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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/30 11:05

In Tuesday, October 28 Meiji University academy hall
Four people who were born and raised in Jimbocho talk all night. ・* * Talk show which titled this was held.

Theme "Jimbocho of Showa"

Sponsorship: Meeting Tokyo chamber of commerce Chiyoda Branch doing town, Jimbocho of book well

As for four people appeared on, all the members were born in Jimbocho. Graduate of Hitotsubashi Junior High School.
We called at "Hill-Top Hotel" with waiting room before time.

The left: Shuichi Hara (Jimbocho three orders eyes Daimaru-ya U.S. shop seventh generation storekeeper founded in 1861)
Medium Yuji Miyake (theatrical company SET chairperson actor born in Jimbocho three orders eyes)
The right: *eikyoshi (meeting doing Jimbocho two orders eyes new world Chinese restaurant Jimbocho well)

Conversation exchanged at this place is relaxed and is considerably strange
So that time has totally returned to elementary school, junior high school days.

Academy hall of venue was crowded with approximately 800 audience, and it was surrounded by vortex of laughter.
Talk show which moves by charm of character and talk of Yuji Miyake.
Topics such as amusement place of memory, shop, person date back to the Showa era.
School talk considerably becomes lively, too.
You say with the school tradition of Hitotsubashi junior high school which is not thought about at all now at the time, or do you say with education policy when you say the contents?
You say that it is criticism of native place Elementary School, or do you say * riaito?
To be specific, two people, brocade bloom small (the existing Ochanomizu small) native place were two people Nishikanda small (we cry now) native place.

Four guests from the left Hiroshi Suzuki (in Manager Bunshun new book editing brocade bloom small → Hitotsubashi born in 1960)
            Yuji Miyake (in Nishikanda small → Hitotsubashi born in 1951)
            Shuichi Hara (in Nishikanda small → Hitotsubashi born in 1952)
            Takao Sugiyama (in writer brocade bloom small → Hitotsubashi born in 1952)

It is early that time for venue wrapped in good old laughter passes.
Totally say to such as class reunion; or most class reunions.
It was talk show that nostalgia to be relieved at felt to be have a short time of 90 minutes revived.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/27 23:42


Speaking of Jimbocho, "we enshrine secondhand book".
"The 49th Kanda secondhand book Festival" finally began on today.

There is another 49 times that is the history of 49 years.

After going to Tokyo; 18 years. After beginning to do machiokoshino activity,
We came to know other various festivals of Jimbocho,
As is expected, we knew "only secondhand book Festival".

But order from shop of secondhand book,
Customer coming to carry Rick on the back at the time of this festival, and to take reaches,
Customer of pleasure being enough looking for rare thing from wagon of secondhand book,
We did not know.

We represent Jimbocho,
Festival that I smell, and there is of Japanese culture unpleasant in unpleasant Kanda in Chiyoda-ku.

We will look forward to now this year what kind of festival it becomes.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/24 17:30

It is not ground "star".
It is "bridge"♪
River does not flow, too, and there are some "bridges" though there is not water, in Kanda.

It is "Sakuma Bridge" today to introduce.
Some are lacking, and only this bridge pile is left in just what Akihabara is lively.

Is Sakuma Bridge Sakumacho? Does position of ... large body understand this? . .
↓It is here.

Right?! Water does not flow.

But we began such a feeling from the Kanda River, and moat pulled and has been ever broken into by.
This is map of 1903.

When say draw water, and why made moat of ship those present from the Kanda River; ...
In Akihabara freight station this railroad having been spread for the first time in Chiyoda-ku, it is 1890.
To carry Kanto that reached here Akihabara freight station, load from Tohoku using waterway
And to transport surface mail from here to each place, this; enter, and is moat.

Place where this moat was made ever make vacant land (vacant land) of protection against the spread of a fire to trace of Sotokanda big fire of 1869
After kansei doing extinguishment of a fire company in the Imperial Palace in the center there, and worshiping.
If Kanda natives of scatter-brain are God of extinguishment of a fire, Enshu will be Akiba University Gongen.
Then open field there is "akibagahara". "akibappara" daato has named.
This is thing which is cake because we say that it is of origin of the place name of current "Akihabara".
Therefore the place name called Akihabara is new unexpectedly.


