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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/28 18:23

One of the world's largest secondhand bookstore streets, Jimbocho.
In Sakura Street of the one of Yasukuni Dori south, one Kanou cool air summer festival is held today.

Only in Jimbocho where attention degree is sublimed into as town of meal
Booth of stall of fair of this summer festival is luxurious, too.

European curry Bondi of regular customer opens a store in ranking of curry, too.

Steakhouse Jimbo prepares steak skewer with voluminous feel, too.

Then Cha-soba of popular Iwanami Shoten is just 30 yen.


Two local major publishing companies open a store.
Shogakukan is bargain sale of character goods!

Shueisha is portrait booth.

In addition, the JTB metropolitan area Jimbocho branch sponsors lotteries where accommodation coupon of pair is.

It becomes dark, on stage as for the live.

It is festival to be town of book, town Jimbocho of meal well.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/27 11:48

Elegant event was held.
The Kanda Myojin material has followed, but mine look that tolerant.

Summer special plan of Kanda Myojin "Myojin private supplementary school" held through the year.
Title "Edo saying we play"
We came with evening of Gidayu to enjoy in Okawa sight-seeing and pleasure boat.

The Kanda River is boat rental house "Noda-ya" of Asakusabashi side here.
People gather one after another in one day, evening. Approximately approximately 50 people.

At the appointed time, pleasure boat sails towards Odaiba.

We have a pleasant chat with Yuko Tanaka law and politics studies University's professor of Myojin private supplementary school principal of a private school before Kanya Tsurusawa, public performance of samisen.

nantomaa, fair sex Gidayu appreciation in pleasure boat begin.
Subject "step of morning glory diary - inn, Oi River true to life of" (carry move morning glory Saigon cinnamon)

Act zuruha tayu (the left) fourth generation Ayanosuke Takemoto, samisen (the right) Kanya Tsurusawa

Takemoto of tayu is awful title named the important intangible cultural property synthesis holder.
Kanya Tsurusawa of samisen is cool beauty of Gidayu world.
This is important intangible cultural property general holder authorization, too. I was sorry!

Tragic love story that is recited with emotion by pleasure boat anchored in Odaiba.
And the investigation by samisen recalling me to the scene.
What splendid situation. No, we must say in Japanese.
It is elegant plan that has right reproduced play culture of ex-Edo.
Of course, everybody who participated, it is standing ovation in delight.

After performance of luxurious two people was over, question corner and free talk.
Everybody is surprising to dismantle samisen, and to store in compact case.

Thing that meal while we see night view of Edo-style Odaiba is the second.

Mr. Yuko Tanaka, seat of participant is visited openheartedly.
We were very busy, but spend happy time receiving question depending on taking a ceremonial photograph.

Tayu, doing performance in pleasure boat for the first time with two people of samisen.
We were jolted in wave and we were confessed with seasickness potato lightly and took laughter of everybody.
In addition, "words thrust into an interval in someone's speech" of oyster birds coming in ship This was amiability, too.

We were sent back to field Taya at 20:30 at the appointed time and happy time was sorry, but became dissolution.

☆We take information of Myojin private supplementary school on "Kanda Myojin" homepage.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/18 12:24

We completely colonized as annual event of Kanda Myojin midsummer on Monday, August 17
"Medium guide lecture" was opened a course in.

Fix the position to white robe and hakama at 8:30 a.m.,
It is single woman 22 years or younger to have gathered to take lecture of madebitchirino class schedule in the evening.
Application is inundated with beginner's class lecture of this 20 capacity.
We increased capacity, and 33 everybodies did for "medium guide lecture".

There is rule to take lecture.
It is put under ban of hair dyed brown strict prohibition, possession of cell-phone and is very severe when careful with whisper.
Still it is Japanese culture, tradition and heart of Japan. We participated to learn Shinto, and to deepen profound knowledge to Shinto shrine
Student takes lecture along class schedule forward seriously.

Worship official with opening of a course type in main shrine.
Lecture about Shinto shrine culture is 80 minutes successively.
Student which straightens posture, and takes lecture of 80 minutes without whisper seems to be considerably hard.
As for the next, lecture and commentary of the history and cultural assets of Shinto shrine are 60 minutes.
We have Shinto priest comment on middle shrine, professional jester and monument of the precincts and observe Shinto shrine museum more.
It was considerable intense heat, but it seems to become change to go out.

