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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/27 19:40

Lecture of Secretary General Hitoshi Okada of Chiyoda City Tourism Association

2009.01.09fri bachelor Hall

Okada to the people in the know.
Of course person not to know does not know, but ...

Manager at former University of Tokyo baseball club.
Supervision nanodea - ru which defeated Hosei University said to be the strongest which had pitcher Suguru Egawa.

Kanda is 3, Nishikicho, lecture in bachelor Hall.
You trained Univ. of Tokyo student, and how did you break law and politics how?
Anecdote with Nagashima of giant, characteristic and individuality of six universities at the time.
nadonado, story of favorite baseball was sometimes recited hot while taking big laughter with joke.

Graduate of national seven University said to be former Imperial Universities is attendance shiteirunodea - ru.
Say member of bachelor society.

Well, this bachelor Hall is precious building appointed to important cultural property of country.
Depth of 80 old oozes out.

Well, this place is the University of Tokyo birthplace.
There are monument and sign on the entrance side.

The front entrance.
As general person including restaurant and hotel becomes able to use now, too
We can look at the inside of building.
Oh, yes, lunch is in what there is at restaurant in noon, too.
Person who wants to enjoy person who is interested, person learning architecture, delicious lunch,
Please go and is better.

I see, Okada is here bachelor Hall
Reason that gave a lecture under the theme of baseball is this monument in this ground↑

This ground is "Japanese baseball birthplace" nanodea - runoda.
The Meiji era begins, and teacher of foreigner tells baseball to Japanese immediately
It was place of this bachelor Hall to have told.
Were there topknot, person who still placed sword by any chance with kimono?
It is this ground that baseball came early in the Meiji era of such most Edo era.
kyo kidea - ru♪

Detailed thing, please cause explanation of this monument.
There is in the front of exit of subway Toei Mita Line Jimbocho Station (Otemachi gathering).


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/21 10:37

In January 12 (celebration, Monday), "rice ball teahouse" (Jimbocho 1-34) in brocade bloom street
There was "meeting with jizenkobeimochi".

From opposite sisters shop "self-sufficiency" of about 11:00 a.m. "rice ball teahouse"
We put sticky rice which it was sultry manager, and went up in the steaming basket and carried.
We put sticky rice in the mortar and at first we work out with mallet and put up.


And we finally make rice cake!
"petan, petan" and good sound sound through Kanehana Street with shout of sightseer.


Made rice cake can be wrapped up in bean jam leaving soybean flour, lowering, natto, some grains,
On the dish.
Tender rice cake was very delicious and had.

Young person made flattened rice cake well, but is Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture student,
We went to farmhouse for help of rice cake making and seemed to learn every year.

In addition, age of sightseer on seeing posture of rice cake making "nyu ttoranne (laugh) waist as for the young child"
This. "Rice cake which we put waist and hit is different in tenacity. It is different from rice cake which girl and child hit
He/she told with dayo ...

Heard that borrowed mallet and mortar from town assembly, but of town assembly of the north best among God on about the daytime
We come in various places and have a pleasant chat with manager.
It is called out saying it is saying "we want such an event to be held more and more" from town assembly


"Rice cake making"
If it is one of these ordinary pastimes that gives poetic charm, but actually performs it,
A lot of traditional skill of Japan hides there.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/19 18:26

It is finally Sunday of decisive battle on Sunday at 12:30 for 18 days♪

Each examination committee puts Sekigan seal on hand on snowman board.
Cheers break out from the snowman person concerned of the circumference or person of sightseeing.

We see Mayor Ishikawa, too and inform of celebration of event success.
Figure which had fun of Ken lump was seen at corner of child play.

This that championship got 12 votes↑

"Cow to think" about which 3, Ogawa-machi Kitamachi meeting "Beer native" team produced
We consider what it is with face which pretended ignorance.

