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Tokyo Michi terrace 2017 (executive committee sponsorship)

Date From Sunday, December 24, 2017 to Thursday, December 28
※A part is scheduled than Friday, December 15
Holding time: Undecided. We guide in official homepages as soon as it is decided.
Place Tokyo, Marunouchi area
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi mouth is immediate
Sponsorship Tokyo Michi terrace 2017 executive committee
Reference The Tokyo Michi terrace 2017 executive committee secretariat
TEL: 0180-993-771 (Teledome)

Event contents



There are a lot of felicitous events in the tenth anniversary of the opening of Shin Marunouchi Building, the 15th anniversary of the opening of circle building, Tokyo International Forum opening 20th anniversary and grand opening of Tokyo Station Marunouchi station square and "Tokyo"! Feeling is full of the whole town in flower and Hikari in public holidays and festival days and overflows and prays for wish to peace, hope to the future.
One of the flower artists who general direction is Japan, and are the most famous. Art work that Tanikawa follows and makes him Nicolai Bergmann (Nicolai Bergman) him, adviser, and to color in flower and Hikari with stylish, refined atmosphere is developed at each site in area.

[according to royal visit]
Festival ... of Flower Garden - flower and Hikari
We create flower garden composed of plural flower art works that Hikari was united with flower. You can enjoy different work of flavor in the daytime in the night. With art work of form with three-dimensional impression covered with innumerable flowers, original flower garden is developed! With incorporated LED light integrally with flower, flower of Hikari is in full glory in one side at night.

Tokyo Michi terrace 2017 ※Image is image

[Marunouchi area]
Flower Avenue - Hikari way ... which blooms
Big flower box of various color that we installed in several places of around facade of building according to Marunouchi relation attaches flower to visitor. Photogenic flower art gives glory to street beautifully.

Landscape art ... of Floral Art Installation - flower
Molding-like work is displayed in contemporary in open space in Daimaru existence and pleases eyes.

General direction
Nicolai Bergmann (Nicolai Bergman) / flower artist

We are from Denmark Copenhagen. One of furawa-atisuto which is the most famous in Japan
Pronominal existence of modern flower design. We are doing original style that put completion to be particular about taste and details of North Europe to base with European style of Japan together with concept. We boast of modern, stylish design and high design of completeness that it may be said with one work of art more than impressive color gradation, limit called display including molding-like form. We launch jewelry brand NATUR & NICOLAI BERGMANN in May, 2017 and enlarge place of further achievement. Flower design deals with world eminent company and joint design project from the start in field of fashion and design.

Tanikawa follows; representative from JTQ / space composer

In 2002, we establish space creative company, JTQ. Under the theme of transmission "of message which made" space the media, we deal with various quotient space development and corporate Blanding. We propose space development method "space Compo's", and experience design by combination of environment and situation attracts original attention from many aspects. As main project, Paris Louvre shrine Musee des Arts decoratifs Kansei exhibition, Commemorative Events for the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital memory Yakushi-ji Temple shine; picture scroll, MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO, GINZA SIX opening ceremony. As of 2017 Ministry of Foreign Affairs JAPAN HOUSE rosanzerusueguzeputibuadobaiza, new tiger market adviser going on a trip, KENPOKU ART Ibaraki north art festival creative director
Around Tokyo Station area is town with a variety of sides that "the future" and "culture" coexist with "the history".
Also, as node connecting Japan and Tokyo as town of the one and only that the history, tradition, culture, the arts and sciences, business, innovativeness fuse dynamically, we continue evolving as node to tie world and Japan to today.
In the area, as for the event of year-end light, it is annual winter pastime that gives poetic charm since holding of "Tokyo Millenario" of 1999, but, from Tokyo, Marunouchi area that is Japanese center block, we will light up the future brightly, and be crowded, and "Tokyo Michi terrace 2017" holds wish called (we light up unfamiliarity) this year.