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[Science Museum] Fly aerospace STEM workshop ...! Jump! Fly! ...

Date From Saturday, July 28, 2018 to 29th Sunday
From 9:30 to 16:30
Place The first floor of Science Museum event hall (Kitanomaru-koen Park 2-1)
Admission Free (admission charges of Science Museum are necessary.)
Access It is a 7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Takebashi Station"
Sponsorship Japan technology promotion foundation
Reference Japan technology promotion foundation, Science Museum
The scientific festival secretariat for the young people
 TEL: 050-5541-8600

Event contents

Young people notameno
Scientific festival

 We can experience science and technique while enjoying through experiment, observation, work and experiment shows such as booth exhibition, stage exhibition, outdoors exhibition by lecturer and various companies, groups that gathered from each places of the whole country. In addition, there are study display and announcement of junior high student, high school student who won Japanese student science prize.

Exhibition contents
Let's make round fan of silk!
We save, and let's use booster - battery to easily make―
It is fishing in dancing ups-and-downs
Let's make balance doll "ayumu you" who walk
We will make father light replica of fossil!
We will see benaru convection!
We make silver plating pendant with caramel
Air and hemisphere of power ratio beoshiyo - Magdeburg―
Mysterious drop which form and color turn into
We challenge henshin puzzle! - 4 plane acquaintance puzzle―
Shellfish's way of life, the ko eyo - making of specimen of various shellfishs―
How does eyeball move?
It is hi baso - magunusukoppu with plastic glass―
―Let's make - new toy fireworks not to use gunpowder
Let's turn motor
We mend glass marble collision ball experiment container
We mend parabola marbles stadium
Mysterious surface tension
We can speak gold, silver from alchemist copper?
Let's think about environment of the sea from dried small sardines of kitchen
Of three pieces of feathers blow, and product will splash sesame!
"puu ..." ttofukuramu caramel
―Investigate the direction of the wind with wind sensing - oddball balancing toy
Let's make rose kune doll "3D balancing toy"
Wonder of creature learning from specimen
It is astronomical observation in anyone anywhere anytime
Wonder of white ant
We will experience electrolysis of water and small explosion of hydrogen!
We mend pico pico capsule
Oh, this vanity? Wonder of - optical illusion―
Will it be by radiation?
The mysterious world that collagen forms
Radiation in immediate wonder exploration - oneself―
We mend my helicopter!
Let's explore the micro-world with electron microscope!
We will see with world - electron microscope not to know of thing to know!―
We press wonder of experience-based show - light of light―
We shine and test with structure of communication
We mend lip collar only for oneself!
We make plastic bottle, LED windmill, and let's know structure of wind-generated electricity!
Let's describe painting in stainless-steel plate by etching
It will become copier!
Try science "pleasant horn"
Let's find color covered to ink
Magnetic wonder! Let's make - linear motor―
We will measure high jump and wave pattern of voice with smartphone
We check cast-off shell of cicada
Let's think about electric supply and demand with preparations generator
Let's make three-dimensional graph "number comfort art"
We will make antenna of TV with aluminum foil and cardboard
We touch stag beetle beetle and will check habit
Rock specimen production one in the world! Let's enjoy - Geopark!―
It is scientific experience of play bo - infant by surface tension―
Is it treasure of ko etemiyo - Edison about energy saving and electric way? Follow this―
Makeover of energy! We mend - shakashaka coil―
Will it be in electric energy? Experiment show of - frog research institute―
Product rou - light and ultraviolet rays and gamma ray are friends of electromagnetic wave with spectrum sheet kaleidoscope. We will think about electromagnetic wave―
Science Museum CanSat project result report
Study of blackboard sliding
To raise plant with artificial salmon roe?
Is urban apiculture new agriculture?
Quantification of diffusion speed of water solution boundary surface
We see microenvironment by lichen epiphytism and growth
Damage 2 of Kumamoto earthquake
Midnight science
Let's make monopole motor
The 59th technology picture festival prize winner screening




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