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[National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building] Burning hot kougeikan of possession exhibition child and adult

Date From Tuesday, June 19, 2018 to Sunday, August 26
From 10:00 to 17:00 (as for the admission until closing 16:30)
Closed days Monday (opened on July 16), Tuesday, July 17
Place National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building (Kitanomaru-koen Park 1-1)

Tozai Line "Takebashi Station" 1b exit, an 8-minute walk

Viewing charges General 250 yen (200 yen), university student 130 yen (60 yen)
※(in), group rate, all more than 20 include consumption tax.
※With person who lower than high school student and has disability certificate under 18 years old, 65 years old or older
Person of attendance (one) is free.
※Each in the case of admission of age such as student identification card, driver's license know,
Please show disability certificate.
[free viewing day] Sunday, July 1, Sunday, August 5
Sponsorship National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Reference TEL: 03-5777-8600 (hello dial)

Event contents

Of child and adult
Burning hot kougeikan

From daily life to special place, there are always our days with industrial arts if we notice. For example, favorite teacup bowl. They feel relieved if they sip tea while blowing on the steam to go up, and temperaments to be familiar with nicely direct relaxing time. Extremely imminent thing which was put in common scene. However, there is process when we passed through temperature of dozens of times of tea which we poured nakani into in it which we got close to without having question particularly. And we take the power on body against pressure at the time of molding of front of it at the same time while we bake in kiln (pot). It is slightly different in things which we should have known well so far and may be seen when we pick up while feeling such a thing.

We notice when we look in the spot of industrial arts production though there are a lot of this temperature and things that it takes, and condition becomes decisive factor of power. That we use sukumo which let leaf of indigo plant make fermentation (we grow on) to dye blue of indigo dyeing (indigo dyeing) to be called Japan blue, as for the heat of fermentation floor, it may be than 70 degrees. In addition, various designs appear when we control a part of the cloth tightly before ranking dye liquid, but are old technique to squeeze this, and to reach Shoso-in treasure by how to dye called sen. On the other hand, boil complexion of basket of light, strong white bamboo, or warm by fire; as a result of lending, and pulling oil, and, besides, exposing to Nikko, and having changed from blue. In addition, cross when bend by pushing to limit that flexibility to breathe permits, bread! It which holds this down by power that is going to return each other called basket put, and make thing space.

Industrial being what dramatic that we do composure and is over there! We press outlook on cool industrial arts for "heat" and "pressure" this time though we are madly in love as opening.




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