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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/27 22:47

Ramen shop is three cases to distance of approximately 50m how.
Shop popular among it and which shops!

At first "ramen Jiro" with roof yellow.
Since we opened in Jimbocho at chain store which was famous for ramen enthusiast four years ago,
Shop which can stand in line every day on business day.

In facing of street "Chonan."
Here seems to be the second brand of "Nakata brothers" of Meidaimae, too.

Recently also much-talked-about "cover noodles." Mask of professional wrestler be displayed in front of shop,
Cook wears a mask, too. 

When we see line of such a ramen shop,
Is it ramen battleground here? We hark back to this.
In Jimbocho, the name was known as curry battleground,
There are a lot of ramen shops, too.

Deep Jimbocho!
When alley one of Yasukuni Dori enters, we can see various faces,
It is interesting town "Jimbocho".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/26 21:24

Yesterday, Kanda Festival that festival Committee was held, and performed kickoff for the next year.
(look at the yesterday's town blog → this)

Concept of Kanda Festival seemed to be arranged to three points of next in festival Committee.

The succession of Edo culture.
The succession of new festival culture.
And local tranquility and activation.

The cause of such a concept,
Since indiscriminate casualties case of June,
Of Akihabara that a feeling of confinement raises right applied to tranquility and activation
A variety of people concerned with Akiba gather
Meeting which recited dream and thought about Kanda Festival was held.

Local people who put base of life in Akihabara.
People who push on to frontier of business various in Akihabara in field.
People who work on local contribution in Akihabara.

Commentator is Mr. Senoo of redevelopment producer of Akihabara.

Shinto shrine which watched the history of Akihabara on plateau.
World festival which asked imperial inspection of general.

Therefore everybody can gather.
We want to hope that we make use of this centripetal force, and "tranquility and activation" of Akihabara are realized.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/25 19:20

"Kanda Festival" performed of saiko in May, 2009 has begun to change.

On November 25, big festival was performed saiko of solemnly today in autumn of Kanda Myojin.
It is said to be "niinamenomatsuri" in one of the big festivals of Kanda Myojin
It is Shinto ritual to appreciate good harvest and blessing of one year this year.

We meet in cathedral, and representative of parishioner of Kanda, Nihonbashi goes and worships at Myojin Noboru.

We move venue to Myojin Hall after big festival, and the first festival Committee be held
It has begun to work for Kanda Festival of May of the next year concretely formally.

Parishioner people of Myojin that pattern of yukata and Japanese towel is shown, and a feeling of expectation to festival gets excited.

Shutter of Kagura of the precincts was remade just few days ago by "Kanda Festival" specifications, too.
Festival car cruise to remind of former Edo world festival is figure of of crossing with forever bridge.
"Seki feather cloud head" and Renjakucho "Chohan Kumasaka" of Sudacho are drawn in the center.

Kanda Myojin, Otorii Miyaji look delighted with the completion, too.

Anyway, it was day called today when Shinto shrine, movement to Kanda Festival of each parishioner town assembly started.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/21 17:13

Temporary exhibition "life courtesy ~ of life ... Chiyoda of person"

Period : Until ... Sunday, December 14
Venue : Yonbancho Historical Museum exhibition room (1F, B1F)

Courtesy of turning point of the lives from birth of person to death
We collect Chiyoda nosamazana documents and are introduced display.

Umbilical cords form a line.
Big pot for the burial is displayed, but ... reality is too great. . .
Omiyamairi, the Seven-Five-Three Festival, old photographs such as festivals
Photograph or clothes of wedding ceremony were displayed, too.
Wedding ceremony photograph of big store of Nishikanda in Misaki Inari Shrine is splendid.
Old photograph of line of burial of remains is surprising.
We realized life of person of former "Japan" and death and culture again.

There is display commentary of curator
Wednesday, December 03 14:00 ...
... is recommended at 14:00 on Friday, December 12. ※To application unnecessary, direct venue
Venue →


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/14 19:26

Where is Ochanomizu?
Every inch?
Because there is "Ochanomizu Station" of JR on top of Surugadai, is it there and thereabouts?
There is neither lot number nor the place name nor name of a street.
What there is only as for the names such as station, bridge, slope, building or cramming school.
It is the really mysterious place name.

Monument derived from the "Ochanomizu" place name is built next to police box of the Ochanomizu bridge side.
General at the time of shuchu or house light comes to this ground for falconry, and say with "tea tsu"
After serving "tea" at spring which is the precincts of neighboring Takabayashi temple, say "umaii ...!".
"Then in Ochanomizu!" ・* * The place name named "Ochanomizu" was born in this.

High Hayashiji is made to move for city maintenance of Edo after big fire (1657) of the Meiryaku era and acts foolishly.
High Hayashiji exists in Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku.

Proper;, in the precincts with grave of Koan Ogata of the foundation, a lot of green can see old stone pagoda since Edo much carefully, too.

Still, place name "Ochanomizu."
When the name of temple becomes the place name, is seen a lot, but ...
For example, ... ... Sengakuji, Kokubunji, Koenji, Kichijoji, Yutenji.

Around the top of Surugadai is ... by any chance

It might be just becoming the place name called "high Hayashiji".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/08 6:38

Small but cozy
It is scenery of very beautiful night town.
 In Akihabara cross field


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/07 12:50

Map story "that sun-god field, Jimbocho" of the fourth book was issued.
Asakusa, Ginza, Nihonbashi are issued so far and seem to be popular.
We issue Shinjuku at the same time this time.