Time or omoi breath of pleasant meal
Whisper writes 31-syllable Japanese poem after the preprandial meal by prohibition, and meal manners are stern, too. (45 minutes)

However, as is expected, most of seem to be attended for own hope
Figure to take lecture while offering a glimpse of some feeling of strain and fatigue is sincere beautifully.

After lunch, it is *jo of great purification words (pay words). This is hard.
We stretch out the back by sitting straight and we put up elbow highly and repeat words of *jo in big voice five times and do *jo.
Order of attention of Shinto priest flies in volume of posture and voice strictly while it is the beginning.
Surprisingly, voice of all of students is equal like beautiful chorus and is moved, and the body is tightened.

As for the young lady who still cannot stand up for numbness of foot after the end immediately for approximately 45 minutes.
Faces of everybody experiencing what we can hardly experience overflow in a sense of fulfilment by everyday daily life.

Next is lecture of etiquette of 90 minutes.
We begin with Japanese-style room, bow between tatami mat and learn dancer, how to sit down.
We learn manners of washroom that we face worship properly.

Finally, lecture of God former wedding ceremony.
We observe live performance of gagaku and shrine maiden's dance of genuine medium of Shinto shrine. (75 minutes)

Such a person reported on lecture, too.
Shoes which are golden to pants of suspender. This individual hairstyle. Hang two Leica on chest.
This knows who hard uncle copying is in this half-sitting posture.
I see, of the world ●Lah ●ki ●We did in this.

We finally go and worship at the last with closing a lecture type formally again in main shrine.
Each one was given identification of end and took a ceremonial photograph in all the members.
Soft smile of all of students of instant when feeling of strain came loose relievedly was impressive.

Evening, 5:00. All lectures were over without one falling off safely.
It was Kanda Myojin "introduction to medium lecture" to review Japanese tradition, culture some other time, and to deepen profound knowledge to Shinto shrine.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/10 19:32

   ―Tokyo of Meiji to see in old photograph―
"Kanda ward, Nihonbashi ward edition"

We display photograph of former "Kanda ward" and "Nihonbashi ward", approximately 60 points.

JCII photo salon (Japanese camera natural history Chikashi Tachi)
●Subway, Hanzomon Station 3-minute walk
●No charge for admission ●Until August 30

For more details↓

●JCII photo salon (Japanese camera natural history Chikashi Tachi) venue entrance (no charge for admission)

  Pictorial record (24P) 1,000 yen that we sell in venue

  The left-hand page : We are reduced to ashes by the Great Kanto Earthquake of "Kanda Myojin" of the Meiji era 1923
  Right-hand page : Forerunner "Tokyo cross temple of Confucius" of "Bunkyu bridge" and Nicolai temple which have been ever built over the Kanda River


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/03 17:37

Saturday, August 1
It is hosted by Chiyoda-ku in Akihabara station square,
Annual "sprinkled water event" was carried out in the summer.

Older sister of clean yukata of host progress prepares on the main stage side, and she OK's.
Tree pail which water of sprinkling entered stands by in pyramid state.

Appointed time 17:00
Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda and Manager of Otsuka forever bridge district alliance town assembly are greetings of opening.

A lot of university students in Chiyoda-ku participate with yukata.
Four people of representative are put up in high spirits at "temperature of the earth with lower geruzoo!" on stage.
We have a cute girl's yukata look.

The head of a ward and Manager of town assembly and primary schoolchild of neighborhood, university student in ward, female office worker of circles are sprinkled water together.
Venue in front of Akihabara Station is ... with atmosphere looking cool and happy smile full
We return to child's mind, everybody, and play with water.

Follow; and "beat, and water tsu daughter flocks! It is 2009 events.
Meeting "Rico Rita" of citizen performing contribution to society in sponsorship NPO corporation Akihabara

Is Akihabara selected? Approximately 30 costume play maids flock of this in front of stage.
We were divided into three places from the station square and sprinkled in the Akihabara neighborhood.
Even if groupie camera boy gatakkusande sprinkled each, has temperature risen? ?

