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Evening (Chiyoda City Tourism Association sponsorship) of enjoying the cool breeze

[we hold evening of enjoying the cool breeze]
We hold on schedule today in "evening of enjoying the cool breeze" to hold in Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground as of 16:00 on Friday, July 27. We look forward to your coming.


Friday, July 27, 2018 19:00 ... (we postpone on stormy weather on Saturday on 28th)
About 18:00 - embarkation start, 18:50 - ceremony start, about 19:30 - leaving a ship, the end

Place Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground
(2, Sanbancho point Chidori-ga-fuchi city park)
At the time of rainy weather We postpone at the time of stormy weather on 28th (28th cancels on stormy weather)
※On the day we are announced in our site at 4:00 p.m.
Access Tozai Line, Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line "Kudanshita Station" Exit 2, a 10-minute walk
Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 5, a 10-minute walk 
Sponsorship General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Cooperation Association of Chiyoda music society
Reference <reference about application>
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
TEL: 03-3556-0391

<about administration of boat ground>
Person in charge of local Fisheries Promotion Department business and industry Tourism Division business and industry sightseeing
TEL: 03-5211-4185

Event contents

We stroll around light rouo with all wish on boat in moat Chidori-ga-fuchi of the Imperial Palace.
In addition, one where is not got on on boat as attempt of the beginning of this year has you write wish if you will burn and drains into moat by hand of the staff.
You can enjoy fantastic faint light and water live.

■Person of boat embarkation application method
Application closed on Wednesday, July 4.
Of participation possibility on that day if "let's burn, let's write message!" We look forward to participation in this. As for the details, please see the following.

[object] 80 sets (to three Class lottery /1> including <infants)

[expense] Per one embarkation 2,000 yen (less than primary schoolchild need at half price / boat fee for use one 500 yen separately) ※It includes light rou, premium

[application method] By Wednesday, July 4 (effective postmark), apply for the following address with return card.

[letter sent to get a reply]
<address side>
〒102-0074 1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo
It is addressed to general Chiyoda City Tourism Association "evening application for enjoying the cool breeze person in charge"

<the back side>
①Event name "evening of enjoying the cool breeze"
②Zip code, address of representative
③Full name (furigana) of representative
④Age of representative
⑤Phone number of representative
⑥The embarkation applicant number of people (we include less than three ※ infants)
⑦Full name, age (as for primary schoolchild / junior high student school year), address of fellow passenger

<address side>
Zip code, address, full name of representative

<the back side>
Blank paper

※There is no preparation for rower of boat this year. Please refrain from application of person who cannot row boat.
Several application of the same person should be invalidity.
※Please fill out without leaving address, full name on reply side of double postal card.
※I will inform with reply card regardless of election, defeat by the middle of July.
※But please be careful as cases that there was leak cannot reply to entry when going, reply column is filled in by mistake.
※When it is filled out with ball-point pens disappearing by frictional heat, in back side print, please be careful as you cannot reply because entry side disappears.
※The postage is changed to from 52 yen to 62 yen from June 1, 2017. Please be careful.
※When person of embarkation is different from reply address, it should be invalidity.

■Let's write message if we will burn!

  300 first arrival on that day

[expense] One 1,000 yen

[time] It is finished as soon as we reach the reception desk number of people at any time for from 17:50 to 19:30.

■Water live

[player] Music market 
(song: Takenaka Chie, shakuhachi & bamboo flute: Tsukuda Yasushi, piano: Ema Maeda)

[expense] Free of charge

[time] From 19:00 to 19:30

<about visit!>
  At place that visit is free (free), but is small as is observed, make mutual concessions, and please see.

■We close Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground
For preparations, holding of "evening of enjoying the cool breeze", we close Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground at one time.
From Wednesday, July 25 to 29th Sunday

Person in charge of commercial and industrial Tourism Division business and industry sightseeing
TEL: 03-5211-4185


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