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... which walks "kitchen of merchant" from "kitchen of Edo-jo Castle" while mentioning Edo-jo Castle walk outside the castle edition - period novel and food culture of Edo

Full thanks!
About application rush! 15 capacity additional decision!
We reached capacity because of favorable reception about additional minute! Thank you.

Sunday, November 5 from 9:30 to 13:00 (12:00 - lunch) ※Stormy weather cancellation

Meeting place

Chiyoda City Tourism Association (1-6-17, Kudanminami)


Chiyoda City Tourism Association - Daidokoromachi → Well of Bakin Takizawa well → Cutting board bridge → Jimbocho → Sarugakucho → Kanda Myojin → Sotokanda (Kanda Kanazawacho, Kanda Hatagomachi, Kanda Daidokoromachi) → Kandasudacho → Shirr; source


25 (application order) minimum operation number of people: 12 people

Entrance fee 5,000 yen /1 name (including guide charges, premium, souvenir, ancient map, lunch charges)
Application day It must arrive by application start Wednesday, November 1 on October 5
Application method Apply by fax or email (after filling out the following item).
①Name of Representative (furigana)
②Zip code
④Representative contact information phone number
⑤Representative age
⑥Companion full name (furigana)
⑦Companion age
※FAX lists FAX number that can reply, and please apply for one of email by all means from e-mail address that can reply from PC.
<Chiyoda City Tourism Association>
■Fax /03-3556-0392
■Email /
Sponsorship General Chiyoda City Tourism Association

General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
TEL: 03-3556-0391 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)

Event contents


Edo-jo Castle walk outside the castle edition

... which walks kitchen of merchant from kitchen of Edo-jo Castle while mentioning ... period novel and food culture of Edo

We hold tour to walk Sotokanda as of Daidokoromachi of merchant from Kudanshita as of Daidokoromachi of Edo-jo Castle. We walk while hearing story of guide while looking at ancient map about period novel concerning Chiyoda-ku and food culture of Edo in the middle of tour.
Finally "we shirr and will have banquet dishes lunch at source" having been continued since the Edo era.
That dish coming out to dishes of angler and period novel that there is only in shop "we shirr source" of angler is ...! Varied!
Please enjoy special banquet dishes of this tour original.


Niju-bashi Bridge Edo Eco kogakuju
The Shimizu gate Well trace of Bakin Takizawa inkstone Hijiribashi

Niju-bashi Bridge
Kanda Myojin Shirr; source  Shape of a coin flat next

Tour guide: Look after Watanabe; Mr. bell (Jimbocho concierge)
※15 additional application guides distinction. (meeting plan of Edo Tokyo guide)
Dishes guide  :Sayuri Kiso (home-cooked meal researcher)

■Recommended points!

➀Edo ancient map present around the tour course!
②Lunch is banquet dishes lunch at 1830 founding, "we shirr source"!
③Earphone for free rental to hear voice of guide clearly!
④With souvenir of Chiyoda City Tourism Association original "cherry tree Bekko candy!"

As for the person feeling that well-established shop is difficult to approach!
That there was such a place in Chiyoda-ku? In the one that wants to be astonished in this!
Cityscape to know well as for the guide which wants to feel in newness by explanation!
As for the person who waits, and likes walk!
As for the person liking the history!
As for the person wanting to know well-established information!
As for the person who wants to taste other various impressions!

Please enjoy city walk while you feel food culture of Edo and state of cityscape of Edo.