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Kanda Police street bustle social experiment

Date From Monday, October 23, 2017 to Sunday, October 29
We refer to the flyer back side for the date and time of each event
Place Each event site (cf. flyer back side)
Entrance fee
Free of charge
Application Please see
Reference UR city mechanism
TEL: 03-5200-8592
Sponsorship Kanda Police street bustle social experiment executive committee
(Kanda Police street roadside maintenance promotion meeting, UR city mechanism)

Main event contents

Let's discover.
KANDA for People

Kanda Police street
Social experiment

# We discover in Kanda

Each person's "kokochiii" more.
Aiming at town development with bustle like Kanda, "Kanda Police street bustle social experiment 2017" "all wrestling for the making of good place using public space with all local perform 12 social experiments in community space including small space and alley which there is from thought called" wanting that it is said and to discover place in each much in Kanda. Approximately 80 financing and experts made these ideas with free idea and wide knowledge. Please discover your "kokochiii".

Seven days to enliven town
We want to make lunchtime more fun We want to do town in experience to be excited about well Child wants to make idle scenery
1 Kandanishikicho sound play 2 Nishiki-machi art size meeting which how about yes 3 Child and art
In time refresh at outdoor lunchtime. Do you not enjoy a variety of musical instruments to be able to touch casually freely? Is there discovery making sound excited by encounter of opportunity? Meeting which how about yes of new sense that let art fuse with sports. Various pleasant discovery including shi ttahadashi art with "grounder base" of Kanda tradition and shining ink! Targeting at children, we raise crest and logo designs of hang ten to enliven festive mood. 28th as for the dyed goods experience of brush dyeing demonstration and Japanese towel by craftsman.
We want you to know secret charm of Kanda We want to send new charm of Kanda We want to make place where new face can interchange with ancient people of Kanda
We discover on foot!
Rise more; ... zu
Kanda "new tourist information center"
Adventure of newbie
"Professional reciter" of ... Kanda circulation ...
Do you not make Kanda map "of" me together? We photograph favorite spot and make original map. We take stamp rally and smartphone application "YORIP" by all means From MID STAND TOKYO in Kanda Police street roadside, we send new charm of Kanda. As for the discovery that is deep on "tour that Kanda is interesting" of original viewpoint. Interchange space where new inhabitants and worker talk with people who supported Kanda from old days about town. Surely at time when we can discover charm of Kanda and the bright future.
We want to do many alleys more attractively Through mud play, we want to make green of town together We want to make place that any people regardless of age or sex can enjoy together
Kanda street World Exposition 8
Kanda side trip farm
In alley space where transformed itself into very much smartly food & drink! Shop providing food is the familiar members in all Kanda. Charm of town is sent even to seminar "learning" Kanda. Container vegetable garden appears in the urban middle. We can experience mud play and crop, sampling. You drop in, and do you not really do delicious discovery? With children homemade flag and tarp back alley in stage of street performance. We should surely have much discovery for performance that humor was jam-packed tightly.
We want you to walk various alleys more slowly We want to prepare comfortable place into all Green wants to be a chance to increase to wait
Piece Museum
Kanda bench project
Each place
Forest of GREEN KANDA Project moss
Discovery to be surprised at usual course suddenly! Item of Kanda Festival and ghost related to Kanda appear on street by trick art. When we photograph with ghosts and improve in SNS. Bench of nice gusset is established in every place by wait and break, talkative person. Please discover your favorite including comfort and design. We are dressed in green moss under the theme of "with more green in various things, places in" Kanda. Let's discover moss of various motifs while taking a walk.




Kanda Police street MAP