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The 29th Misakicho salon "three of kimono beginning it" - wearing this and that (yukata) ...

Date Sunday, June 24, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 (the 13:30 opening)
Contents From 14:00 to 15:30 talk and lecture
From 15:30 to 16:00 getting close time
Entrance fee Each time /3, 500 yen (tax-included with drink)
The use of restaurant on the day is 10% off 
(as for the combination with / or other plans, discount except ※ breakfast, impossible)
Hotel Tokyo 2F function room san (come) of garden
Lecturer Yoshihiko Egi (kimono coordinator, apparel designer)
Fumio Ogawa (the *sengen fifth generation present head of a household)
Application Apply by online reservation of hotel Tokyo homepage of garden or call.
Application assumes first-come-first-served basis and should be the deadline as soon as it becomes capacity. There are transfer methods of entrance fee from the application secretariat and sends confirmation. It becomes application completion as soon as we get confirmation of transfer.
Reference Hotel Tokyo reservation section of garden
TEL  : 03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

Main event contents


Hotel Tokyo 29th Misakicho salon of garden

"Three of kimono beginning it"
... wearing this and that (yukata) ...

"Misakicho salon" which has you learn happily and experience old and new Japanese culture and history. It is kimono discussion that we invite present head of a household Fumio Ogawa and Yoshihiko Egi dealing with CM and dressing of actress including magazine, TV in the first person of kimono coordinates much to guest this time for the fifth generation of shop dealing in kimono fabrics "*sen" founded in 1842. You ask about story to have you enjoy kimono closer in conversational style of two people, and please tell the secret only by Egi to wear yukata cool with demonstration. In addition, you are going to see some cloth of yukata of *senji*. Do you not learn smart summer clothing together?

[lecturer profile]

Egiegi  YoshihikoMr. yoshihiko 
(kimono coordinator, apparel designer)

Institute of Sueko Otsuka kimono graduation. After Shochiku apparel production department sewing section position, it is independent through staff of Institute of Sueko Otsuka kimono. We preside over Egi design office and we are in charge of styling of kimono and play an active part in CM or TV show, magazine in various media, and Kanazawa College of Arts part-time teacher is serving now, too.

BrookBrook FumioFumi he 
(the *sengen fifth generation present head of a household)

We succeed to business after department store duty after the graduation from university from 1973. We make an effort for not only plan of company product but also the Japanese binding culture spread in order to pour will into original reproduction of Shoso-in pattern, sects, ko* in addition to noh costume, ancient pattern having been continued since predecessors in the family line positively, and to convey design and technique in Japan ancient times widely.

[about *sen]
Founding of 1842 (Tenpo 13). We made use of technique of Edo-dyed clothe in yukata, and the first generation won fame in the world with "Edo-purple kimono yukata" with hand dyeing as every 1tan with paper pattern of hand-carving. In addition, friendship is deep with one of the three major low-class novelists Mokuami Kawatake of Edo and writes work ("kodaikatashinsenyokui") from top to bottom for *sen, and popularity is high in sumo circles and gay quarters, and elegance classicality of *sendokuji and novel, smart design and hue continue being loved including Kabuki for a long time from those days by authority of kimono.     

kabushikikaisha*senhigashikyotochuokunichihonkyoshofunecho 2-3



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