The name of the left bridge is "hiragana letter", and the right is written as Sakuma Bridge in "kanji" each.
Line of the left photograph is Showa-dori. Right line is the forever bridge area.
Bridge name entering Edo at the country "hiragana letter." Bridge name to go out to from the Edo era was "kanji".
Therefore these two bridge piles have set up adversely by mistake.
We would probably put properly when we entered and filled up moat and blocked up.
We were going, and person of government office might not demand such a thing from person of construction, too either.

Because notation of the name of "bridge" made an age ago often results in being able to happen.
It is written kanji outwardly by Edo-jo Castle. Direction that enters Edo at the outside with hiragana letter notation.
Recent notation has quite much one of absurdity. Government officials of country will not know such a custom.

As there is bridge pile on the side of this opposite Izumi Bridge branch office one more, we will see.

It is Izumi Bridge branch office in the left of this photograph. Furthermore, it is Showa-dori.
The Kanda River flows through point where uncle sits in the front.
Uh-oh. Impossible. . .
The name turns to the inside♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/24 9:54

I who did not know painter called Hikozo Jomai say on seeing glance picture in now; "is dangerous!"; ask
We were seized with u feelings.
 We thought that painter, Yuji Shimoda of "100, Jinden view" inherited will of Jomai.
 It was opened up in Kudan gallery until from 20 to 28 on September; "street poet, painter rice stored in a castle
Having gone to see hikozoten.
 As for the picture which have Shimoda be very always on familiar terms, and do not entrust to eyes
For me whom we worked as, it was shocking.
 However, Shimoda does not seem to have met Jomai.
 , "is hard to quit after starting, and inherit, and please continue describing Tokyo of me"; ko washitakotosuranaiso
uda. It is natural. Because it is not to meet.

 However, of picture feeling in a chain reaction same DNA of heart to love this Tokyo I smelled, and heart went; is warm
Picture. Probably Dabu should have described painting in the same subject for around ten years.
 When let say to Shimoda; as for "Jomai is poet of "new village" 53rd
It is described and is great person. , cannot possibly imitate me; as for that is; it is said.
 Such Shimoda continues drawing Kanda for 20 years, too. "Jimbocho" support corps toiumachioko
Do, and do not stay in Jimbocho for territory of the person though is promoter of group, Chiyoda
It extends to the whole ward. It is before seven or eight years to have been come to participate in activity of various groups in earnest
Is said to be from this, but meet person, and commune every day now, is at all dea full of vitality
 We stand talking with that one whenever we join Shimoda in lunch since before support corps was established,
We say hello toward this place…There is memory that was not able to readily get lunch in this.
 As for me who thought that such Shimoda sa A waoyu was great, and stood straight by the side in activity in support corps,
Mall, interchange with one working for become gradually wide, and appear in town of Jimbocho
It becomes pleasant to go.
 It takes its ease, and it may speak ill of every day how that acquaintances increase in town.
 One paragraph on poetry "paved road of Ginza" of Jomai
With people who came to know each other by sight all too soon
Pleasure giving eyes face of affection for, it is surprising
 With the bodily sensation, right realize machiokoshino pleasure; nowadays.
 In collection of pictures of "Yuji Shimoda" who is the pilot being also released on October 30
It became.
 Postcard (all seven pieces of composing types 13 sets) of "100, Jinden view" was given for four years, but anthology is product
raretenakatta. Know it being by daily activities of Shimoda, personality in this town; go
It became the first collection of pictures under the cooperation of ta publishing company and editors.
 Continuation is authority.
Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/22 9:01

Pictorial book of flora purezentsu!

We went for lecture of pictorial book of flora which we waited and announced with blog last time.
Venue was wrapped in heat.
70 lucky people gathered by popular performance.

Shingo Yagyu is NHK education "gardening of hobby"; until this March,
Caster was served for eight years.
We usually spend time in "Yatsugatake club" of Oizumi-machi, Yamanashi that oneself runs.

We work as caster by "gardening of hobby" for eight years and meet many "flower stupid people",
Hateful flower seemed to disappear thanks to the grace.

In fact, Yagyu did not seem to like orchid.
Because, as for it, flower lasts a long time too much.
However, there is reason so that flower blooms for a long time.
By program because of "pollination as for flower blooming. Orchid has difficult pollination,
We knew, it bloomed for a long time to call insect and seemed to change our mind with "guy that orchid was tough".

"Hateful flower is flower not to know Yagyu reason.
We come to like all flowers if we know what kind of place of this flower is great"
Through caster, we tell that the first gain is, "hateful flower disappeared".

