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Contributor: machiblog3
2009/09/07 15:04

Kanda art festival that we went to.

"Kanda success in life umaimon tour
 Visiting public houses ~ which bean jam of ... vegetable store, fish shop, butcher shop recommends!

As for "umaimon tour" to drink only in woman, and to surround Kanda neighborhood,
We reach the fourth in this year.

Bean jam of fish shop, butcher shop keeps company grocer raised in Kanda on that day.
Nine people of a lot of capacity gathered for woman participant.
It is quite good great popularity.

We finish work hurriedly, everybody, and, at 7:00 p.m., gather at Kanda west exit mall.

It is bean jam of ritsu tsuha, butcher shop (the left) and vegetable store (the right) this side.
Today of where drink; to place?

It is underpass of Kanda Station 2-minute walk, measure tortoise to have entered quickly.
When it was only woman, there was witty atmosphere to somewhat enter a little…

Uh-oh. Liquor which is delicious to delicious dishes.
In fact, little-known spot spot where Her royal highness the princess appears incognito. Woman camp can come from next, too! We satisfy this very much.

Bean jam of fish shop increases, too; souvenir picture.
Only as for the people who are really unique, everybody.
Does next rerareru have much such one in Kanda?

This is general of measure tortoise. It is usually shop which cannot be reserved,
This tour seemed to be realized by the kindness of general in particular this time.

The second house is "good-for-nothing".
This seems to be shop of senior of bean jam of butcher shop.

Manager of well-established soba of Kanda joins on the way, too.
Local connection of people of Kanda gathering aimlessly casually.
It may be very somewhat warm.

This is takoyaki of recommendation. It was very delicious.

With people not to know whom we met for the first time,
We can make friends through liquor in no time.

Kanda is town where there is a lot of such forgotten human empathy much.