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Contributor: machiblog2
2016/01/06 16:25

Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine which high ranks include as Shinto shrine which wants to visit a shrine for a new year.
This is state on the evening of 4th. A lot of one considered that this day was the first business day of the year came. Even if it became dark, worship did not die out.

The Tokyo Grand Shrine at Ise
The Tokyo Grand Shrine at Ise where is got close to as god of marriage as Ise of Tokyo. We are known as Shinto shrine which held God former wedding ceremony for the first time in Japan.
Many women came for worship for good match on that day. It was with waiting until worship for one hour.

Hie-jinja Shrine
Hie-jinja Shrine where messenger of God of monkey which is the sexagenary cycle of this year is enshrined.
5th when even warmth was felt. As for the big congestion, the precincts of thing which there was not do well,
Served sacred sake was able to stand in line.


Lucky charm had thing in connection with monkey, and couple who bought, and came came to grandchild. It is pretty monkey not to think of to be lucky charm.

Kanda Myojin
Kanda Myojin who is famous for God of business prosperity. As is expected, suit look is more frequent.
Line that is still long on approach to a shrine in five days. It seemed to take approximately 30 minutes until worship on that day.

It be one year when this year is good for all of you. . .