And he/she told "the secret of gardening".

1.It approaches with green thing and does * in winter. (with gentian and parsley)
2.We put in place to attract attention
3.We set into cool bowl
Because 4.70 points of gardening is enough, we have person praise
5.We buy good sprinkler and buy good sandals and buy scarf of cool toweling
It seems to be thing.
In sandals which this bound neck with towel of stump, and were worn out,
We are wrong if we use dirty sprinkler.
Anyway, the secret go to visit to flower every day.
By the way, it is mind that we have person praise, and want to approach wakuwaku and the material of flower.

And "it is natural for plant to die. Do not grieve in dying.
It is deep and was able to associate with the life or says, we want you to see plant every day because two or three minutes are enough every day.

This this plan. It seems to be thing that Yagyu met hot love call of Nagai of pictorial book of flora storekeeper.

Yagyu who lines up in stage saying it is saying "Nagai is considerable flower fool.".
Manager seems to visit to producer of flower well.
This seems to be because it wants to convey thought of good producer talking about the essence of flower.

The present dream of Yagyu seems to be to make "flower fool school".
Make flower fools who met and school talking about flower so far; so.

Students of the school will not surely have hateful flower.
The wonderful dream may be realized sometime in Yatsugatake.

"News from Yatsugatake of Shingo Yagyu" NHK publication

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Shingo Yagyu
It was born in 1968 and is a graduate from Tamagawa University department of agriculture. We go to the southern foot of Yatsugatake from the elementary school era and make grove of miscellaneous trees with father (Hiroshi Yagyu of actor). "Yatsugatake club" which we opened grove of miscellaneous trees in July, 1989 and added restaurant and gallery to (← URL link
We started. We are appearing on NHK "Morisot kikkoro" now. katsu such as radio or performance
We continue conveying splendor of gardening through motion.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/22 1:48

On October 21, we did Nihonbashi River - Sumida River - Kanda River and Cruise on eco-boat of Chiyoda-ku.

Detailed report of tour improves particularly,
Face of the unknown Kanda River introduces "waterway today for Ochanomizu".

With diverted water road, drain parallel to this river,
We say bypass of river to make under the road to reduce flood by flood.
For Ochanomizu waterway extension 1300M from Suidobashi to Shohei Bridge,
We drift to basement of Sotobori Street running parallel to the Kanda River.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/16 18:29

From today Thursday, October 16 with Tokyo station square circle building 1F circle cube
"Chiyoda Edo festival 2008" is held.
Selected festival car and festival car doll, miniature shrine descending from Edo culture are displayed until Wednesday on 22nd.

"Chiyoda-ku Edo world festival" is held once in two years,
It will have Hibiya Park, according to Marunouchi relation noisily togo miniature shrine of festival car cruise and Chiyoda-ku.
It says "Chiyoda Edo festival" that only display is carried out in circle building in year of the shade.

Well, import of doll and miniature shrine of display was carried out from 24:00 on the middle of the night of 15th.
Construction of Christmas illuminations was carried out on roadside tree according to relation in front of circle building early, too.
All displays are still carried in at 5:00 a.m. when it does not finish dawning 16th; at predetermined position.


It is great bustle from the first day.
Guidance that wore short coat from each place is enthusiastic.
People of the ground becoming festival after the display devote themselves to explanation that stayed of heat.
In addition, flyer brochure corner drains with popularity more and more, too.

Exhibition from Chiyoda-ku is large miniature shrine of 2, Kajicho of Kanda.
Miniature shrine of 6 sun of two shakus shines shiningly and is beautiful.

It is from 10:00 to 20:00 until Wednesday, October 22
Please look at the beauty of sai*bunka.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/15 15:58

Kanda dream prodding person 02 

"Owner Publishing" Kuri Koketsu      "Ball British temple bookstore" Ryota Saito 


We can say with representative of Kanda secondhand bookstore street following this time along Yasukuni Dori
We visited Kuri Koketsu of "owner Publishing" and Ryota Saito of "ball British temple bookstore".

Two people are same secondhand bookstore business companions and, in fact, are childhood friend.
Of thing that they spent early childhood in the same apartment, and courses became separate from elementary school
We meet again by work again after becoming adult. It is the fourth generation of shop together.

                       ■ The owner Publishing shop

Owner Publishing handles documents of the Edo era, other than Japanese book ancient map of the Edo era,
We sell ukiyoe print print, old photographs of the late Tokugawa period, Meiji.

