
Naruto right yearns for nyu tteitaranaatoha.

Half fried rice is included in ramen and becomes "half Chan ramen". (630 yen)
He/she satisfies mind for lunch enough and is cheap even if we say anything!

General of general tosabuchanno of ikyo is brothers pupil of predecessors in the family line "ikyo" storekeeper. ) like (
If it is sabuchanga ancestor, ikyo may be "the half Chan ramen birthplace". (imagination)

As soup of ramen of ikyo is simple taste,
We recommend favorite one hasabuchanoo and do thick soup, but let's pass through noren depending on feeling.

Elsewhere Chinese noodles with fried vegetables, won ton noodles, fried vegetables
We do cold Chinese noodles in the summertime. We can add half fried rice to most.

Is aunty having a loud voice with cheerful general with noted product? . .


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/08/19 15:23

"* 玕 sinus" which Koutarou Takamura opened. We are said to be first Japanese art gallery.
Seemed to be opened in 1910, is the 100th anniversary in this year.
Town, Kanda with the history of thick culture art.

Therefore what is opened on August 16 "grand prix exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the art gallery birth"
In five places of individual art galleries of Kanda neighborhood, it is displayed.
We seemed to finish selection of prize by judge,
During period on Friday, August 20, examination of next corridor person Prize will be possible tomorrow.

We served as meeting and visited "north circle tiny gallery" of Jimbocho today.

North circle Thailand knee gallery

Is it signboard of cat and invitation frog? But, we meet.

North circle Thailand knee gallery   North circle Thailand knee gallery

Gallery of atmosphere that we are small but cozy and can appreciate casually.
During period of this memory award exhibition, it is the downtown area hit by intense heat
Many people did the next corridor and seemed to be examined.

North circle Thailand knee gallery

For more details → It is until tomorrow, Friday, August 20, 2010!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/08/18 22:19

We think to go to Myojin for prayer as we came to the side for a minute.
But, we have not finished lunch yet.
Of in front of ttende 3, Myojin, Jinden way where "there is not prayer on an empty stomach", Sui shrine gate
It is plunge to Myojin side "tree spear".

We discover odd person in lunch menu.
Choice that summer sunlight of today's eagerness looks cool in considerable strong one.
What asked for "chilled tofu Tsukesoba"

Myojin side "tree spear" of well-established "Sudacho dining room" of Kanda descend
It is store of that "juraku" group.
While we ate as it was lunch of considerably late time, anyone has disappeared.

Today's original purpose is Kanda Myojin worship.
Well, we discover medium of group when we finish worship.

We were opening a course summer annual event "medium guide lecture" of Kanda Myojin.
25 participants who finish beginner's class lecture in intermediate lecture so far today.
The yesterday's beginner's class lecture seemed to include participant of 40 Nantes.

It is lecture of the acquisition of conduct of Edo Senke tea ceremony to have observed.
We learn manners as Japanese woman who is culture of the original sum through conduct of tea ceremony.

All the participants taste tea which had you make in conformity with manners.

Intermediate lecture is the following class schedules; from morning to evening
We wear new clothes and usually put the body in the world of Shinto which we cannot experience by daily life.
Sincere figure which maintains feeling of strain and concentration, and takes lecture is very beautiful.

08:30     Meeting (punctuality)
From 08:30 to 09:00 wearing (we wear white robe, hakama)
From 09:00 to 09:30 opening of a course type (daiharaishi*jo and official worship)
From 09:30 to 10:30 lecture (shrine-related Shintoism outline)
From 10:30 to 11:30 shrine maiden's dance (exercise of Toyosaka dance), break
From 11:30 to 12:00 lecture (heart of heart, service of Shinto)
From 12:00 to 13:00 meal break
From 13:00 to 15:00 tea ceremony training, break
From 15:00 to 16:30 shrine maiden's dance (exercise of Toyosaka dance)
From 16:30 to 17:00 closing a lecture type
17:00     Dissolution (after change of clothes)

When come back to the precincts for hydration, and look back; on the Myojin Hall
The Skytree which became one size big got into eyes once again.
Still, is hot, no, is hot.

Next takes a rest; is practiced shrine maiden's dance "Toyosaka dance" (of good point wind up) soon.
As attendant visit of parents of participant is admitted, majority looks anxiously.

The final stage is also the ceremony of end. At first we go and worship formally in front shrine.
The everybody back was fixed with a whack, and posture was well beautiful worship in perfect order.

It is the afternoon and dedication of shrine maiden's dance that we practiced hard in the morning.
Participant parted to two and has finished dancing "Toyosaka dance" (of good point wind up) in front of God wonderfully.

We had words of appreciation of the lecture end than Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest and finished the ceremony of end.
Smile has a glimpse to participants who accomplished "medium guide intermediate lecture" and obtains.

The afternoon of hot hot Tokyo.
Young Japanese woman is refreshed; had turn up.