"Kanda daughter" that it made "messenger of owl desired" with one vote of only difference to have been a runner up team

The third place is also joint team of branch office of ↑ Jimbocho, Kanda Park with one vote of difference again.
In fact, it was 3, Ogawa-machi west team and tie score of favorite by the second straight victory.
Branch office team gained the third place by rock, paper, scissors between representatives.

In fact, it is this.
Snowman with "reproduction" and title of Ogawamachi intersection.
The upper part of building opened, and figure that bird flew away was expressed.
There were few votes, and was 4 points for some reason, but ...

We like this at the good completion personally. Championship!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/19 12:04

Did you eat everybody Toshikoshi soba properly?
It is famous so that there is not person not to know in Japanese dietary habits.
We eat soba on the last day of the year and have a meaning when "let's live happily long and frugally".
That it is said that place to "be narrow" seems to be Japanese is graceful place.


Suidobashi west street "Niku soba gengan" which there is to go.
It is shop where side and ingredients become full as always a lot in plate such as bowl.
When there is a lot of soba, it is thing which does not wear well, but free, usually provide salty bean paste in the latter half
Even if as he/she gives, taste is accompanied by accent when we put in the soup for preference in the latter half and takes
It seems to be good♪
Originally soup which worked of sharp taste becomes base, but is not unpleasant hotness.


It is various for feeling on the day including side without cold soba, hot soba, meat of topping
There is pork miso soup-like soup recently, too, it is recommended shop even in winter.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/17 15:22

Snowman fair

We reached what and the mooo - eighth year.
This year from Ogawamachi intersection to Suruga Her Excellency intersection on both sides of Yasukuni Dori
Many snowmen form a line. . . Grand.
There is snowy amusement place in brook open space, and children are delight, too.

As for a lot of people who passersby stop, and look at snowman, and photograph Yasukuni Dori.
Sunday tomorrow is examination and commendation ceremony of contest.
Production of snowman is that the evening of today is the deadline, too
Teams making snowman harder are often found today.

This place is brook open space.
Yesterday, snow which arrived early in the morning from Tsumagoi still dark
The staff did the best and built up "little child open space".
It becomes full with smile and cheers of a large number of little children today.
Father and mother of attendant look happy for some reason, too.

Video public information crew of Chiyoda-ku reported to children.

Jumbo slide, snowman, Kamakura be made in open space
We are to children having a snowball fight.

By the way, it is snowman.
The left: Delight family team of Kazue society mall of the 1, Ogawa-machi south
  We were still producing. Considerably huge. When win a prize this year; parent and child team of smile.
The right: Heartwarming parent and child penguin snowman of joint team of Jimbocho branch office and Kanda Park branch office.

This is Kanda firefighting team second branch office team.
Strong team of snowman contest winning a prize the year before last last year.
We aim with championship this year.

By the way, 3, Ogawa-machi Nishimachi meeting team during snowman contest the second straight victory now
As we were producing slowly and carefully slowly and carefully, we do not pick up today.
We will scheme the third straight victory in cute owls.

Result of snowman contest is the tomorrow's fun.
Please go to enjoy snowman fair of Kanda on Sunday tomorrow, everybody.
Children can do play with snow of heart's content to think of in little child open space.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/16 13:07

"Honest dining room of butcher shop" in Shiroyama Street.
This place was always place that was famous because replacement of store was intense
As we succeeded in acquisition of visitor, we are doing business well.


We are crowded in noon.
It was shop of type that raw meat came out to with iron plate and pan,
Electronic cooking device enters under each table.
That means, when favorite doneness can regulate; thing!
Staff tells recommended doneness carefully,
Person first in how to handle electronic cooking device being one button, simple operation is relief.


We arrive to hourglass to be able to measure time.
Though meat is important for taste of own body, taste and resistance to the teeth are decided with doneness
We put away.
To my delight there is 500 yen lunch menu, too.


By the way, another rice is approximately two times of ... in having been free.


Is it tsuketarahama to see own favorite menu and doneness?

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/12 16:39

Kanda Myojin daikoku feast day started on January 10 is the last day in the present days.