        ■ Ball British temple bookstore 

                     ■ Yukio Mishima handwriting manuscript

In ball British temple bookstore, precious book is shop sign,
Precious book showrooms of 2F include handwriting, too. 
Takao Saito of the third generation seemed to begin to treat precious book. 

Is both such shops, but recently a little assortment of goods
Of book it is said that sell, and change was reflected on how to put out. 

It is Japanese book of so-called "ghost thing" Hisazato begins to gather, and to become topic.
Ghost coming out to novel of Natsuhiko Kyogoku sells a lot of appearing Japanese book.
In ghost boom of these days, attention of young generation and ghost fan gathers.
In the shop, movie became model of secondhand bookstore Kyogoku temple of "summer of shutokakucho". 

Hisazato "wants younger person to know good shop and Japanese book"
We show will in this.

Ryota is in charge of the first edition and attributive book now,
We lay emphasis on sale on the Internet.
Again last year "DOCUMENTARY Japanese book-WAHON-" DVD
It is place that is new in memory to have sold positively.
Work is more imminent in the ancient book industry,
To have and "we hear" "is easy to read" and enjoy and "we see",
Tokyo classic society photographed for full-scale cooperation, approximately one year and produced
[human documentary of people surrounding book printed in Japan] It becomes in this. 

< ...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/15 11:30

On both days on October 11 and 12th, suime;meikeitsu ride of tea was performed
"The fifth Ochanomizu art picnic."

We felt, but, anyway, there are many students last year!
Ochanomizu, Surugadai realizes that we say town of student some other time.

Ochanomizu jazz band Festival (at night)

Among yellow staff jackets of mall,
Students who wore black staff T-shirt make an outstanding performance in many places.
We rushed about with dragoman, the part of progress, barker.

The staff having many students,
Nature and visitor had many young people, and vigor overflowed.
The morning for the first day is rainy.
Therefore some events start in the afternoon.
Still for jazz band Festival from the afternoon,
With Buddhist services on the Lotus Sutra and the Mahayana Sutras ground, many crowds were able to do it.
Portraits of manager formed a line on street, and person who went to town looked very happy.

Students of the staff Ochanomizu jazz band Festival (noon)

The this year also first attempt "party house" (food street).
Shop 6 store of mall cooperates and transforms ourselves into me;meikeitsu riga opening cafe.
This plan was very popular because it was eaten each shop pride.
That there was negative effort that made making courtesy calls of student in this, and got cooperation.

In addition, we say "Ochanomizu art broadcasting station" (FM Chiyoda opening of an office preparations room)
Mini-FM is opened, and JAZZ flows through downtown, and light DJ sounds,
When positive declined, light of "the candle night" colored town, and atmosphere that was Mu day drifted.    

On the second day, wagon appears on street; and flea market.
And even if say anything; "1,000 sketching meet."
Ochanomizu is dotted with motifs of picture,
We were divided into some groups and saw figure which we sketched.
Then people walking town stop and look at the picture,
In addition, we walk it in topic.

Competitive show is held from the afternoon, too, right "art picnic."
Town of Ochanomizu overflowed with many pictures.

Ochanomizu art broadcasting station Sketching meet competitive show 

There are child base and building model exhibition, designer exhibition elsewhere,
By festival that we roll up visitor that any people regardless of age or sex is wide,
It was festival to be well very happily, and to give.

In fusion with mall and young power,
"Art picnic" to feel possibility of festival of town of new form.

Student succeeds to younger student and hopes that he/she follows for a long time.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/10/06 16:33

Flea market performed in June scale-ups more.
Saturday, October 11 from 10:00 to 17:30
Kanda station square Store Association, Kanda Station east exit first Avenue Store Association, Kanda contact street Store Association
Three malls jointly hold for the first time
"Favorite ♪ Kanda street Festival"
It is fleece treat for Nantes 400m to Yasukuni Dori along the track from the Kanda Station south exit.

Please go out.

Fresh vegetables market appears in flea market by cooperation of agricultural cooperative, too.
Fork & rock music good old in rojiyokosuteji.
A lot of effect imon stands open a store. There is local special product, too.

↑It is rojiyokoraibu on city street triangle stage

↓Extreme popularity, sold out pardon, tuna steak of Miura

↓Bustle of flea market of last time June!



We do me;meikeitsu rideha "Ochanomizu art picnic" in front of Ochanomizu Station on 11th, 12th♪