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Tokyo Michi terrace 2018 (executive committee sponsorship)

Date December 24, 2018 Monday (holiday) - Friday, December 28
※A part is scheduled than Friday, December 14
Place Tokyo, Marunouchi area
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi mouth is immediate
Sponsorship Tokyo Michi terrace 2018 executive committee
Reference The Tokyo Michi terrace 2018 executive committee secretariat
TEL: 0180-993-771 (Teledome)

Event contents


"Gateway of Hikari"

In Tokyo, Marunouchi area that is Japanese doorway, we create "gateway of Hikari" in the image of "door to the new times" "entrance to invite many of you" to while countdown to 2020 begins and is going to change from Heisei to the new times.

[according to royal visit]
Stadion (12/24 - 12/28 plan) of Hikari
Brightness of dynamic shadow which colonnade of light to continue to Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building weaves, beautiful change that special pictures such as overlapping thin silk curtain pictures create and tree illuminations to glitter, and to wrap up just what.
Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building which is wrapped in shadow that it is beautiful to see by huge "Stadion of Hikari" created by cross-fertilization of those light. Please enjoy the world of fantastic Hikari with beauty.

© Tokyo Michi terrace 2018 ※Image is image

[Tokyo Station Marunouchi station square]
Waltz (waltz) of Hikari (12/24 - 12/28 plan)
Direction by picture projection to Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building surrounded to beautiful shadow. Station square increases movement of rhythmical writing such as "waltz".
※"Waltz of Hikari" becomes viewing from according to royal visit.
※Picture projection to station building is not projection mapping.

© Tokyo Michi terrace 2018 ※Image is image

[around Marunouchi area]
Reflection (12/14 - 12/28) of Hikari
It is development with installation work which fused in "mirror" to light up person and town, and to project the future on and modern imaging technique and writing technology. Unique, photogenic work colors around Marunouchi area.

© Tokyo Michi terrace ※Image is image

※On account of weather and others, cancellation or held time may be changed.
As the holding situation guides in Teledome, official homepage, formal Facebook page, we hope that we have you arrive after confirmation beforehand.

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