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[association of Daimaru existence area management, child wakamono town ing] Bean fair

Date From Friday, February 2, 2018 to Sunday, February 4
2nd from 11:30 to 14:00
Three or four days from 11:30 to 16:00
Place According to Marunouchi relation
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station," it is others
Sponsorship Association of NPO corporation Daimaru existence area management (rigare)
NPO corporation child wakamono town ing
Reference Child wakamono town ing

Event contents

Bean fair
"... uchi as for ... Soto, the fortune as for the ogre"

New fair which is connected by bean.
Japanese bean and world beans gather very much! Eat bean, and learn, and product is idle; ... ...
And let's hold the bean-scattering ceremony at office and home!
This year is "fortune" forthcoming!for you in this, too

Present (there is only for the number) and talk show of the mask of parched beans, ogre,
A lot of events to enjoy "bean" including workshop and Marchais!

Store name Contents
marumamen studio Sale such as natural cultivation soybean or artefact
Satsuma sword bean shop "Kagoshima product! Satsuma sword bean spirit tea, toothbrushing, sale of green soup"
Chez Sasaco We sell local cuisine SOCCA of southern France Nice
Meg' s Kitchen Sale of marasada and juice feeling wind of Hawaii
Three bean farms Organic vegetables and peanut, sale of dressing ※Only on 3rd
Gypsy Coffee Sale of specialty coffee & cake ※Only on 3rd, 4th
WHOLE FOODS MARUGOTO Stand which is LOHAS in ECO, Vee cancer lunch sale ※Only on 3rd, 4th
tokigawa city farming and mountain village
Interchange meeting
"Crepe of soybean milk cream made with Aoyama convention" ※Only on 3rd, 4th
NPO corporation APLA Sale such as coffee or chocolate of People to People Trade ※Only on 3rd, 4th
Mt. miyamoto Sale such as farming without agricultural chemicals rice and miso, rice ball or pickled plum ※Only on 3rd, 4th
rico curry Sale such as special bean curry or gapao ※Only on 4th

Store name Contents
Bean! Bean! It is ma ...!
We introduce display and bean dishes recipe of Japan and world various beans.
In addition, book or picture book about bean are readable, too.
Entrance fee for free occasional for two days for & three days for & four days
Ogres' island extermination!
Bean shateki game
Let's exterminate bean deppode, ogre of ogres' island!
Person whom we defeated has present of bean in various ways!
Entrance fee for free occasional for two days for & three days for & four days
Chocolate to make from the beginning
It is traded with the people by Indonesia Papua state!
Do you not make chocolate paste from real cocoa bean?
We can eat chocolate which we made on the spot!
  2nd from 12:00 to 13:00
It is 30 - 15:30 00/14 - 13 at 12:00 for 3.4 days
Six entrance fees the first in each time: 1,000 yen/
It is only one in the world
The making of bean accessories
Describe painting in bean, bean strap or bean pierced earrings
We mend only one bean accessories in the world
Entrance fee for free occasional for two days for & three days for & four days
Organic miso and soybean and vegetables
The making of pickled real pizza
Former fire engine transforms itself into pizzeria! We perform topping of favorite ingredients materials,
It is made with pizza to bake with ground oven.
Entrance fee occasional for two days for & three days for & four days: 500 yen/piece
We make with organic soybean
The making of my miso
Farmhouse "Mt. miyamoto" which spread out in Sosa-shi, Chiba more than 1,300 years brought up
We make my miso with "Koito convention". Miso which cooked as souvenir!
It begins by mother of "Mt. miyamoto", the talk of old tale of Fumi.
2.3 days from 13:30 to 14:00
Six entrance fees the first in each time: 1,500 yen
With souvenir of 1.5 kg of miso!

※We may change contents
※We cancel some contents in case of rain