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11 30

Contributor: machiblog2
2016/11/30 10:51

By citizen's hand town neatly! Shimizudani Park adapt report

In Shimizudani Park, adapt was carried out on Saturday, November 26!
With adapt...

Town beautification program based on cleaning activity that the government pushed forward by collaboration with citizen. It is meaning of "we adopt ○○" in English with adapt. System that we look at public place of constant division to adopted child, and we stand, and citizen takes care with love like our child (we clean and clean), and administration supports this. (from Wikipedia)

In brief, let's clean town by citizen's hand! It is adapt to say this.
Adapt to plant flower by citizen's various places this time in Shimizudani Park was performed!

People of company with connection gathered in children, Kioicho local everybody this time!

Including pansy, we plant bulb of tulip for flower which is full of color and spring.

We care for in spite of being story in local everybodies happily. A lot of encounter, interchange not to be born was born by daily life.

Chairperson Morikawa participates in adapt us, too!

We plant by hand of local everybody carefully while thinking about placement of flower!

There are a lot of flowers in flower bed! It is comfortable to clean town by their hands.

Adapt is finished in approximately 30 minutes! While let go through, and there are various encounters local resident and student, children, hana* eo, town neatly. The community formation, adapt that also leads to activation of town. We want many areas to spread out by all means.