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[in general Kanda town nishiyono society of wine] Kanda, Nihonbashi wine Festival 2018

Date Until Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 12:00 to 17:00
Reception desk from 11:30 to 15:00
Place Kanda area (reception desk: the neighborhood of JR Kanda Station south exit)
※Please see the back side of flyer.
Access The JR "Kanda Station" south exit
Booking 3,000 yen
※When 1,500 pieces of advance tickets are sold out, please note that there is not today's ticket.
3,500 yen on that day
Wineglass, glass holder, map, with stamp rally card
Capacity 1,500 people
Participation method 1.Ticket the purchase (1,500 pieces of limitation) (e+ (E plus), each participation store)

2.On the day of the event, we receive wineglass map at reception desk and start!

3.Wine of participation shop It is Special Menu for (by each one cup of shop) and preference Please enjoy (separately expense)
Sponsorship It is town nishiyono society of wine in general Kanda
Reference info@kandawine .com

Event contents

Encounter with person and wine and meal.
Kanda, Nihonbashi
Wine Festival 2018

It is tried out wine and dishes that beloved general consumers plan Kanda, Nihonbashi and wain (wine) which are downtown area area and run! We hold in event, this year happy Japan's most deliciously to perform town okoshio through wine and meal!

As a result of member of the executive committee visiting each store, and having negotiated participation in festival directly, participation store of this year is 25 stores! Free can sample one cup of glass of wine when we visit each participation store with "stamp rally bingo" which did "stamp rally" and "bingo" made with thought to want you to know participation store more together. Special food (paid separately) of each store pride in conformity to wine is varied, too! Besides, it is contents various events including sampling in window shade meeting of participation type and wine import company booth!

We focus on cost performance simply because oenephile oneself plans and go rounds of towns for this event that investigated satisfaction, wineglass one hand in consumers glance and can experience pleasure of wine and charm of Kanda, Nihonbashi at the same time!

[participation store 25 store]
●30' s (thirty) [Italian]
●Grape building (grape) [Indian curry, bar]
●Kanda gaadoshita [wine bar]
●Discerning Japanese dishes bean fortune [single house sum Baru]
●Wine bar yoyo tree of meat Baru Kanda [meat Baru]
●Brasserie cent berunarudusu [Belgian beer wine]
●Asian Baru frog' s (frogs) [Southeast Asian dishes]
●Leaper (with splash) Kanda Head Office [Aomori bar]
●ROSE & CROWN Kanda shop [steak Baru]
●Japaria Legna (japariareguna) [single house Italian]
●fratello (furaterro) [Italian]
●Wine Restaurant Dominus (demi eggplant) [French]
●G' drop (G drop) [dining wine bar]
●Charcoal making & WINE risanro [charcoal making, wine]
●shumattsubiadainingu Kanda [German craft beer dining]
●MiCARO (mikaro) [Italian bar]
●Pizzeria D.F Azzurro (azuro) [Rome pizza]
●OCEAN breeze (ocean breeze) [dining bar]
●BIGOLI Hisashi Kanda (Kotobuki) [store specializing in Bolognese]
●Kanda bistro style 4 shop [meat bistro]
●Fried gibier trap (trap) Kanda [fried gibier]
●Shellfish bookmaking (chi chisel) [fresh fish, shellfish]
●BRASSERIE LE ZINC (burassurizan) [brasserie]
●Gibier X bistro Nico Kanda [gibier bistro]

The details of store from wine Festival official page!




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