We say this and do not advertise book.
I leader writing in receives coverage now
We offered several points of photographs such as Kanda revival festival of 1946 or Kanda Festival of 1952.
But even my comment is what is hard to be published let alone use of photograph.

reomakarazuya inside and outside badge Kadoya Sanseido Bookstore NPO Kanda society luncheon Kanda Myojin
Shirr bamboo irregularity Amano-ya Kanda Omi Sarashina-ya confectionery; Y shirt manyoman* of source Yangtze River Chinese restaurant face
It is interviewed, and various shops of nadonado Kanda cooperate and offer document and photograph.
In addition, as soon as see as soon as, besides, wait for Yabu soba, milk hall on guide page, gold pen temples
Well-known store of much Kanda is introduced.

Appearance, taste, the history, change of town of Kanda an age of the sugukara 30, Showa generation ago are interesting with fascination after the war.
Building which ever existed is published abundantly, and memory revives with nostalgia.
Map (fire insurance map) immediate after the war is attached with appendix, and state of former town is clear at a glance, too.


Issuance: bu*do 2,100 yen


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/11/01 13:09

Kanda sports Festival

Autumn is "autumn of sports". Along Yasukuni Dori of Kandasurugadai,
There are a lot of shops of sporting goods.

Event that Mecca of such sports shop, Kanda sports shop-cho hold
"Kanda sports Festival 2008."

Various plans seem to be varied until from October 31 to November 3,
We came to play today.

Booth of skiing area and manufacturers on the sidewalk of Yasukuni Dori of the whole country in a row.
In each booth, event and campaign seem to be carried out.

In addition, in each sports outfitter, we are carrying out wagon sale and campaign.
We make undecisiveness to just just product.
Sports Festival Yasukuni Dori booth  Sports Festival wagon sale 

In addition, in brook open space where we entered at Yasukuni Dori in one alley, "lottery" and "product exhibition" are performed.

In "lottery," luxurious premiums such as accommodation coupon or sporting goods of ski trip seem to hit.
In addition, by "product exhibition," seasonal delicious food flocks from each places of the whole country.
We were able to enjoy not only "sports" but also "autumn of meal".
Sporting goods lottery Autumn product exhibition of meal

And, from today's 17:00, talk show of professional athlete and wall surface of building are used
There seems to be screening society of ski movie which we did.
How about everybody going to visit venue by all means what as it is with no charge for admission?


We hold "Kanda sports Festival 2008" until November 3.
When, using consecutive holidays, everybody goes for request in "autumn of sports", too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/30 11:05

In Tuesday, October 28 Meiji University academy hall
Four people who were born and raised in Jimbocho talk all night. ・* * Talk show which titled this was held.

Theme "Jimbocho of Showa"

Sponsorship: Meeting Tokyo chamber of commerce Chiyoda Branch doing town, Jimbocho of book well

As for four people appeared on, all the members were born in Jimbocho. Graduate of Hitotsubashi Junior High School.
We called at "Hill-Top Hotel" with waiting room before time.

The left: Shuichi Hara (Jimbocho three orders eyes Daimaru-ya U.S. shop seventh generation storekeeper founded in 1861)
Medium Yuji Miyake (theatrical company SET chairperson actor born in Jimbocho three orders eyes)
The right: *eikyoshi (meeting doing Jimbocho two orders eyes new world Chinese restaurant Jimbocho well)

Conversation exchanged at this place is relaxed and is considerably strange
So that time has totally returned to elementary school, junior high school days.

Academy hall of venue was crowded with approximately 800 audience, and it was surrounded by vortex of laughter.
Talk show which moves by charm of character and talk of Yuji Miyake.
Topics such as amusement place of memory, shop, person date back to the Showa era.
School talk considerably becomes lively, too.
You say with the school tradition of Hitotsubashi junior high school which is not thought about at all now at the time, or do you say with education policy when you say the contents?
You say that it is criticism of native place Elementary School, or do you say * riaito?
To be specific, two people, brocade bloom small (the existing Ochanomizu small) native place were two people Nishikanda small (we cry now) native place.

Four guests from the left Hiroshi Suzuki (in Manager Bunshun new book editing brocade bloom small → Hitotsubashi born in 1960)
            Yuji Miyake (in Nishikanda small → Hitotsubashi born in 1951)
            Shuichi Hara (in Nishikanda small → Hitotsubashi born in 1952)
            Takao Sugiyama (in writer brocade bloom small → Hitotsubashi born in 1952)

It is early that time for venue wrapped in good old laughter passes.
Totally say to such as class reunion; or most class reunions.
It was talk show that nostalgia to be relieved at felt to be have a short time of 90 minutes revived.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/27 23:42


Speaking of Jimbocho, "we enshrine secondhand book".
"The 49th Kanda secondhand book Festival" finally began on today.

There is another 49 times that is the history of 49 years.

After going to Tokyo; 18 years. After beginning to do machiokoshino activity,
We came to know other various festivals of Jimbocho,
As is expected, we knew "only secondhand book Festival".

But order from shop of secondhand book,
Customer coming to carry Rick on the back at the time of this festival, and to take reaches,
Customer of pleasure being enough looking for rare thing from wagon of secondhand book,
We did not know.

We represent Jimbocho,
Festival that I smell, and there is of Japanese culture unpleasant in unpleasant Kanda in Chiyoda-ku.

We will look forward to now this year what kind of festival it becomes.