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Date From Wednesday, November 21, 2018 to 30th Friday
Place Circle building (the first-floor circle cube, Marunouchi Cafe X WIRED CAFE, according to Marunouchi relation
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station," it is others
Free of charge
Sponsorship Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Reference Marunouchi call center
TEL: 03-5218-5100
<reception hours> From 11:00 to 21:00 (last day of Sundays and holidays, the consecutive holidays - 20:00)

Event summary


"Beauty" is not only surface thing and oozes out from the inside.
"MARUNOUCHI FASHION WEEK 2018" of this year cooperates with men's fashion magazine "LEON".
Regardless of man and woman, it is special ten days to project charm of beauty to overflow from the inside let alone appearance.
In "internal fashion that the latest fashion shines in," do you not polish beauty?

Your "it is good" decides the grand prix [application closed]
Wednesday, November 21 -30 Friday
Contents: MARU ∞ MEN is generic name of middle age man of circles that we hid "infinite possibility" to have the healthy inside, outside and intelligence with culture, cleanliness in. Three people chosen by prior entry practice man polishing every day and compete towards "To Be MARU ∞ MEN". We vote by daily activities on official Twitter. It commends person who acquired "it is good" in fact in CLOSING PARTY.

Mr. pantsuetta jiroramo X Hiroshi Ishii appearance opening event
11/21( water) from 12:00 to 13:00
It is free to do the first floor of the circle building special event space viewing
Contents: Opening stage to display the first day of MARUNOUCHI FASHION WEEK 2018. We invite Chief Editor Mr. jiroramo, Ishii as guest and carry out talk stage about beauty of appearance, the inside including introduction of Marunouchi-limited item of "LEON" of release X Marunouchi tenant in summer MARUNOUCHI STYLE and this autumn in the spring of 2019 when "LEON" supposes.

Special party to display night on the last day
11/30( iron) from 18:00 to 20:00
The first floor of the circle building special event space invitation system
Contents: We hold special party of one-night stand that man and woman of adult shines in such a gorgeous space of classic disco. It is special party event to decorate the last day of MARUNOUCHI FASHION WEEK including talk show by Mr. orchid way and jiroramo by model that wore recommended Marunouchi fashion in the body this autumn that "LEON" chooses and Chief Editor Ishii.

Wednesday, November 21 -11/29( tree) from 17:00 to 23:00
(in 11/22,24 until 24:00)
The first floor of the circle building special event space
Contents: Marunouchi Café X WIRED CAFE terrace transforms itself into lounge space where men and women of adult gather and, during period of MARUNOUCHI FASHION WEEK, invites all of you. It is elegant and, in calm atmosphere, offers original food and drink by collaboration with "LEON".

Friday, November 23 -Sunday, November 25
According to Marunouchi relation
Contents: During period of MARUNOUCHI FASHION WEEK, street performer "heaven artist" of Tokyo official recognition appears frequently on Marunouchi relation street for three days (11/23 - 25) of the weekend. By various performances, we attach bloom to event. We are going to carry out classic concert by art drama wind orchestra academy member.

Wednesday, November 21 -Friday, November 30 
Contents: It releases recommended product which limited item and "LEON" choose in circles of release this autumn by men's fashion brand among the "LEON" X-maru at object store. You can confirm in marunouchi .com, special page, and release issue introduces target store and product information in magazine "LEON" November.

Thursday, November 22 -Wednesday, November 28 
It is free to do the first floor of the circle building special event space viewing
We carry out various opening seminars by specialist to polish the outside, the inside regardless of man and woman on special stage established on Marunouchi Cafe X WIRED CAFÉ terrace for three days.



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