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Contributor: machiblog1
2010/02/10 9:57

Satelite shop circulation in Chiyoda-ku, the fifth.
The first introduction is satelite shop "Kagoshima play comfort building" of Kagoshima this year.

By the way, why was it Kagoshima?
We left in every me, but grandmother accomplished 101-year-old peaceful death in the age at death.
There do not be Meiji birth to know old good Kanda and Chiyoda-ku one again
It closed, but will sleep in future in grave of Ueno.
In fact, the immediate neighbor of the grave is mausoleum of ten*in / *hime.

*hime is from Satsuma,
It is one of the central figures of Edo-jo Castle no blood surrender.
That means, when we read in contemporary style and untie,
Is it Kagoshima and central figure of matchmaking of Chiyoda-ku?
Distortion called this, anyway,
We aimed at play comfort hall promptly from Hibiya Station of subway.

Kagoshima play comfort building,
We are faced on the street of the left side toward Hibiya Park in Harumi Street from Yurakucho Station.
Meet Shinobu Arata of sightseeing in Kagoshima product section today.
As there was interval a little until time for appointment, we investigated play comfort building earlier.

Passage was passed through on the movie town side of Hibiya by the Harumi Street side when we entered.
State that seems to be campaign something or other in the back,

It was introduction of new burdock of premature delivery only in Kagoshima where climate was warm.
When, in answer to questionnaire, pull lottery, and hit is given; souvenir of burdock.
By the way, I hit! We had burdock shrewdly.

As after having had burdock, we still had time a little,
In having lunch this time at restaurant on the second floor.


It is shop called "ichiniisan" to introduce black pig dishes to.
In Kagoshima, anyone says "Fukiage hermitage" knowing
Noodle shop runs, but rather than Kagoshima dishes,
It seemed to be mission of branch to introduce black pig made specially in Kagoshima.

While we receive the mission, and Toshin does Route 3, Route 2, Route 1
We came to Yurakucho, but discover very much there!
"This is exquisite!" if we eat shabu-shabu of black pig in soup for buckwheat noodles .
In thing called this, we regress this time and return in 1, 2, Route 3
It is said that whirlwind that is new in Kagoshima was caused.
Therefore store's name that there was seems to be "ichiniisan".

I order "vegetables steamed set of lunch menu of black pig" 1,050 yen.
This answers correctly very much! Taste was great satisfaction of quantity, too.

By the way, we visit Arata in prefecture office on the ninth floor of the building as the appointed time approached.
It is "black" connection story worked in various ways, but to have been interesting.
In noted product of Kagoshima, there are many things gaining "black" for some reason.

Black pig
Black vinegar
Raw sugar
Also, black Chiyo incense (when drink potato shochu, with this ceramic ware, warm in this).

Why is it "black?" That we are just investigating this.
In having you introduce the goods as well as story that said this in the the first-floor product section.

At first shochu most popular.
Assortment of goods including brown sugar shochu made specially in potato and Amami Oshima is outstanding.

"Satsumaage" which we fry on the spot next
Fresh one looks delicious.

And what is not known unexpectedly "tea"
We seem to be proud of amount of production of the national second place.

We sampled powder tea with Arata.
We seemed to roughen Matcha a little more, but and it has body very and are simple.
This is convenient.

Therefore was coverage of short time, but to play comfort building
We dig more, and there seems to be thing. We will come again soon.

Then satelite shop in ward that we introduced before,
Joint fair with "Aomori north Aya building" seems to begin, too.
For more details, until "the first floor of the Kagoshima play comfort building special product sale."

TEL: 03-3506-9177

By kotogotominaokukon*