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Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki

In fixture

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

About 3:05 p.m. (the first), about 3:30 p.m. (the second)

(at the time Imperial Palace Plaza passage estimated time)

Service course

(outward trip) Tokyo Station → According to royal visit, Wadakura-mon Gate intersection (going straight) → Koukiyogaien → The Imperial Palace front gate → Palace south carriage porch
(return journey) Palace south carriage porch → The Imperial Palace front gate → Koukiyogaien → According to Wadakura-mon Gate intersection (going straight), royal visit → Tokyo Station

Instructions ①Stay on the sidewalk has you decline in other walkers coming to trouble, and please see in Koukiyogaien (the neighborhood of Nijubashimae).

②We keep calm, and I would like consideration not to be a nuisance to obstruction of service of carriage line and other traffic. Particularly, we have you stop "act to surprise horse" such as traveling side by side with flash photography and carriage, and I would like cooperation for service of safe carriage line.

③On the day, in cases that it is expected on stormy weather and extremely hot day by strong sunlight that road surface becomes high temperature, we may be changed from carriage line in automatic convoy. As information is placed in the following Imperial Household Agency homepage as for the details, on the day please confirm than the following URL.
In gisoumasha

gisoumasha is carriage displayed beautifully which is used when we hold important ceremony of the Imperial Family.

It is in gisoumasha from 1 to 4, and the most were made at the beginning of Showa from the end of Meiji, and have value of artworks.

When ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary from foreign country appoints newly, in the case of ceremony (shinninjoboteishiki) where handspike presents letter of credence to His Majesty the Emperor, we use gisoumasha 4 for pickup and drop-off of ambassador.

It is several countries including U.K. and Spain, but a lot of ambassadors hoping for carriage than car in the case of our country raise its fruit of international goodwill even if we look at country using carriage for pickup and drop-off of new ambassador worldwide.
(from Imperial Household Agency official web site)

About shinninjoboteishiki New foreign ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary is ceremony where handspike presents letter of credence to His Majesty the Emperor.
It is decided that the Minister of Foreign Affairs or other ministers of state do samurairitsu.
Imperial Household Agency

Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki

gisoumasha via Imperial Palace Plaza

Carriage line service visit point of shinninjoboteishiki