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Christmas - - to color with Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2017 -Blooming Anniversary - flower

Date From Thursday, November 9, 2017 to Monday, December 25, 2017
Place Circle building, the Shin Marunouchi Building, Marunouchi brick square, new Tokyo Building, Marunouchi OAZO and others
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station," it is others
Sponsorship Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Marunouchi Store Association, Marunouchi OAZO Store Association
Reference Marunouchi call center
TEL: 03-5218-5100
<reception hours>
From 11:00 to 21:00 (last day of Sundays and holidays, the consecutive holidays - 20:00)

Event contents

Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2017 
―Christmas ... to color with Blooming Anniversary - flower―

■Circle building "Blooming Anniversary Tree" image

In Marunouchi area, "Christmas - - to color with Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2017-Blooming Anniversary - flower" is held during period from Thursday, November 9 to Monday, December 25.

Special Christmas when we assumed "flower" having image of the universal beauty to color year in anniversary of the Shin Marunouchi Building which reached circle building which reached the 15th anniversary of the opening and the tenth anniversary motif is developed.
Flower artist Nicolai Bergman attracting people judging from beauty that let the sum fuse with sukanjinabiansutairu is design produce. Christmas tree and decoration color each site in Marunouchi area.

In the first floor of the circle building circle cube becoming main venue, Christmas tree of magnificent flower which is more than greatest height and 10m that it is in history of Nicolai work is appearance! We are brilliant to sound and can enjoy writing show to change into various colors every day during period. In addition, flower ball celebrating arch and anniversary when tree of flower overlaps with the Shin Marunouchi Building is put and can enjoy as photo spot. In addition, Christmas decoration using flower comes up in Marunouchi brick square, new Tokyo Building, Marunouchi OAZO.

Nicolai directs synthesis in illuminations "Tokyo Michi terrace 2017" performed in Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho area, and one Marunouchi area and special space where it is, and flowers overflow open this year.

■Circle building "Blooming Anniversary Tree"

Christmas tree of flower more than 10m in height by Nicolai produce. From big tree which imaged public holidays and festival days, bright red flower ball celebrating anniversary opens in the whole space and creates brilliant Christmas. Combined Christmas ornament with the natural subject matter based on green and flower; is the finish full of upper feel of a material while being gorgeous.

Place: The first floor of the circle building circle cube
Time: From 6:00 to 24:00
■Shin Marunouchi Building "Blooming Arch"

Christmas arch that tree full of feelings overlapped in public holidays and festival days.
Flower ball celebrating anniversary is put in point of arch and is most suitable for photospot.

Place: The third floor of the Shin Marunouchi Building atrium
Time: From 11:00 to 21:00
■Marunouchi brick square "Blooming Bubbles"

Tree that balls of bubble to overflow based on gold piled up. You are colored in various ornaments and you reflect light and it is dazzling and can enjoy bubble tree which light glistens with.

Place: Marunouchi brick square Building No. 1 open space
Time: From 6:00 to 24:00
※Lighting time: From 17:00 to 23:00 (in December plan until 24:00)

■New Tokyo Building "Blooming Garden"

Christmas decoration that increased a feeling of air which flower ball floated up and down.
We are based on bright purple and green, and refined public holidays and festival days feelings overflow.

Place: The first floor of new Tokyo Building entrance
Time: Weekdays from 7:00 to 23:00
Saturday from 7:00 to 22:00, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00
■Marunouchi OAZO "Blooming Gift Tree"

Christmas tree reflecting the image of flower box which was signature item of Nicolai. It is interaction tree that we sense movement of expression by collaboration with Shiseido expression project, and illuminations change.
Place: The first floor of Marunouchi OAZO OO open space (open space)
Time: From 6:00 to 24:00
※Illuminations direction to change by movement of expression is Thursday, November 16 - plan
In addition, experience-based time is different from viewing time.
Cooperation: Shiseido Japan

As for other Christmas event information, please see homepage! HP

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