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Town blog "around Imperial Palace, around Marunouchi, Yurakucho"

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Contributor: machiblog3
2009/09/03 15:33

For Edo downtown area back alley sight-seeing to become the fourth in this year as for the anything and repeater!
Thanks to you, it became very popular tour.

We drank by Yakitori and Japanese-style cooking and talked while taking a walk through back alley of Kanda neighborhood this time.
The date and time: September 2 19:00 ...

Father combination of bear of familiar Kanda native, cancer is shown around!

At first from back alley of Kanda Station underpass which was introduced by TV.
Low alley of ceiling is totally hideaway. Shops such as sushi bars link the eaves.


"Then, it is drink which consoles liver before drinking! Saying this is father; cancer.
It is father experience promptly.


Kanda is dotted with plural small Inari when we enter thin alley by trace of Edo tenement house.
Feeling to pray for security of town does not still change.
Inhabitants strengthen patrol in the town block in solidarity and try for town planning of security/safety.


Then the first case, "Yakitori Western bower." It is long-established store in business for 40 years.


At first from handmade tofu making with neighboring tofu maker.
As it is salted, we have without attaching soy sauce. Wow, it is exquisite!


It is Yakitori successively.
Burning hot hokuhoku. After all Yakitori hot from the oven is the best!


Then exercise after a meal. Again to back alley walk.


Oh? Do you take bear, cancer, subway?


Saying is saying "Ginza Line is the first subway made in Japan."; bear.
It is ... indeed.


Successively second case "public cooking post town." It is shop which is cozy by mom and pop operation.
As well as shop information of Kanda, we swelled by Edo downtown area words, Edo official approval!


Youth group Hasegawa of 3, Ogawa-machi Nishimachi meeting loving Kanda has you participate,
It became prosperous very much.


All of you who had you participate, thank you!
Thank you for your bear, cancer, Tanikawa, cooperation.

On this tour,
Triggered by "this, we want to reclaim new shop."
"It was fun. In addition, we had impression
saying we want to participate.

* Does everybody not investigate town of Kanda by all means, too?

We introduce this course:

The Kanda Station west exit → Satake Inari → Oyanagi Inari → Yakitori Western bower → Subway Kanda Station → Eight Inari → Public cooking post town

Yakitori Western bower 
3-22-9, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku TEL 03-3254-3053

Public cooking post town
2-1-9, Kandatacho, Chiyoda-ku TEL 03-3256-9549