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KONICA MINOLTA plastic material rear TOKYO opening

Date Wednesday, December 19, 2018 opening
Place The ninth floor of Yurakucho Marion (2-5-1, Yuurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Access ・From JR Yamanote Line "Yurakucho Station" Central Exit, Ginza Exit a 3-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station" Exit D7 a 3-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" Exit C4 a 1-minute walk
・We are connected directly from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Toei Mita Line "Hibiya Station" Exit A0
Konica Minolta Planetarium

Event contents

Let's meet in starlit sky of Yurakucho.
KONICA MINOLTA plastic material rear TOKYO opening

In Yurakucho, many movie theaters and theaters stand in a row including former Japan Theater got close to by nickname of "day drama" and are area that lasts for a long time, and pulled Japanese culture entertainment. "KONICA MINOLTA plastic material rear TOKYO" opens in Yurakucho as new planetarium entertainment facility on December 19, 2018.

In this facility, first Japanese twin Dome called "planetarium Dome theater" and "multipurpose digital dome theater" is dome theater complex with "experience-based VR attraction" more.

■All songs newly written work! Jo Hisaishi and planetarium which performed collaboration
As for world-famous composer, Jo Hisaishi providing musical piece over the whole book in opening work of plastic material rear TOKYO, and Jo Hisaishi writing a new music of planetarium, come to CAREER's first. We wielded baton by oneself and completed magnificent sound-scape by orchestra formation under the theme of "space". Furthermore, this product supports latest stereophonic sound system "SOUND DOME" and totally actually builds solid and delicate sound space that orchestra seems to play in front.

■Scene of true space which astronaut looked at
Space "of" truth that astronaut experienced theme of this product. We reproduce scene of space seen for the cause in Takao Doi, Naoko Yamazaki of Japanese astronaut, experience of three people of Takuya Onishi from there with Konica Minolta Planetarium latest projector "Cosmo LeapΣ" (Cosmo leap sigma) and whole sky lap CG picture. Please enjoy planetarium of the one and only that music fuses with space.

■SOUND DOME system which provides the best sound space
Four woofers are set up on 43 speakers and back of wall by the backside of planetarium Dome. We express close sound movement such as top and bottom and turn in addition to all around. We reproduce performance with orchestra and environmental sound faithfully. In planetarium, we offer "real experience" that is totally in "place".

■"Interactive starlit sky straight sleeve notes" which was united with live performance
General thing that we find and explain only by sound in myth concerning and constellation of starlit sky seasonal planetarium of straight commentary member of commentary.
"LIVE ACT PLANETARIA" which "plastic material rear TOKYO" provides is unprecedented interactive planetarium work which young actor acts as the leading role every performance by turns, and let drama and live performance and starlit sky student commentary fuse.
Please expect in planetarium experience that there is "only in plastic material rear TOKYO" which high-resolution picture only in digital dome theater and performance by actor synchronize.
・Screening period: Friday, December 19, 2018 ...
・Appreciation time: Approximately 40 minutes
・Appreciation rate: General 2,500 yen / 1500 yen for children
※The latest information to website.

■Interactive contents to send wish to true shooting star

We install "report of lantern - flow When You Wish upon a Star keyo - by Meteor Broadcaster using real-time meteor observation system "Meteor Broadcaster" (meteoburodokyasuta) which advertising team Bascule developed of shooting star" in foyer area of DOME1 to share the momentary palpitation that we found shooting star with many people.

It is saved in server temporarily when we send "wish", and it is launched with lantern on the huge screen of 17m in total length at moment when real-time meteor observation system detected genuine shooting star by your smartphone. What kind of dream does everybody wish for in shooting star?


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