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[National Archives] Temporary exhibition Edo Shogunate of the spring of 2018, "bumbu" of last fight - late Tokugawa period reform -

Date From Saturday, March 31, 2018 to Sunday, May 6
Until moon - water, Saturday and Sunday, celebration from 9:45 to 17:30
Until Thursday and Friday (except celebration) from 9:45 to 20:00
Closed days
It is without holiday during period
Place Kitanomaru-koen Park 3-2
Access Subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station [1b exit] 5-minute walk
Reference Incorporated administrative agency National Archives

Event contents

Temporary exhibition of the spring of 2018
The Edo Shogunate, the last fight
―"bumbu" of the late Tokugawa period reform―

(2018) is age to reach 150 years from (1868) in 1868 in 2018. By spring temporary exhibition, we focus on the Edo Shogunate of the late Tokugawa period period on the Meiji previous night and, mainly on "god of treasure oar tamonyagura document which is Edo Shogunate official document of this hotel possession," take up about "bumbu" of the Edo Shogunate for period reform by the late Tokugawa period. Of shogun's retainers playing an active part after background and the revolution that such a reform allowed in the new government still display in total, and introduce in the beginning of modern nation construction of Meiji from side of the Edo Shogunate.

"Official notice touch comes"

(1797), temple of Confucius which was private school of Hayashiya of Shogunate scholar of Confucianism and attached school building were considered to be educational institution (Shohei Hill school) of the Shogunate direct control in 1797 and played a key role of samurai education of the whole country. "Official notice" which is capitular that the Shogunate edited document. When 12s Ieyoshi inherited office of a shogun, we start editing of laws and ordinances from (1788) to 1837 in 1788 and completed in 1841, and generous politics annual thing to display this time is called Tenpo era collection by 1837 (1837).

"shunkawahyoshorenkokaraiseimei surugaomotemeshitsuresoroukeraiseimei"

shunfuifu of the Tokugawas was decided in (1868) July in 1868. Document is list of vassal corps to accompany. Hiraoka Michihiro Tamba (Awa country boat-shaped thing feudal lord), secretary role of the second highest official of the Tokugawa Shogunate government can see Awa Katsu (Kaishu) and Tetsutaro Yamaoka (iron boat), the name of Ichio Okubo (Tadahiro) who played an active part as President of government office performing education of Western learning and translation of diplomatic documents in the Edo period again to senior retainer.

"butsuranseikokukosanheidenshugo*sonariyokohamahyokodenshushogotoridatekoregi ni fukaku furansukokuhesampeidensyuotanomiainariyokohamaomotehedensyujootoritatenoginitsukioboe"

The Shogunate which established training place in the suburbs of Yokohama in (1866) December in 1866 started authentic army-like kneading on fire under military adviser which they invited from France. One of the documents of the late Tokugawa period period when document was put in Edo-jo Castle becoming known to the public oar. It is written down about-like kneading on fire request of army three kinds of weapons of artillery, ki, ho to France, construction of training place, dispatch to Yokohama of foot soldier head, cavalry soldier sharing.

●Commemorative lecture
Date Sunday, April 8, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:15
※Reception desk start 13:30
Venue Hitotsubashi University Hitotsubashi hall (the second floor of the 2-1-2, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku academic general center)
Speaker Toru Haga (University of Tokyo's emeritus professor)
Robert Campbell (Japanese literature data for the study director)
Entrance fee Free of charge
Capacity 494 people
Application period Until Friday, March 23
Application method Please send to after filling out the following.
①Participant full name
②The participation hope number of people
③Phone number (home / cell-phone)
Contact 03-5770-7114 (the temporary exhibition memory lecture secretariat of 30, Heisei spring)

●Display commentary meeting
 We perform commentary by the plan person in charge.
On the date Wednesday, April 25, 2018 11:00 ...
Holding place The fourth floor of National Archives meeting room
Entrance fee Free of charge
Capacity 90 people
※From 10:00 on the day of the commentary society, entrance rearranging ticket is distributed in reception desk on the first floor.



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