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Contributor: machiblog1
2009/10/16 22:08

Do you know shinninjoboteishiki (shinninjohoteishiki)?

According to Wikipedia, it is ...
It seems to be ceremony submitting letter of credence which ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary and minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary were entrusted with by the sovereign of dispatch country to the sovereign of host country of visiting diplomatics. In our country, this ceremony is held at the Imperial Palace.

It is car, or ambassador (diplomat) of country which started for its new post newly seems to be to be able to choose gisoumasha as Japan from Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Co. building of wait place to Imperial Palace palace south carriage porch, and many ambassadors seem to choose movement by carriage.

Through Koukiyogaien, you enter palace south carriage porch from the Imperial Palace front gate across so-called Niju-bashi Bridge (stone bridge), and, in the course, way home comes back to Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Co. building from Wada storehouse intersection from Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Co. building front of a riding ground gate intersection.

We observed outward trip of Imperial Palace Plaza today.


Viewers do not gather very much whether they do not know everybody.

The clear autumn sky refreshing today.
Blue sky and gisoumasha. Hakuba increased, too and bumped into this scene by chance
Foreign tourist is delighted.

Because, in gisoumasha, the most were made at the beginning of the Showa era from the end of the Meiji era,
Is worth artworks-like; is splendid.

We cross Imperial Palace stone bridge (generally it is said to be Niju-bashi Bridge, but Niju-bashi Bridge is back iron bridge)
We cannot readily look at carriage line either.

This carriage line the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor
We seem to be used for Imperial Family events such as marriage of the royalties.

It seems to be going to be performed on this shinninjoboteishiki, Monday, October 19, 2009.
For more details, please see homepage of Imperial Household Agency.