"We beat, and water tsu daughter flocks! We sing 2009 support songs
Dance & vocal unit "teens heaven" of low teen group of 3
We spread cute refreshing smile.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/29 17:27

Visiting ramen restaurant 6 stores around Kanda Station,
For "pico touch" that ate ramen, and was put in store
Be involved with cell-phone with FeliCa (wallet mobile phone) function,
We fill stamp page generated by mobile phone
Event of stamp rally form & ranking is held.
Until ... Friday, August 7.

Event blog is this.↓
We understand the change of ranking at glance in every day.
Of course we understand the method to participate in vote of ramen battle here.

Because this poster is put, in front of six participation stores, please come to mark.

waizu                         toju


Oyama                          NOCCHI

Hey, I run out of one store. . . Another one house is "man Japanese spaniel low".
Ramen battle of 6 above-mentioned stores is holding.

Free service or ... that there is a lot of ... ramen when we vote for touch vision by wallet carrying

The details are with this blog↓

Is sweat, or there is ramen food in Kanda of midsummer; and go♪♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/21 22:49

Is it seal character body? We feel nostalgic for letter of old "Kyoritsu hall" such as this
We go up seven steps of stairs to the front entrance.

"Kanda Kyoritsu hall" where it was said to be the palace of fork and ever built the history and fame as concert hall.
First-class talent from many foreign countries came, too.
In addition, such as "the top ten of red-and-white song" which is popular in witty hosts of Masaaki Sakai and Mitsuko Baisho
"Kanda Kyoritsu hall" which was basic hall.

 On earth it will be about yellowtail for dozens of years that music concert revived.

          That Arisu revived in Kanda Kyoritsu hall on July 20 (celebration).

   ALICE returns in Kanda Kyoritsu hall
Eve ... only for ... three

             It is Alice, the first concert in 28 years.

Is Capa of good old Kanda Kyoritsu hall where the first-floor seat, balcony seats are buried under one after another around 1,500?
In the age group of Alice fan who waits still for the start, is considerably high one natural?
Having high age group of the second-floor seat even if we will have ... it because member of very Arisu is the sixtieth birthday.

Photograph ↓ Chiyoda-ku public relations section

The 17:00 appointed time
Simple sixtieth birthday trio Arisu appears in simple stage, and the curtain rises.
Live broadcasting of CS wisteria entered labeled as the eve of national tour to begin from now on, too.
It is right acoustic stage only for three members.

The first-floor seat sounds beating time with hands and standstill by all standing up from opening suddenly and feels rhythm.
Entertainer takes laughter in deep blue MC, too and heaps up while tickling visitor.

We cannot write title of a musical composition, but is program of national tour with the other version?
It was astringent juice meno selection of music while we remembered debut in the origin of fork, Kyoritsu hall.

                2-hour live is instant, and time passes.
                We close with encore at 19:00.

         It was hard to leave venue, and figure which we took a picture of in hall was outstanding.
         We saw a lot of people whom Kyoritsu hall itself took a picture of.

There were a lot of people who were hard to leave for the front entrance of "Kanda Kyoritsu hall" which did well after a long absence.
Was able to use in earnest hope of Alice this time as concert venue, but ...
Probably it is special. It will be to become use of one time of concert.
Of course the live concert of Arisu was good, too, but was ... good old "Kanda Kyoritsu hall".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/20 19:31

By TV show of curry shop to Jimbocho - Sudacho
We are often introduced
Today's Nippon Television surprise
Even as for the program called the best curry in Japan deciding match "which" "master" chooses
Curry person of Ethiopia, mutual prosperity temple, topuka and Kanda area
It was taken up.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/16 5:48

Pride of world festival. The best shot of Kanda Festival that was full of the genuine best.
Please admire.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/12 7:46

Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property which restored old folk house of early lumber dealer of the Showa era, house of Kanda.

House of Kanda is decorated with "cheeks enthusiast" telling full-scale summer arrival.

Bright orange fruit of cheeks enthusiast.
We look cool in harmony with calm appearance of house of Kanda.