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Marunouchi GW Festival 2018

Date From Friday, April 27, 2018 to Sunday, May 13
Place Marunouchi area (cf. article)
Sponsorship Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Marunouchi Store Association, Marunouchi OAZO Store Association

Event contents


Piano on canvas! Piano colored by art appears in downtown!
"Art Piano in Marunouchi"
Well-known artist and creator yearn for piano on canvas, and photogenic piano which we made art of thought on appears at each site in Marunouchi six.
As for the colorful art piano by artist "Masuda Sebastian" sending KAWAII culture to the world him.
We take photograph and can enjoy, and there is time when person from mini-concert by pianist and next town can enjoy piano performance.

In addition, in conjunction with "La Folle Journee TOKYO 2018" performed around Tokyo International Forum (following LFJ), we carry out "La Folle Journee TOKYO 2018 Marunouchi area concert" that is GW common usage event of Marunouchi area during period of from Saturday, April 28 to May 5 (soil, celebration). We hold free classic concert of approximately 90 performances in Marunouchi area, and theme of LFJ can enjoy various performances that professional musician and student of Tokyo art University music department playing an active part at home and abroad under "to the world where UN MONDE NOUVEAU mondo nouveau is new" play.

We will develop event, information dispatch of various culture art in future and, in Marunouchi area, will push forward further activation of town. Carry foot to GW of Marunouchi area full of music and art by all means.


[display place] [participation artist]
Shin Marunouchi Building 3F atrium Masuda Sebastian (art director / artist) work
Marunouchi OAZO 1F Wood deck edenworks (flower creator) work
International building 1F entrance Tetsuya Chihara (art director) work
New Tokyo Building 1F entrance Work having good Gen Watanabe (sculptor)
Marunouchi brick square B1F Yutanpo Shirane (illustrator) work
Mitsubishi Building 1F entrance AtelieR odeco (creative unit) work
※Display place, participation artist may be changed.
※There is piano which we cannot play partly. Please confirm in each building on the date and time when piano performance is possible.