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[National Archives] 500 days of 2018 first plan exhibition Boshin War - chrysanthemum and Aoi―

Date From Saturday, May 26, 2018 to Saturday, June 30
Until from Monday to Saturday from 9:15 to 17:00
Closed days
On Sunday
Place Kitanomaru-koen Park 3-2
Access Subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station [1b exit] 5-minute walk
Reference Incorporated administrative agency National Archives

Event contents

2018 first plan exhibition
Boshin War
―500 days of chrysanthemum and Aoi

Boshin War begins for fight of Toba, Fushimi of (1868) New Year holidays in 1868, of 1869 (1869) May, the following dayGoryokakuRyo says a series of battles before fight of writing terminating. We passed between new government troop which was born and the old Shogunate forces more than 500 days, and various fights were presented in each place by the Restoration of Imperial Rule. We introduce document about people who participated in record and war of various battles fought from this hotel possession document in various parts of Japan by book exhibition and approach in real image of Boshin War.

Figure [important cultural property] of the Imperial standard

Figure of fifth Dragon business Imperial standard and regimental colors truthboshinshoyokinkioyobigunkishinzu

In the case of Boshin War, new government troop usedThe Imperial standardkinki andThe regimental colorsIt is gunkino figure of precise copying. New government troop was given various Imperial standard and regimental colors by Boshin War. Because if year passes, these flags do not avoid deterioration, is illustrator in the governmentfudenkanariWe gave an order to let you were isolated and cook, and to be and let you copy these flags scrupulously and decided to convey correct figure in history (we spend approximately two years from May, 1888 and make). "Figure attached to land tax officer" where this document was included in was appointed to important cultural property of country with (1998) "land tax officer record" in 1998.

Injury of Shinsengumi Jiro Yamaguchi 

shinsenkumishufukoreshasankuchijiroigakushoko*etsukogishinsengumiteoinomonoyamaguchijirouigakushohemakarikoshisorougi twofusarujokoshofuYou arrive and express and have the honor of being or come, and be accompanied"

Jiro Yamaguchi (Saito of Shinsengumi member of a squad who lost by fight of Toba, Fushimi, and this document got injured, and came back to EdoOneThe beginning. Matsumoto that Goro Fujita) acted as president later in medical placeExcellent orderIt is document indicating having been treated for Ryo order.

[important cultural property] of Goryokaku

Hakodate Goryokaku Bureau of Developmenthakodategoryokakukaitakushi twistReceipt inquiryWe receive and watch person"

In 1873 (1873) December,GoryokakuManagement of ruins that Ryo scratched moved to the Department of the Army from Bureau of Development and was used as parade ground. This document is document when the Department of the Army demanded delivery of Hakodate Goryokaku from Bureau of Development for construction such as barracks, powder magazine in November of the year. This document is included in "land tax officer record".



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