Today when snow mixed with sleet danced in the downtown area.
Cutting board difference, four Jo style kitchen knife ceremony were held in front of Kanda Myojin front shrine on the New Year.

Kitchen knife ceremony is classic culture ceremony having been continued since the Heian era.
Cook is Saito oak Otori.

There seems to be more than 40 kinds in out of form in kitchen knife type of performed carp today
Today's dedication expression title "carp of rite to mark the attainment of manhood."

Pork miso soup falls after cutting board difference in the precincts; turn around
Of worshipers many under the wintry sky was able to stand in line.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/10 16:01

Kanda Myojin Ichinomiya, daikoku-like festival began on January 10 today.
In climax for the first day, we make ablutions during the patience society = cold season during cold

Design of purification ceremony during cold is * itadasai here
It matched daikoku Festival and was great bustle in people calling for fortune.

daikoku-like image of a deity can stand in line
We had you call fortune of this year together in magic hammer.

In addition, person given lucky charm of fortune bamboo grass seems to be able to do lottery without blank.

Please see this in detail about daikoku feast day

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/10 14:43

Saturday, January 10 10:00 ...

Annual event of the New Year of Kanda Myojin.
Shinto ritual "purification ceremony during cold" was held.
It is participated in foreign people 70 years old led by new adult more every year by high school student.
In intense cold man loincloth or half longjohns,
Woman in white clothing,
It is event to take cold water in purification ceremony ground that big icicle began, and to cleanse the body.
It is not patience meet of simple winter and is holy Shinto ritual.

30 participants including woman are derived at the appointed time at 10:00 a.m. by Shinto priest and gather in front of main shrine and stand in line.
We are surrounded by much media, photographers, a large number of sightseers.
Positive is weather of slightly cloudy weather to shine, but it is considerably sometimes cold.

Before purification ceremony, we say hello than Otorii chief priest of Kanda Myojin. And we go and worship in in front of God.

Finish worship, and speak on the outside of the precincts; and one lap of run.
All the members run barefoot. Breath to blow out is pure white.

Warm-up while all the members speak in a ring in front of purification ceremony ground.
Purification ceremony ground that big icicle began before the right lion rock towards main shrine.
We finally enter purification ceremony ground.

We enter purification ceremony ground together with the spirit and bend knee and are pickled to waist and put on from head taking water into account to pail.

Participant of foreigner is covered with water in conformity with rule silently, too.

Young woman is covered with water for sincere posture.
We exceed dumb one and are slightly hardening, but voice comes out well.
We are covered with cold water, and the body is numb and endures strictness so as to but laugh.

This cheerful uncle two ways
M of T and 2, Nishikicho town assembly's vice-chairperson of forever bridge town assembly's vice-chairperson.
T in particular is consecutive participation for three years.

Everyone, thank you.
He/she participates in purification ceremony Shinto ritual during cold to expel impurity at the beginning of the year, and there will be thing good this year.
But we were just looking and seemed to be numb ... ...
Prevent you from catching a cold.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/01/07 14:10

The world is very in bad times,
It is the age discharging to regular staff let alone contracted employee,
Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare hosts now in Jimbocho,
... bad timesbuster ~ "let's do the best! in Jimbocho is held.
(period: for from Tuesday, January 6 to 10th on Saturday place: vacant land next to Issei temple bookstore)


We establish distribution of boiled rice (Chinese steamed bun of "new world Chinese restaurant") and employment information section,
Federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore, each town assembly, Store Association link the name for the cosponsorship.


When person working in town decreases, town dies, too.
Is it "dispatch" or "regular staff" taking the opportunity of this? Is it "self-management" or "employ me?" nado,
Is about to ask by various viewpoints; about "working,"
It may be good to think.

Preventive method of others new influenza,
As for measures, the reporting to disaster, corrupt fraud,
Reporting like Council of Social Welfare is carried out, too.
We seem to do going around the town beating a drum of the Grand Sumo Tournament first sumo tournament in Tokyo as special plan on Saturday on 10th.

It is thing which wants to call in fortune by good drum of feeling.