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[Museum of the Imperial Collections] Collect articles of circulation ru all ages and countries in the 79th exhibition world

From Saturday, January 13, 2018 to Sunday, April 8
The first half year: From Saturday, January 13 to Sunday, February 25
The latter period: From Saturday, March 3 to Sunday, April 8
Place Museum of the Imperial Collections
Viewing charges Free of charge
Closed days
Every week month, Friday, display spare no period (from February 26 to March 2)
But we are opened on Monday (holiday) on February 12 and are closed on Tuesday, February 13
Opening time From Saturday, January 13 to Sunday, February 25
 From 9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. (as for the admission until 3:30 p.m.)
From Saturday, March 3 to Sunday, April 8
From 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. (as for the admission until 4:00 p.m.)
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Event contents


"Collect articles in the world of circulation ru all ages and countries"

In Museum of the Imperial Collections, exhibition of several degrees has been held based on theme mainly on international goodwill that the Imperial Family was performed until now. As for the rare articles of each place given from the sovereign and official of foreign countries the Imperial Family, it is one characterizing character of the store products. In a sense these articles take role to symbolize the country, and we think about different culture through seeing them.

By the way, by progress of information-oriented society including the Internet, we compared several years before ten and came to be able to know overseas circumstances much more easily. However, as for a series of experience to conflict with unique climate and national traits, hearing again and again right brings words street of nyo number, fresh surprise and impression for seeing by actually visiting the land for the first time. Countries coming through art industrial art object may also give us impression that is different from figure to be informed by news of politics and social problem. To date, this is because it came from with molding that is full of succeeded traditional culture and ethnicity namely everyday life of the history and people whom each country walked. It may be said that encounter with unknown formative arts to produce simple interest in cultures is one of the powerful charm of art appreciation to open our imagination.

We collect various works of all parts of the world in cathedral by book exhibition and pay attention to interesting work and introduction first this time and valuable work that it is, work of countries which were not able to take up so far for molding in particular while we introduced so far. In addition, the times when those articles were made are wide, and they approach in historic characteristic of each from B.C. to the present age. Then let's leave for the art exploration around the world.
Showpiece (an example)
hanabun*hishiosuinyuhachi Thai about 1932 Latter term display
Blue glaze black beautifully colored pattern pot Iranian the twelfth to the thirteenth century Display between the entire periods
Figure of Hague Furumiya The Netherlands 18th century First half year display
Figure of many things wall hook Ivorian about 1974 Display between the entire periods
Inuit stone statue Canadian about 1970 First half year display
Pot with Aya painter thing Fumi handle Peruvian the eighth to the eleventh century Latter term display
Tiki image of a deity, treasure chest New Zealand
Tiki: The 18th century
Treasure chest: About 1956
Latter term display




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