Publication (August 13, 2018 announcement) about proposal offer by open call for participants type proposal system

We raise proposals as follows.

Summary of 1 duty

(1) Duties name
Cherry tree Festival plan administration duties of Chiyoda-ku

(2) Duties purpose
Correspondence to new problem such as examination of reinforcement of the administration system and excursion plan to outskirts area is demanded while attention degree increases as for the cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda year by year, and person of next town of most visits including foreigner in tendency to increase during period. Therefore we entrust with plan administration duties for the purpose of meeting new needs while carrying out stable administration of cherry tree Festival.

(3) Business content (the details refer to 6 of manual such as demand standards)
①Management, administration of the administration headquarters
②Promotion and plan suggestion about cooperation with area and adjustment
③Media correspondence
④Plan, administration of opening ceremony
⑤Management, administration of product sales
⑥Administration of relief place
⑦Administration of diaper exchange, nursing room
⑧The venue construction, removal
⑨The construction of Yasukuni Shrine outer garden venue
⑩Plan, administration of lighting up
⑪Guard duties
⑫Cooperation with regional societies
⑬Adjustment assistance with related organizations

(4) Period
10-13 days of the 2019 late March and early April
※There are moving up of anteroposterior around three days and extension by the flowering situation
(5) The amount of expense upper limit of duties
63 million yen (tax-included)

2 qualification requirements, examination method and evaluation standard

(1) Qualification requirements that are required by proposal presenter
① Do not be person corresponding to rule of 4 Clause 1 (include when we apply mutatis mutandis in 11 Clause 1 of Article 167 to order.) of Local Government Act enforcement order (1947 government ordinance 16th) Article 167
② In fact being member of association in the open call for participants start day. Association enrollee on the open call for participants start day still less intends.
③ Chiyoda-ku contract relations gangs do not receive bid participation exclusion based on exclusion summary (August 26, 2011 23 semmatsurigotokeininaihatsudai 71).
④ Do not be state of consecutive insolvency in the latest financial statements of open call for participants start for two quarters.
⑤ Do not receive nomination stop by the Chiyoda-ku competitive bidding participation qualified person nomination stop measures point (September 1, 1995 7 sensokeihatsudai 92).
⑥ Being corporation establishing in the Companies Act.
⑦ In fact receiving authorization of guard business method Article 4.

(2) Examination method  
Two phases of examination methods assume method and carry out document examination with participation application, plan proposal submitted by the first examination and choose participant of the second examination. By the second examination, we carry out presentation and hearing and evaluate contents of presentation documents and presentation and hearing generally. In addition, we assume proposal presenter having low estimate amount of money high rank when it becomes tie score.

(3) Evaluation standard to adopt proposal
Of "manuals such as demand standards" list in 14.

3 procedures

(1) Charge
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association charge Yasue
〒102-0074 1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku    
TEL: 03-3556-0391
FAX: 03-3556-0392

(2) About questionary
①Reception desk period
From Monday, August 13, 2018 to Monday, August 27 6:00 p.m.
②Answer to question
Until Thursday, August 30, 2018 6:00 p.m.
③Question method
We accept only by email to the e-mail address mentioned above

(3) Public period, places of manual such as demand standards and method
①Public period
From Monday, August 13, 2018 to Tuesday, September 4, 2018 6:00 p.m.

②Public place
We list on the Chiyoda City Tourism Association homepage.

(4) Deadline of participation application for presentation, presentation place, presentation method and presentation documents
①Deadline for presentation and presentation place and method
We bring to Chiyoda City Tourism Association after office work communication by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

②Presentation documents
Participation applications (from style 1 6)

(5) Deadline of proposal for presentation, presentation place and presentation method
①Deadline for presentation, place of proposal and method
We print the necessary number of copies on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 and bring to Chiyoda City Tourism Association.

(6) Schedule of the company choice
Contents Schedule
Question reception desk From Monday, August 13 to Monday, August 27
Participation application reception desk From Monday, August 13 to Tuesday, September 4
Proposal reception desk From Monday, September 5 to Tuesday, October 9
Notice of presentation and hearing participant choice About Monday, October 15
Presentation and hearing
We choose proposal adopter, runner-up (the second examination)
About Monday, November 5
Notice of proposal adoption About Monday, November 5

Application documents