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[executive committee] TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2017 WHAT'S - UP TOKYO


Date From Friday, October 13, 2017 to 29th Sunday
Place 50 ways of areas (Kandanishikicho 2.3 chome, 3, Kandaogawamachi)
18 ways of areas (Kandamitoshirocho, Tsukasacho, multi-town)
waterasu (2-101, Kandaawajicho, Chiyoda-ku)
Arts Chiyoda 3331 (6-11-14, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku)
Sponsorship TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2017 executive committee
Reference Artwork group command N (the secretariat) non-for-profit general corporate judicial person
TEL: 03-3518-9101

Event contents


Large-scale art event in Kanda area that started in 2012 is the sixth at this time
Theme of this year widens field of vision in one [UP TOKYO area] on WHAT'S"UP TOKYO" Tokyo, and art project that planned 1000, Tanne, Hongo, Ueno, Yushima, Ochanomizu, Akihabara, Jimbocho, cooperation with area such as Kanda is developed!
Town is colored by expression of artists of various genres, and artist stand that we blockade art display and street in mall and space building, event things only by this project including art fair overflow for pleasure appropriate for autumn of art.
Please sense "TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2017" conveying creativity and charm of Tokyo in the future bodily

[event summary
①Kanda trance tour
Visiting various places in UP TOKYO area around Kanda, it is tour plan to appreciate music and performance, local culture, renovation example, and to experience.
It is full of various plans including moving model music LIVE tour, tour over record culture!
It is performed for "share cycle" to run through town!

②51 eight creative project
Artist is connected to store and building owner of 50 ways, 18 ways and wakes up various movement to wait. In art fair that we blockade street, Bon festival dance DJ, various plans such as parachute firewood from huge balloon and display, sale, performance by artist are carried out. In addition, downtown is filled with works artist in partnership with area! Above all, portrait project by Aki Ikeda is face "-like project of" TRANS ARTS TOKYO.

③Michika Isozaki "meeting dome" "Makio parade"

Dome and face of huge balloon emerging to lawn of park suddenly!
It is project by Michika Isozaki performing public production and workshop for children in various parts of Japan. We set up "meeting Daum" made of huge balloons to lawn of park, and we float workshop to decorate, face made of balloons in the sky, and "Makio parade" bringing letter parachute belonging to which we gathered from various places throughout Akita and Kanda is carried out.

④UP TOKYO National house design summit
We talk about National house design of UP TOKYO area toward 2020
For 2020 held the Olympics Paralympics in Tokyo, we suggest "National house design" to develop in share a k resources-rich UP TOKYO area since Edo Meiji. We can hear charm of each place by keyman of each area.

⑤Command N20 anniversary memory exhibition "found new page!"
A certain art project always begins in here with town
Command N which performed arts Chiyoda 3331, holding of "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" always created art project that there was with town.
And command N which reached the 20th anniversary in 2017 defines activity of command N from contemporary meaning again by looking back toward various pioneer art projects that we dealt with from art, culture, economy, multifaceted viewpoint of the Socialist Party until now, and showing display of work at the time.
Please see official WEB detailed contents of event in schedules.


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