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[National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Gordon Matta ゠ Clark exhibition

Date From Tuesday, June 19, 2018 to September 17 Monday (holiday)
From 10:00 to 17:00 (on Friday and Saturday until 21:00)
 ※Until 30 minutes before admission closing
Closed days Monday (but we are opened on July 16, September 17), July 17
Place National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Kitanomaru-koen Park 3-1)

Tozai Line "Takebashi Station" 1b exit, a 3-minute walk

Viewing charges General 1,200 (900) Japanese yen, university student 800 (500) Japanese yen,
※() Groups rate more than inner ha 20. All include consumption tax.
※Under less than high school student and 18 years old, disability certificate one and one person of the presentation of attendant free. You can see held "MOMAT collection" and "small plan mainly on writers collection whom Shuzo Takiguchi and he stared" at for viewing charges of book exhibition at the same time only for the day of the admission.
Sponsorship National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Reference TEL: 03-5777-8600 (hello dial)

Event contents


The long-awaited first retrospective show in Asia!


<< splitting >> 1974 Gordon Matta ゠ Clark foundation & David tsuviruna (New York) storehouse
© The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark; Courtesy The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark and David Zwirner, New York/London/Hong Kong.

Artist who played an active part around New York in the 1970s, and died young at 35 years old, Gordon Matta ゠ Clark (1943-78). Art, building, street culture, meal are the first retrospective shows of pioneer who continues giving birth to follower in many fields in Asia.

American artist, the first great retrospective show of Gordon Matta ゠ Clark (1943-78) in Asia. When Matta = Clark who learned architecture at university moved stage to art, we played an active part around New York in the 1970s. In spite of short activity before dying of an illness at 35 years old, we continue still affecting many artists.
Matta ゠ Clark gets rid of a part of floor and the wall of building before demolition and gives the world of art at the time shock by project of "building cutting" (building cuts) to let you transform common daily life to totally new space and time. In addition, we showed new artist image when we were concerned with administration of space "112" for art, music, dance and management of restaurant "FOOD" by artist and paid attention to street culture such as graffiti quickly while reading air in the times subtly.
We approach the total picture of this artist representing the 1970s from sculpture, photograph, picture, drawing.

Complimentary ticket present

We present complimentary ticket of National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo "Gordon Matta ゠ Clark exhibition" to five sets of ten people. Application ".....impression (opinion) of Chiyoda City Tourism Association homepage 6 contact information (phone number) 5 full name 4 address 3 zip code 2 1, after filling out the effect of National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo complimentary ticket application," please send email to Chiyoda City Tourism Association ( The application deadline is until Friday, June 15, 2018. In the case of a lot of applicants, we exchange successful result with shipment of complimentary ticket after lottery. Thank you for your understanding.




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